When Two Became One

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The day started off like any other day, like a normal Saturday … Although it wasn’t.

I, Michael Benjamin Washington jr. is preparing to ask my girlfriend, Rayna Elizabeth Roger of nearly two years to be my wife and spend forever with me. I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not nervous; well I guess you can say that it’s a bit of mixed emotions; ecstatic, anxious, nervous… And really making sure that this special moment goes to planned well as much as possible anyway. All in all I just can’t wait to hear her say “Yes”! Or something in that field (small laugh)

Let me tell you a little bit about us. So we met in high school, 11 grade we instantly became the best of friends. You would think we’ve known each other all our lives the way we act around each other. I wanted to date her right then and there, however her parents wasn’t allowing that to happen just… yet. And I of course I didn’t want to try and pursue knowing that it wouldn’t work… Well not how I wanted it. We had English together, Mrs. Bakers. I will never forget the impact that lady had over my life. Always had such a positive attitude and would always start the day with positive affirmations,

*You are smart*

*You are amazing*

 She would mentioned that it helps to build character. Like everybody else in the class I thought the affirmations were a bit unnecessary. But soon I understood that what Mrs. Bakers was doing which was shaping us, pushing us beyond greater what we could see for ourselves. I would always sit in the back of the classroom and be in such awe at how much of a sponge my girl Ray ban (that’s a nickname I called her one day because I would always see her with them… The knock off version might I add (small chuckle). She thought it was cute and it stuck. She calls me MJ (Yes I’m a Michael Jackson fan, but also I’m a junior).  Okay now back to the story at hand.

Yea, so I would always sit in awe at how much knowledge she takes in, how much information she retained in that beautiful brain of hers. We had other classes together, like Math (in which I helped he with), and we always always ate lunch our together. Sometimes I would sit with her friends or she would sit with my friends or we would just sit together by ourselves… Just the two of us, that was always my favorite, we would either sit in silence or talk about the plans for the upcoming week. Out of all my classes Mrs. Bakers’ class really pushed me as a young man, that no matter what as long as you trust in God and the path that he has destined for you, you will bend but you won’t break. Her words are still with me to this day.

Moving on to 12 grade. I knew that she wasn’t allowed to date, however the thought of seeing her with somebody else was really starting to get to me. So respectably I took it upon myself to talk to her parents. Part of me feels as though they must have been waiting on this day because it went over soo smoothly, so of course they agree that we date, but they’re no fool, they also told me upfront exactly what they expected and I told them my overall goal was not to just “date” her, but marry her. I could tell from the looks on their face that they understood my sincerity. That day, I had both of their blessing to date their daughter…

A few moments later, Mr. Henry pulled to the side, and bluntly said “I would be honored if you have my daughter’s hand in marriage.

Yeah, I was just as puzzle as you are hearing this. Unfortunately he was dealing with a lot of health issues surrounding his heart so he knew that he may or may not be around to walk his precious daughter down the aisle. He knew that she would be in great hands, and would always tell me how proud he is of the steps I’m taking to better myself and be the man she would want me to be.  

So on my next opportunity I took that step, and I’m sure you can guess what was coming up… Prom! And I ask her to prom as well as to be my girlfriend. I mentioned that I had a talk with her parents about wanting to date her. I knew from the moment I laid my eyes on her that she would be mine forever, if I had to wait… No problem. She means just that much to me.

So here’s where things got just a tad bit tricky. Ray-Ray(another nickname for her) was staying home the 1st year of college majoring in Business and minoring in Creative Writing; She one day wants to open a fashion firm, where she is writing content for the fashion that she and her sister creates (they went into business together). I couldn’t be any more proud of her.

The tricky part is the major I was taking up which was (Business in Technology). I love any and everything that has to deal with fixing electronics; the only thing was they didn’t have my major at the school Ray was attending, which would have been fine, but however I was on a contract from my school, to ensure that I would be enrolled within a certain time. I was still okay with not going to the same school, until I found that the college/university in which my school placed me at is more than 4 hours away. I know you’re thinking that’s not far, well it’s not unless you had a car to get you back and worth. And I had to rely on either using one of my parents cars for the weekend (if one of them didn’t have to work) or my dad would drive me. So basically I was kinda stuck there.

I remember that one night Ray called me, it was the latest she has ever called me in which I knew instantly something was wrong. As soon as I answered the phone,

“Daddy’s gone!”

“He’s gone!”

Her screaming immediately changed to uncontrollable sobs, like heavy breathing sobs. I couldn’t do anything, I was so far away at school. All I could do was comfort her over the phone. I knew right then that I had to leave. I got on my knees and prayed like never before.

Oh God,

Please heal Rayna’s family, like only you know how.

I’m completely at a loss of words and feel like I’m lost at sea, while my baby is suffering.

Give her entire family strength when they start to feel weak and hope to press on even though they’re unanswered questions. And through it all, I still thank you because I know that there is purpose in her pain!

In your name I pray, amen!

*Moments after I finished praying I got a call from my dad saying he’s coming to get me, he had already heard the news about Rayna’s dad and knew I wanted nothing more but to be there for support. I never packed up my things so fast, and although he was coming to get me for a few days. I already knew that I wouldn’t be coming back…

We both drove in silence, from just being in shock.

As soon as I found her I gave her the biggest and longest hug.

Fast forward to present day

With all that we’ve been through I knew that when the time comes for me to ask her to be my wife, it had to be intimate and thoughtful. I had already talked to her mom and sister, they normally go out and get their nails done and hair done especially for her birthday, so setting this up was no brainer. I know she was just enjoying the time with her favorite ladies, laughing, cracking jokes and just making memories that would last a lifetime ... But there was a twist, I had made her cards, she got one when she was getting her nails done, another one at the hair salon and more randomly throughout the day from people that she know (mostly from ones she didn’t, they were either old co-workers, old classmates, or friends of mine). I knew it had to throw it off, especially when she was blindfolded in the car.

When we got to the restaurant, I took the blindfold off and everyone scream… surprised!… Which was my cue to get the ring ready. The moment she turned around, there was tears… I can tell they were tears of joy and pure happiness!

From the moment I laid my eyes on you I knew that I wanted to spend eternity with you. You make me better in every possible, you laugh at my corny jokes, you allow me to be my best when I’m around you, and you just bring out the kid in me. I love everything about you. With that being said

*slowly gets on one knee*

*She immediately starting screaming*

Will you marry me?!?!!?

Her eyes answered, before the words met

“Yessssss, yess!!!, a million times yes!!”

We then celebrated with our family and friends and just continued to dance the night away!

That moment was everything that I could imagine and more, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my one true love!

July 11, 2020 22:22

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Sarah Freeman
14:24 Aug 10, 2020

This is such a nice story! I love how he sets up the whole thing. Very creative, Deanna! The only things I can think to work on are grammar, unnecessary information, and flowing. The first is self-explanatory; same with the second one. For flowing, it’s kind of linked to unnecessary info. All the flashbacks are a little confusing. Try to make it flow from one scene to the next a little better. In general, amazing job!!! I can’t wait to hear more from you.


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Madisson James
04:54 Oct 03, 2020



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Avery G.
18:12 Aug 19, 2020

This is a very nice story! It's super creative! Great job!


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J. R. Berat
21:57 Jul 22, 2020

Deanna, nice story. I tried to put myself in Michael Benjamin's shoes and it just didn't fit--not the part about his great love, just the part about asking the parents and being so sure at that young age that he truly wanted to marry Rayna. I tried to imagine myself, at that age, going to any parents and I just can't see it. Still a good story, a few grammar issues, some sentence structure problems but not really enough to take away from the story.


Deanna West
18:16 Aug 05, 2020

Thank you for enjoying the story. I say when you know, you just know


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