The Uniqueness or a wedding

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In my entirety of my lifetime, I have been to many weddings. Of all that I have attended, it was the wedding that I was majorly part of was the most unique of all. It was not because of the decoration of the performance or the food but the experience of the whole event plus the inside perspective of what actually happens in the background, behind the curtains. This particular wedding even changed my perspective of weddings on a whole. As the date of the ceremonial wedding got nearer, the stress level of all the family members got higher. Being The Maid is honour and the bride’s sister, mine was tenfold if everybody’s. I was organising the print out of photoshoot pictures. I was picking out the perfect flower bouquet so that it does not clash with both her outfit. I felt as though someone had placed a pile of books on my head, slipped some stiletto heels on my feet and made me walk on a never ending runway ramp. 

Amidst all these balancing act, time decided to run as if it was on steroids and just like that “THE DAY” arrived. Due to the pressure of looking perfect on that day, I was placed on crazy diets (even though it was not my wedding) and being the contact person for all arrangements. I was not able to get a proper rest or sleep one week prior to the wedding. Thus, even before the wedding I was already a walking zombie. Finally on “THE DAY” began with my brother waking up the whole family by screaming 

“There is a wedding to pull off today, get your asses of the bed!!!”

His booming voice rang through my ears, as I took cover under the pillow. My mum burst into the room next, howling that my sister needs me and is about to have a meltdown. Hearing all this I felt like I was about to have a meltdown. But according to the rules of being a maid of honour, you are not to possess any kind of emotions. Moreover, you should be ready at the beck and call of the bride. All in all, as the name depicts literally a maid to the honorary bride. Leaving me no choice, I dragged myself out of bed and found her majesty. She was getting her make-up and hair done. It was as if five Painters were working together to paint the perfect picture, each one working to their expertise. The moment she saw me, a tear broke at the corner of her eye. I could see all the tension ease from her face. It was as if a child who finally found her safely blanket. She quickly pulled me into a tight embrace, squeezing her head into my stomach. I mimed to the artists to give us two minutes of privacy. As I pried her from my body and looked her straight in the eye. That was when she mumbled 

“ I just want to hear from you, that I am doing the right thing“. 

That is when it dawned on me the degree of importance and respect my sister has for me. I felt my heart swell, if i had had kept my gaze on her any longer I would have crumbled. Thus, I puffed my chest like King Kong and rapped it like a beast as I howled 

“you have my permission my child”.

This earned a throaty laugh from my sister, with that I got back to my maid of honour duties but now with a sense of pride. 

It was less than five hours till the ceremony, I was already at the venue managing the different organisers. As the house was less than an hour from the venue. Once all the arrangements were up to standard, I rushed back home. There my sister was decked in a beautiful green and yellow lengha ( a 3 piece indian dress, consisting of a blouse, a long skirt and a shawl). The blouse was forest green, while the skirt was bright yellow. To complement these two the shawl was pink. As it was a bridal lengha, it was heavily embroidered in gold thread making her look like a Indian regal princess. Even I could not take my eyes of her. Oh I pity my darling brother-in-law! As her bridal entourage was ready and assembled, I told them to go ahead to the venue. As i will join them right before the ceremony begins. Even though this plan did not sit well with my sister, she finally caved in. 

Thank god, my make-up artist did not charge me extra for keeping him waiting as I settled everybody around me before i sat on the chair to be done up. It seemed like luck was on my side, even if time wasn’t. As my make-up artist knew what he was doing and got me ready in a jiffy. I too was wearing a lengha but mine was pink  & white. Pink matching the first outfit and white matching the second dress which was a white princess ball gown for the after party. Once, I was done we quickly hopped into the car and sped towards the venue. Exactly at halfway point my father realises he did not bring the ring. My heart stopped, I literally wanted to pull my hair out. I gave a murderous glare, wishing that this was one of his jokes but he did not flinch. My brother, who was driving immediately exited the freeway and was heading back home. Sweat was dripping from my face, I was getting calls from my sister but I didn’t have the guts to answer it. I sent her a quick message that we are on the way so that she doesn’t start panicking. After grabbing the ring, as we were speeding back again toward the venue my eyes were transfixed on the car clock. I felt everything else around me slowing down, even though I brother was driving at neck bent speed. 

It was already the time of the ceremony and I was still stuck seating in a car, when i was suppose to be walking down the aisle with my sister. Months of hard work and bloodshed were all wasted. As I began self-hating myself for the lack of organisation skills and how it was all my fault that I was going to miss my sister’s wedding. My dear brother speed breaks suddenly, causing me to slam into the seat in front was when I realised we have reached the venue. I bolted out of the car in search of my sister towards the aisle, when a bride’s maid grabs me and leads me to the venue’s changing room. That’s when she fills me in that the groom in running late as he got stuck in traffic. I felt so relieved . Soon after the arrival of the groom the ceremony began, seeing the rings being exchanged reminded me of the fiasco earlier on, planting a huge grin on my face.

That was probably the last thing, I remember vividly. Right after than everything seemed like a blur, it was  not because I drank the night away in happiness. In fact i didn’t even drink at all. It was the doings of sleep, stress and fatigue engulfing me. I could not even remember how I gave The Maid of Honour speech. My brother even teases me till date of how he had to carry me to the car as I fell asleep on the table. 

Looking back at that day, I realise how important each and everyone has a part to play in the coming together of a wedding. It is definitely not just the ladies involved. Men definitely do have their equal share. I really salute maid of honours, best men and even wedding planners. As they take on the pressure onto themselves so that the bride and groom can enjoy their day. 

February 15, 2020 04:07

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