Fun Begins at the Circus

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American Christian Fantasy

It's our girl's night out. We've decided to do something new and exciting. There is a circus in our little town and it has a

fortune teller in the midst. None of us believe in having our future told. We are all Christians and the Bible tells us we are not to seek out this type of person, for no man knows the future except God. We're meeting at the local steak house for some good food before we head out.

Entering the restaurant, I see our group has started to arrive, "Hi, Laura!" She jumps up to hug me full of smiles and excitement. Helen is the youngest in our group of five, just celebrated her 23rd year. I'm actually the oldest of the group, fixing to turn 27. "I'm too excited to eat!" exclaims Helen. Next to her sat Cathy, who timidly smiles as she hands me the menu. "We haven't heard from Susan but...." Helen motions to the door, "there she is!" Susan reaches our table. "No need to worry girls, the last of us is parking now." "Always the last," we cried out at the same time, laughing. We eagerly watch for Cindy's entrance. I stand to wave to Cindy, who literally bounces to our table.

"What's for dinner, girls? I'm ready to eat!" Cindy eagerly reaches for a menu. Everyone tries to tell her at the same time, "Hold on, you girls are too wound up!" she tells them.

How we made it through dinner without being thrown out for being too noisy, I'll never understand. We have been friends for just a short few years; however, we stand as a solid group now. We do everything together. We don't always agree but we have fun sorting it out.

Leaving the restaurant, we decided to just meet at the circus as time restraints may be in play for a couple of us. It is agreed that the fortune teller is our first stop.

I get to the gate, searching for the girls. I didn't have to look long, I heard them first. "Over here, Laura," yelled Cindy. We're just waiting for Helen. "What!, you're not the last to arrive, Cindy?" I questioned how that could have possibly happened.

"I know, maybe it's an omen," she said as she grabbed my arm in excitement. "Maybe, the witch will tell me that my days of being the last at everything is going to change." she giggled.

"Let's go, she's here finally," Laura rushes to greet Susan and bring her to join the rest of us. "What took you so long Susan," asked Laura. "Oh you know, the usual traffic at this time of day," she sneers at Reggie who was walking by at the time. Reggie really likes Susan and plays around just to get her attention. "Hi Susan," Reggie tapped her shoulder, did you find the traffic rather slow, today?" He ran off laughing. We all laugh at Susan.

There was so much to see this year. We made a game out of who could spot the tent first. I hope it doesn't take too long.

"There she is!" it seemed we stood there forever. We grabbed each other's arms and talked about who would go in first. We fussed about the $25 it would cost; however, this opportunity wouldn't come around again for awhile. While waiting in line, each of us talked about how we felt having our future told.

It wasn't long until her attendant came out. It was shocking to see that he was dressed as a vampire. When questioned about his attire being where he was, he merely shook his head and asked, "A vampire can make anyone believe anything," I'm here to look into your eyes and convince you to believe what you are about to hear. Especially you, my dear," as he took my hand in his. It seemed we stood there for an eternity. It was Helen who came to break up this intense moment. "Don't worry, Laura, he can't bite you out here!"

It was decided that since I was the oldest, it was my honor to go in first. The "Vampire" escorted me in and then stood by the teller. She was beautiful. Her fair flowed about her in red waves. I never cared for red hair but it suited her. She had the brightest green eyes that seemed to shield a secret. Her theatrical gown was the deepest, darkest blue. Her arms had many bracelets that jingled as she reached out for my hand. The tent was in total darkness except for her table. In the center, was a crystal ball. There was a shimmer of light around her and her helper. She held my hand tightly and I was taken aback with what she told me.

"I see you have many doubts.... I feel your here to test me.... is this true?" she asked me. I asked, "Don't you need to look into your ball to see things?" She released my hand. "No, my dear, I can feel the emotions thru the hands also. Please have a seat."

"Now, erase your doubts and open your mind to me. I need to get a feel of who you are before I attempt to see into the ball." She began to hum a song. There was a new scent in the air. I couldn't help but laugh at myself for being here. "You think you know, but you do not. You should not doubt the spirit world for they are with you always, you know this from being a Christian, do you not?" So, ok I'll play along. "Yes, I am a Christian and I do believe in the spirit world but this is not of God," I haughtily tell her. "You do not believe, all spirits are here but can be controlled of God? she asked me. "Yes, I believe God can intervene anywhere he chooses. "Good, I feel better about you now," she said with a sigh.

"I will not tell your future, my dear. I have something else in mind for you. This will help you sort out what you truly believe. Yes, we will meet again, of that I am certain. You will seek me out for help. You see, you are so sure of yourself, I am going to place a spell on you. When you leave this place, you will have trouble with your speech. You will doubt yourself and repeat yourself. This will happen to you at inconvenient times and you will most assuredly remember this night." She snapped her fingers and the "Vampire" appeared by my side.

"I thought you were just a fortune teller?" I querried, "How are you able to place a spell on me?" She jingled her bracelets, "You called me a witch, yourself, which am I, a teller or a witch? and with that she disappeared.

I was shaken when I left the tent, the girls wanted all the details. My voice was shaking as I described what they would soon see. I told them that I suddenly felt sick and needed to leave. They were all disappointed. I hated to leave all the fun but just needed to get out of there.

When I arrived home, my husband, Joe, greeted me with a lot of questions. "Joe, she didn't read my fortune. I should have asked for my money back." I sat down on the sofa. "Joe, she didn't ready my fortune, I should have asked for my money back."

"I heard you the first time, honey," Joe said looking worried. "I'm sorry, Joe, that was supposed to be fun and it turned out all wrong." Joe was watching his wife as she was taking off her shoes. "It was supposed to be fun and it turned out all wrong."

"Honey, what did the girls think?" he asked her. His wife was not talking right, something had really scared her. He needed her to get settled so she could talk straight to him.

"Oh, I made up an excuse to leave. I just couldn't stay there and pretend to have fun. I didn't want to ruin it for them, they were so looking forward to it. I know it wasn't nice, but I was the first one in and there were four more to go and I just couldn't stay. Anyways, we agreed we wouldn't tell each other what our fortunes was, so I couldn't tell them what had upset me so." she reached our for Joe's hand.

"Oh, I made up an excuse to leave. I just couldn't stay there and pretend to have fun. I didn't...." Joe stopped me, "Honey, that is the exact thing you were saying just a second ago. Don't you remember telling me that?" he asked. "You need to stop talking and rest. You can tell me more when you're thoughts are straight.

"You're right, Joe," I just need to rest. She closed her eyes and tried to slow her breathing down. Relaxation was something she needed. Her mind quit showering her with so many weird thoughts. She thought she heard someone humming; where had she heard that sound, she wondered. Almost asleep, she was awakened by a voice. It couldn't be, but it was, it was the teller's voice, "You will doubt yourself and repeat yourself." She jumped up. "Oh my God," I need to quit thinking of her.

She went in search of her husband. "Joe, I need to run an errand."

"Honey, is really what you need to do right now?" he asked, wondering if he should go with her.

"Yes, this will give me some insight," she answered him. I am going to research the differences between witches, fortune tellers, vampires and their effects on humans. I want to go to church and ask the pastor more about what God says. I want to ask others about their experiences at the circus. "Yes, this will give me some insight," she repeated to Joe.

The one thing the teller/witch got right, was the fact she would be seeing her again.

July 08, 2021 18:13

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