Sad Inspirational

What are you doing, Jack? Stop this silly prank. It's not a joke. What’s up dear ? April fool !!! Plz, don't mention this in a tricky way. I'm losing my strength. This day is such a traumatic one for me. I lost my dear family, only by trusting that mirage words-my family is gone forever.

Loren, it's ok dear. I can understand that you think thoroughly to take any action. But, the world can't think like you.

So what- Jack???? Loren shouts again. I can and I will do my level best. Loren stands up and moves slowly towards the door. Jack is surprised. He never thinks that Loren is more than like a sensitive human.

That's not like the ordinary way. Loren is a lovely girl, around 22 years old, studies at Philosophy, lives with her sweet parents. She has a little brother, Tony- very naughty. They are a very happy family. Both of her parents are bankers. At the date of April o1, 2019, a sudden strike is attacked their home.

She was sleeping in her room. Suddenly the phone was ringing. So loud sound . She was annoyed and didn't respond. A message was come. She could realize by the tune. When she woke up, it was almost 11 AM.

Mom- Dad, where are you, all ???? No respond. So strange...

She comes to check phone and get the SMS by Mom--- 

We got a call as an emergency basis and left quickly. Don't worry. Stay safe. Pray to God.....

I was surprised. They didn't inform me anything. Why?????

Time runs out but no news comes.

 I was worried. I was tried to call but failed. No network. At evening, a SMS was arrived--- go to hospital, near your home, you will find your family. 

I was shocked. I just ran. When I arrived, I saw only dead bodies of my dear ones. I couldn't cry. They said- someone killed all by ambushed way. We had no enemy. Then, how was that possible????

My little brother was slept. I revoked him many times. Now --- I was speechless.

From that day - I never feel such a scary feeling, when I see someone pranks at April fool. We should realize the gist of the date. Such a melancholy verse, beyond anyone's imagination.

I love to do something good at this day. I plan to spend most of the times with orphans and elder ones at old rehabilitation center. I love them very much. I have not so much money to do something very nice for them but I try my level best.

After that tragedy, Loren is orphan. She lives in a ladies hostel. With some tuitions and little works in the social development sector at urban base, help her to maintain earthly life.

Look, what a beautiful sky!!!! The Starry night--- how are you my dear family??? Don't worry, dear all. I'm fine. Now I live with all dear ones in this universe. I love them heartfully . They love me very much. Mom, I really miss you. I know I can realize- why you concern about me?  You can understand all in advance but never want to harm your dolly. Oh God!!!

Every time I remember that pathetic moment-when without any effort, you all left me alone. Dear parents and my dear brother, I miss all of you so much. Let's introduce my new realm- the little Angels. I wish I would be a wanderer, to visit the earth by barefoot; to see the miserable life of dear ones’ and try to help them from core of heart...

I have a pen - mighty sword. I will use that at any stage at any shape. I don't fear anyone. I'm a brave one. I nourish thy golden hearts within me. When the April fool comes, I can't hold my tears. I think- how many are fooled by this tricky game???

So sad . We're human beings, the best creations of God . We should love each other. Why ???? There's such a trap to destroy merriness verse of life and dramatically call the desert part-most pathetic verse for anyone in earth. This is totally absurd. Holy dream should be cherished by all---

I have written my tiny hope for all---

(Free thy mind )

Free thy mind from all self-imposing beliefs,

Bygones is bygones-without thinking strictly.

Let's to flow thy dreams as cascade of love-

Life seems so lovely within that relief.

Thoughts are swinging in thy mind,

Take a thoroughful vision for picking.

There's always twisting between good & bad,

Be careful to pick the right one for wellness.

Action will be performed as per thy thoughts,

Output depends on the condition.

Though they seem so mysterious-

Pick thy thoughts as cute butterfly .

Life is a mysterious plot-

Soaring up the sky by awakening spiritual power.

Leaving behind all regretting deeds-

Time to sketch all dreams, as an owner of beautiful mind.

(Holy dream )

Embrace love with palatial urge

A little time in earthly attire

So many dreams swirling always

Without thinking the greatest one

Let the spirit free from all restrictions

To fly through space time table

To get the essence of God's grace

Meaningful life at eternal wave

That's the greatest destined mirth

A new birth after the jinx

A palatial connection with God

That's the most precious dream for soul

Very soon the day will over. Night will come with it's mighty verse. I see, the sky is so beautiful tonight. All my dear ones are smiling. Be happy and pray for me.

Hi, Loren- Are you ok ? I’m fine Jack. Tell me – what’s in your mind? Actually I have no more time. I will go to implement my plan with my angels. Loren, I’m sorry. I never want to hurt you.

Listen, Jack-it’s ok. At least, you can understand my views. We should think the result before doing any kind of prank. A little prank can make a drastic change –may be good or bad; beyond the imagination. We can enjoy all things friendly. It’s not essential to make someone fool by flying some mirage thoughts. Hold hands by opening heart, the silly chit-chat to decorate the plot-is enough for making a lively opera, without any embarrassment or harming anyone.

March 27, 2021 19:24

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Kay (:
20:32 Apr 09, 2021

I don't mean to be rude but your story has huge grammatical errors. You forgot these marks, ", with speech. Try working on your story more because this seems very rushed. I wrote a story in a similar prompt, "Trickster gets Tricked" and I worked really hard on it but no one has payed much attention to it and I would appreciate it if you read it and gave me some feedback as well!


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Ruthie Moreno
21:52 Apr 07, 2021

Your story has great prose!


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