Cherishing Friendship

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One Sunday after getting up late in the morning, Vinay bathed. He ate his favourite food - Noodles. Then he went to play with a Neighbour Uncle. They used to play, tell stories. He used to sing Rhymes & dances well. Vinay likes to be surrounded by people.

Vinay had the habit of going to the Park every weekend in the evening with his parents. Sometimes he went with his dad alone while his mom was busy with some household works. He loved to have many friends. Also, he loved his parents. He was very active & jovial. He was very obedient & gave respect to elders.

During vacation, they used to plan trips to some tourist place. This year they decided to go to his Grandparents house. They lived in the City whereas his Grandparents were in the outer hamlet. He liked his Grandparents so much. His granny cooked delicious food. He eats them & takes a nap. They reached the house. Vinay hugged his Grandpa & Granny.

The next morning, his grandpa took him to the farm. The sun was gleaming brightly. Nature was graceful. He could hear the birds chirping. There were swings made up of wooden boards. He saw children running & playing under the Shade of the trees. Vinay's Grandpa told to him stay there & he will be back after some time.

There was one boy named Rohit. He came to Vinay & talked with him. Rohit gave Chocolate to Vinay saying that it was his birthday today. Vinay was happy & took the chocolate. Surprisingly, they were wearing the same colour Shirts. They simultaneously said the Same pinch & smiled together. They admired each other. Rohit asked his name & other details of School. They both were in the same Seventh Grade of Schooling. The other kids were also listening to their conversation. Some kids were senior & others were junior to them.

When they were about to play, his Grandpa had come. Vinay wanted to stay & there play with them. From his face, Grandpa knew what was going on in his mind. He said that Vinay can come daily & play here with everyone.

They went home. Vinay told his parents about the Farm & how he met his friends. He was talking about Rohit mostly. On hearing Vinay's talks, his parents felt good that he found new friends.

From the next day, he came to play with them. Vinay heard about Stories of Rohit that how he was living here, going to school, his friends. They spent time talking while others were playing. Though he mingled with all friends, Rohit became Vinay's favourite friend.

One day after playing, while moving to their houses, Rohit invited Vinay to his home. He went to his home & met his mother. They took care of him well. They watched TV together, played indoor games like Carrom. They both ate together. He returned home & told that he went to his friend Rohit's house. Their parents were happy that he enjoyed there.

In a similar occasion, Vinay had gone to Rohit's house. That day, they were involved in drawing. Rohit was drawing well. He had sketched the outline of a Jungle with few animals which included Elephants, Lions, Birds, etc. Vinay was not as good as Rohit in creating Art. So he just helped him in colouring. Rohit drew it for more than 2 hours. It had come out beautifully. His mom in the middle came & appreciated them. While doing so, mistakenly Vinay spilt the Paint in the drawing. It was all mess. Rohit was angry. Vinay asked Sorry. But Rohit dint talks to Vinay until he went home. This made Vinay feel bad about what he did and was sad the whole night. He dint knew whether his friend will forgive him & continue to talk with him or will never talk. He cried & slept.

Rohit's mom consoled him & told not to worry. He can make a new drawing whenever he wanted but not to be angry with Vinay. With her words, Rohit became calm. The next day, he by himself went & talked with Vinay. Vinay was extremely happy that his friend had forgiven him. They played together again.

One day, Grandpa took Vinay to a nearby Stationery Shop. He looked at the racks which were filled with Toys, Books, Notes, Pens, Pencils, etc. He then got a glance of Colour Paints. He wanted to give Rohit Colour Paints which he liked. Vinay decided to give this when he left the city. So, he picked it & gave to the Grandpa. Grandpa told to get him something that he wants to keep it with him. He again searched here & there. He picked a Pencil box.

The summer holidays were about to end. He had to return to the city. Vinay went to the Farm to meet his friends. He told them he was leaving tomorrow so wanted to say Goodbye to them. They felt sad & they all hugged together. Played in the Swing that he loved. While leaving, Vinay took Rohit to his house. He presented him with the Colour Paints. Rohit dint expects it. He was very happy & thanked him. He said he will be missing him very much. Wanted to see him soon. Vinay said not to forget him. He will back for every holiday to meet him. They hugged each other.

Later, Vinay reached the city. Got ready for the School. Though he missed Rohit, he changed when he met his old School Friends. He discussed everything that happened in the Town. He told that he met a New friend named Rohit. They both had friends of their own. Still, there was something special between these two.

Days passed. His thoughts come & vanishes. He eagerly waits for the day they will be able to meet each other. From the next year vacation, he starts visiting his Grandparents house & meets his friend. He longs for the whole year to spend time together & share his thoughts. They decided to do their college studies together. Even after decades, their friendship continued well.

May 07, 2020 06:29

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Zea Bowman
13:00 May 11, 2020

I loved this story! It was intriguing from beginning to end. I loved how descriptive and entertaining it was! Any chance you could stop by and give me feedback on my story, "Come Quietly" and like it if you enjoyed it? If so, thanks so much! If not, it's all good. Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your stories. Good luck!


13:38 May 11, 2020

Thank you very much for your kind feedback. I m glad that you took the time to appreciate it. Sure, I will definitely read your Story & share my thought.


Zea Bowman
13:44 May 11, 2020

Thank you so much!


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