Flower power

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Flowers. Bold, beautiful yet fragile. Everyone has a favorite and an iconic symbol to engage attention to subjects especially in the 1970's.

Yet the power of flowers comes in many forms, not just the flowers, but their versatility in perfumes, scented products, and consumeables and medicines. While our nation was celebrating "peace not war" ladies could be seen in abundance with flowers in their hair. Songs were the steady diet in many songs of love, nature and growing up.

In some places, flowers are revered in religious rituals, arrivals in some places and gifts to appease spouses, and significant others.

For me, I love a well nurtured plant that surprise me with blooms. There is something in a single blossom that invokes a smile. Flowers are therapy for some people. I love the fresh scent of the earth beneath the base of a flowering plant. Especially when they come sprouting up from seeds. Nasturtiums are an exceptionally sweet flower. They are brightly colored, gently scented and have the bonus of being edible.

For the flower holds a great deal of respect. In poetry, sonnets, and love letters from eras long ago. Nostalgia brims from the first scent of a rose. The colors are entwined in art, sculpting, and nature boasts her best each spring!

Medical practioners use flowers to heal, cheer patients who have had difficult life events and soothe the environment with soft aromas.

AAhhh the flower! How majestic in her fullest bloom!

September 28, 2019 21:47

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