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“Oh Carla, you don’t know how it’s like, being the only one at home, all alone,” said Amy, one night at the Pearl Dining Co.

Amy Michelle was a 47-year-old restaurant manager. She ran the Pearl Dining Co., a reputed sea food restaurant/bar in Manhattan, New York. She had curly blonde hair and was serious in nature.

“I sure don’t!” burst Carla Jones, a waitress at the restaurant. She on the other hand, was lively, had the personality of a bumbling bee. Her brown hair adorned her youthful face. She was after all, only 25.

“I just work, go home, and work again. It never ends there.”

“But it doesn’t have to be that way. What happened to all those dates that you had lined up?”

“What dates?” Amy asked, looking up.

“The ones you said you were going to go on. You were all like ‘I found myself some new people to go out with.’ What happened to that?”

Amy sighed. “I never said I went on the dates with them. I just said I found new people to potentially go on dates with. Maybe somewhere inside me, I don’t have the heart to do so. Besides, I’m too old to do so.”

“Says who?”

With that Carla walked away. Amy watched as she approached the party that just sat down, and cheerfully asked what they would like to drink.

Amy shook her head. What she would give to listen to Carla. Go on dates if needed. She couldn’t tell Carla, whom she had just known recently (Carla was a recent hire), that she didn’t want to go on any date with anyone.

Because she still had feelings for her ex-husband Tommy. He was now 48.

They had divorced two years ago, having been married for five years. The last time Amy saw him was a few months ago, when he had another girl with him at a gallery exhibition in SoHo. Amy was there to support a friend who’s painting was in the exhibition. When she saw Tommy with the other woman, she just walked out.

The reason for their divorce was simple- Tommy had devoted his life to work and that’s it. He didn’t have time for Amy. And now that they were divorced, he had all the time to find himself another woman. It infuriated her.

But deep inside, she didn’t want to try her luck going out with other people because she still had feelings for Tommy. She knew she shouldn’t be feeling like this, but one never forgets their first love, do they?

Amy returned back to reality when Carla walked over to her and pointed to the table she came back from, “That table is ordering a lot! They have friends coming here later, so we need another table for them.” Amy looked at the table which had five people (a husband, wife and three young boys), sitting there.

The two women then proceeded to push another table and attach it to the existing table. Amy smiled at the family of five, and told them to enjoy their evening, and that drinks would be on the house.

She was content on how happy they looked when she said that. Their smiles lit up on their faces.

Minutes later, the remaining lot of friends who were with the party of five, showed up. There were four others. When Amy greeted them at the entrance, and motioned for another waitress to lead them to their table, she caught a glance at one of people who entered. 

Her heart stopped.

It was Tommy. What was he doing here? He looked the same, as he wore blue jeans, a black t shirt and his once long hair was now in a crew cut.

He stared at Amy in return. “Amy , what are you doing here?” he asked. The waitress who returned back, was waiting to lead Tommy in. Amy held up her hands. “One minute Teresa.”

Teresa nodded, and walked away.

“What am I doing here? I am working that’s what. Like always.”

Tommy smiled. “That’s the Amy I know. Always working. I came here with my friends, you know.”

“I don’t recognize any of them.”

“They’re some new pals I made after leaving my job at the bank.”

“What do you do now?” Amy was curious.

“I am a manager at a law firm.”

Amy ’s eyes widened. “What? Wow! I don’t know what to say. That’s big!”

“It is…”

“You must be more than happy with your life now. You are a manager, you have your friends, and your share of girlfriends. Wow.” Amy ’s tone was sarcastic, and she wanted him to realize that.

“I am…” Tommy looked down.

“Well why don’t you go on in, and sit with your new pals? We added another table for you and your friends to join that party of five.”

Tommy nodded. He walked inside. Carla emerged from the kitchen.

“Hey what’s wrong?” she asked upon seeing Amy ’s morose face.

“My ex is here.”

“Oh no! You were married before?”

“Yeah didn’t I tell you?”

“No, I don’t think so? Where is he? Did you talk with him?” Carla strained her neck to get a look around.

“Yeah, I did. He’s sitting at that table. He’s doing well in his life, what else is there to know?”

“Amy, you got to get over him,” Carla sighed. “It’s not you to be brooding over someone who doesn’t care.”

“How do you know he doesn’t care?” Amy shot her a sharp look.

“Uh... I don’t know. I just guessed. It seemed like you two had a bad divorce, by the sound of your voice.”

“Well, you’re right, he doesn’t care. Now go get their orders. Or, if Teresa is doing it, that’s fine.”

Carla, taken aback by Amy ’s sharp tone, walked away

Moments later, Amy walked towards the front of the restaurant. She was interrupted by someone placing their hands over her shoulder. She turned around. It was Tommy.

“Got a minute to talk?” he asked.

Amy rolled her eyes. “What’s there to talk?”

“I want to…. Please?”

She looked into his eyes. “Alright, fine. Let’s go outside.”

Once they were standing outside the restaurant, Amy started. “What is it you wanted to talk about? Just so you know, I am happy for you and your new life. You seemed to have made it big.”

Tommy looked around, squinting his eyes. “Well that’s what I wanted to tell you about. I also want to know about you. How are you? Are you happy? Any new boyfriend I should know about?”

Amy didn’t know what to say. “Am I happy? Sure I am. I’m working here every day, making dough, and living life as it should be. As for boyfriends, even if I did have one, what’s it to you? You have girlfriends yourself; I know that. I saw you with one of them at the art gallery exhibition in SoHo, a few months ago.”

Tommy raised his brows. “You were there?”

“Yeah. A friend of mine had a painting there. I was there to see it.”

“Really?” He sounded like he didn’t believe Amy.

“I was. Swear. It hurt to see you with that woman, whoever she was.”

“She’s just a friend.”



“What’s her name?”

“Look Amy. Here we go again. I just wanted to talk with you to ask how things are going with you and now you’re starting a full-on confrontation. I don’t like it.”

“Well, I don’t like the fact that I’m standing here, feeling like the loneliest person in the world, with you in front of me bragging about your new life when I can’t even find a man for myself to get over you.”

Tommy froze. He took in her words. “Get over me? What are you talking about? We divorced a long time ago. I thought you’d have moved on by now.”

“I haven’t! I haven’t Tommy! I have not loved anyone since you. I can’t stop thinking of you. How can I? I am not like your lady friends, moving on to different people one after the next. I have feelings. I have a heart.”

“If you do have a heart then stay out of my life.” His words were harsh, but the way he said it, was as if he didn’t mean in.

Amy held her breath. “I am out of your life. It’s you who’s entered it now.”

Tommy didn’t say anything. He stood there silently.

“Amy … listen to me. That lady at the art gallery you were talking about, she’s not a lady friend of mine. She’s my coworker. And she’s married to someone else. We had just gotten off work and decided to see a gallery before going home. In fact, it was her that asked me, ‘why haven you found yourself another girlfriend or wife? It’s been two years since you’ve been married. Look at us, married people. We are happy coming home to someone. Someone who adores you and likes what you do. Maybe you need to find someone who does the same.’ You know what I told her? I told her ‘I tried... oh I tried finding someone who adores me and likes what I do, but I haven’t yet. Not since my ex-wife.’”

Amy gasped. “So, all this time…”


“You haven’t found one person to be with, in a serious relationship?”

“No. Not since you.”

“Then why did we divorce, Tommy? Why?”

“Maybe it was destined that we didn’t work out.”

“But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if things could have been worked out? What if things could be worked out now?”

Tommy cracked a smile. “You know what could be worked out?”

“What?” Amy asked, confused.

“Me getting that secret ingredient margarita that you promised I could have. We never got to having me try it during our five-year marriage.”

Amy couldn’t help but smile at this. “You are something really.”

“And then after that, maybe you and I could take a walk?” Tommy asked, a hint of optimism in his voice.

“Sure.” She paused. “Wait…. What about your friends?”

“They can sit there. I don’t want this--“he motioned with his hands himself and Amy “--to end anytime soon.”

Amy smiled. Tommy leaned in and kissed her.

When they went back inside, Carla stared at them with wide eyes.

“We’re heading for the bar, Carla, mind fixing us drinks? This is my ex-husband, Tommy, by the way.” Amy introduced.

“Uh- sure…Pleasure.” She nodded at Tommy. 

“Good. Now get us that secret ingredient margarita. Tommy wants to try it.”

Carla nodded halfheartedly, confused as to what was happening. She went behind the counter and made the drink. She handed the two glasses to them, once the two sat at the bar.

“What’s the secret ingredient in this?” Tommy then asked.

“Let’s go on that walk and you’ll find out,” Amy said, as she winked at him.


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