Christmas Horror Thriller

Adam always hated winter and Christmas. It made him want to hide to avoid the plague of well wishers and the carolers.

He made his way down the street only to be stopped by a police cruiser.

He took off running, more on instinct than an admission of guilt.But the po-po didn't see it that way. He used a long distance tazer and Adam landed face down in a pile of snow and leaves.

Adam groaned as the cop used a syringe to sedate him.

A few hours later Adam woke up with a splitting headache. As he took stock of the room he realized that the walls were like giant rock.

Adam only had a cot, blanket,and lots of chalk. He didn't know why there was so much chalk.

After about half an hour, the cop came in with a clock.

Adam tried to escape but the cop pushed him down on the cot.

The cop put a calendar on the wall then told Adam," For two hundred days, you will stay here."

Adam started using tally marks starting with day one.

Only once each day, the rogue cop would bring him a sub and a water bottle.

This went on for about 150 days.

Adam couldn't wait to reach 200.

Unfortunately, he never made it to two hundred.

That night as he slept, the tally marks all disappeared. Putting him back to day one.

When Adam saw that all the marks were gone...he lost his mind.

He screamed and screamed until he was hoarse. Then he found a sharp piece of metal. He cut his arm and smeared the blood on the walls, floor,cot, everywhere he could. After nearly 30 minutes he passed out from blood loss.

Adam woke up two days later with his cut stitched up. He saw a Christmas tree in the corner. The cop was dressed as Saint Nick. It disturbed Adam to his core. Adam told him,"I need to go home!!! Please!!! I don't want to die down here!!!!"

The cop's only response was to keep singing Christmas songs in a cheery voice... Too cheery, almost unnatural.

Adam crossed the room and start choking the cop. To his horror the head fell off and the door flew open.

Adam walked anxiously to the door and followed the tunnel out.

As he neared the exit he knew life would never be the same.

"Merry Christmas," he thought bitterly.

He was going home.

He made it out of the narrow tunnels and saw that he was on the same street where he lived.

He apparently had been there the entire time.

He went home then realized he had brought the chalk with him.

Adam marked day one on the wall with bright pink chalk. He had to prove to himself that he wasn't there anymore.

Everyday he checked to make sure the tally marks were still there...

For a while, Adam believed that he was okay. That being taken hostage hadn't scarred him for life.

A year later, Adam was getting ready for work. As he passed his bedroom, he noticed that the chalk marks were gone...again.

Adam screamed, "No!!!! This can't be happening!!! I got out!!!!! Noooooooooo!!!!!!!"

Then right before him, the room changed. The cop appeared, with his decapitated head in his hands.

The cops head told him,"You did get out. Your in a mental institution. Blink twice and you will see everyone and everything for what it really is."

Adam breathed fearfully as he inhaled deeply...

He blinked...once. Twice...

The decapitated cop disappeared.

His house, the chalk, everything he thought he knew was gone.

Adam saw the too white rooms and the nurses studying him as if he were crazy.

It was that moment , in which Adam realized that he was insane.

He lay down in the hallway and muttered no, over and over again.

Adam was put on a stretcher and wheeled back to the basement.

They electro shocked him, trying to bring him back to reality.

Adam screamed wordlessly as he saw the headless cop in the corner of the room laughing at him. Always laughing , knowing that he had driven Adam past the brink of insanity.

'But that was the thing, could someone ever be sane again if they lost their minds as he had...," he thought to himself.

He stopped seeing the dead cop after the second shock.

He started to do better.

He could have intelligent conversations with the nurses and doctors.

After a while, they let Adam go home again. Adam went to his dad's house.

His dad, Duno hugged him," I'm glad you are okay. I was so worried about you."

Adam shook his head in silent disagreement.

Duno took a step forward, not sure what his son meant by that.

Duno asked,"What are you talking about?! The nurses, the doctor!!! They said you are better now! What can I do? Tell me please?"

Adam went into the kitchen as his dad picked up the phone to call the doctor again.

He got voicemail, but as he was about to leave a message a knife plunged into his chest from behind.

Duno gurgled," Son, but why? You got out. You were free."

Adam watched him bleed out then he stood.

He washed the knife off as he hummed Winter wonderland.

Then he turned on all the appliances and poured gasoline over every inch of the house. He went up to his room and waited for the house to burn down around him.

Adam was still singing when the fire department pulled him out of the charred house.

They locked him up in solitary confinement of the local jail.

But Adam was no longer there.

Every day they just gave him his medicine then let him sit in silence.

Years went by slowly with no change for Adam.

All he would ever do was him or sing happily. Only Christmas songs.

Adam walked down the hallway singing Winter wonderland. A new nurse had started at the prison. She had heard all the rumors about Adam killing his own dad. She would just stay away and do her job.

But three days later, Kimberly was in the infirmary getting the medicine ready for the patients.

Adam came in singing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

Kimberly called security and went in the secure part of the room. She locked the door as he swung an axe into the door.

Kimberly knew that door wouldn't hold for long so she got up on her desk then climbed into the air duct.

She watched from above as he broke into the office.

The security officers shot Adam, killing him.

Kimberly was shaking as she climbed down.

She told them,"Someone that crazy should be put down. Thank you officers."

They nodded and left.

Kimberly watched as the sheriff removed the axe from the door.

It was over now. No one else would ever have to deal with Adam.

December 24, 2020 20:23

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Adrian Opgård
08:07 Jan 05, 2021

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Doris Rasmussen
21:19 Jan 04, 2021

This story has a very sad perspective on life, as if everyone is out to get the main character, Adam! Perhaps the pandemic is driving people crazy, like him. It's a very sad existence that is depicted. We all have to believe that there IS hope for this world -- that all those people haven't died in vain. The new year should give us all hope for a new outlook on life.


Adrian Opgård
08:06 Jan 05, 2021

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Adrian Opgård
08:15 Jan 05, 2021

177013 is a better chistmas story


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Reece Watson
12:32 Jan 12, 2021



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08:03 Jan 19, 2021



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Abood Balbisi
19:26 Jan 10, 2021

Can I post your story on YouTube with your name listed?


Reece Watson
12:32 Jan 12, 2021



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