I've been called many things throughout my life. Weirdo, Oddball, The Insane Girl, ect ect. The two titles that seems to always come up around this time of year is "The Strange One" and "The one that doesn't celebrate New Year's" it's sort of rude and petty, if they're trying to make me feel bad you'd think they'd try a little harder, hmm?

In all honesty, celebrating the day of the new year us stupid to me. It's just another date you have to remember to change. Just a way of keeping track of what year it is in technicality. It's not like we celebrate a new day every day, or a new month every month. Heck, the only reason why I celebrate my birthday is because it's one of the few times I can gather people I hardly see together and have a good laugh with them.

What's the point, I ask, to celebrate something that only somewhat makes sense? I don't see any point, and no one can give me an actually logical reason to believe in (and celebrate) this "holiday". I'm sorry, to those who are offended by this, but I'm sharing my opinion. An opinion cannot be considered 'wrong' can it?If it could be, then how is it an opinion? I've never understood the way of thinking of which opinions can be wrong…

Then there's the whole "breaking tradition", but it's not like my family ever actually did anything on New Year's, I just went to my grandma's or went to my friends and hung out there…So, really, I don't understand the grudges pushed upon me.

So,on that note, today on December 31st, I'll just be making stories,talking online, politely saying Happy New Year to those who say it to me, and going to sleep at the usual time. Then I'll wake up, eat, and do the normal things in life, and really just take it as a free day off.

Is that really considered bad?Strange? Weird? I wouldn't think so, in all honesty. Of course, I'm not the one judging, am I? The world is, really. If you think about it, that's usually the cause of most things that ruin our days or even life. This world is filled with judgement and people who think their way is the only way. This, I think, is why most negative things happen in this world...

but who am I to judge?

(Author's note: I actually do celebrate New Year's, so I'm sorry if I'm not that persuasive as I would have been if I didn't)

December 27, 2019 20:50

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