Mirror Mirror On The Wall

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Christian Drama

Mirror Mirror On The Wall—George Davis

  Has it been two weeks or two months since I have stared into my bathroom mirror? It happened several weeks ago. A Sunday morning, feeling sick, or what is known as a hangover had me staggering into my bathroom where immediately my stomach released all I had eaten in the last two weeks, or so it seemed.

  I remember lifting my head and staring into the mirror. I was shocked at what stared back at me. It was the face of pure evil. It was a demon, red-eyed, fire-breathing soul from hell. He was smiling. I have never felt so alone, so under attack as I did that morning. I haven’t been able to look at my own reflection since. However, I have decided to look at my face. As I stood in front of the reflective glass, eyes closed I slowly opened them. I jumped back in horror. That demon was still there, a nefarious smirk on his red wrinkled face. His eyes seemed to penetrate to my very soul. It said, ‘you belong to me, and I shall never give you up, Damien Kent’. 

  Alcohol must be the motivating force by which this horrible fiend got control of my soul. I am doomed to an eternity of hell; I reasoned. Nothing, nor anybody can help me. I am fated to spend my life in hell. I shook all over at the thought of dying. I didn’t have to ask myself where I was going. My destiny has been determined. 

  I showered, dressed, and drove over to the Wayfarer Diner on Main Street for breakfast. I was greeted by Winnie the waitress/co-owner. “Morning, Damien. How are you this bright, sunny morning?” 

  “I’m okay, Winnie. How are you?”

  “Ken got me up at three-thirty this morning to make muffins. I hate getting up that early in the morning, Damien. I am too much of a night owl, I guess.” 

  Well, at least you didn’t have to face a demon from hell this morning. I thought. Before I could say anymore, she poured my coffee, and said, “I put your order in already. You are having your usual, I hope.” 

  “If you have something that is good, stay with it.” 

Winnie nodded.

  I wanted to tell her what I saw this morning in the mirror. I had a need to tell someone, but I said nothing about it.

  “Off to work, Damien?”

  “Yes, another five years and I can retire, Winnie; I can’t wait. I have worked at Bickford Savings and Loan for over thirty years, and only last summer was promoted to head teller with a five-dollar increase in pay.

  “You are an institution at the bank, Damien. Ken says, he waits for you when he takes the deposit over each afternoon. He knows you know your stuff. And, believe me, that’s a compliment when my husband gives anyone credit for anything.”

  I ate my breakfast, paid my bill, and left Winnie a good tip. I half decided after work today, I would go over to the Bickford Community Church and talk with Pastor Tripp. I am not what you’d call a church-goer. Fact is, I haven’t been to church for eight years when I went to Stinky Smith’s funeral. However, I came away that day feeling a little joy in my otherwise stressful life. 

  I left work at three-thirty when the bank closed for the day and drove over to BCC. I found Pastor Tripp in his office, working, on what I supposed was his message for Sunday. “Good afternoon, Pastor Tripp,” I said. 

  “Well, good afternoon to you, my friend. What can I do for you?”

  “As you are probably aware. I am not a church-going person, but I do believe in God.”

  “I’m sure you do…” “Oh, my name is Damien Kent, Pastor.”

  “Yes, I remember you. You came to Mr. Smith’s funeral a few years back.”

  “Yes, Stinky was my best friend. We grew up together, were friends from kindergarten through high school.”

  “You must know. Mr. Smith was a good God-fearing man. He gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ ten years ago in this church. He was a deacon and an elder in the church.” 

  “Yes, I know. That’s when we started to drift away. He tried to convert me over the years. I liked Stinky, but I didn’t like to be preached at all the time.” 

  “You must know where Mr. Smith was coming from, Mr. Kent. He was a born-again believer in the Lord. He gave his life to Jesus. Do you know Jesus, Mr. Kent?” 

  “Yes, I went to Sunday School right here in this church when I was a small boy, but I outgrew the church. You see. I believe or did believe in evolution. That’s what they teach at the high school. It made more sense to me than a being somewhere out in space making these planets and stars, and humans.” 

  “Let me tell you something, Mr. Kent. Jesus Christ is God’s Son, whom He sent to save the world, and deliver us from the works of the devil. Do you believe that, Mr. Kent?” 

  “I don’t know. Sometimes I want to believe, but it all seems so farfetched to me.” 

  “Believe me, it is more real than you may think. God created the world and all that is in it. If you can believe this, it is a starting place.”

  “I’m not here to debate creeds, Pastor Tripp. I’ve got a problem, and I’m hoping you can help me.”

  “I shall certainly try, Mr. Kent.”

  “First, please call me, Damien.”

  “All right, Damien. What is your problem?” I explained my dilemma to him, how when I look into a mirror, I don’t see my image, but that of a demon. 

  “When did this first happen to you?” 

  “About three or four weeks ago. I stopped looking in the mirror, for fear of what I might see. Then this morning, I looked, and there he was, grinning that evil grin. His eyes seemed to tell me, he had me, and I could not escape his clutches.” 

  “Let me tell you something about demons. The good news is, you can be delivered from this evil. However, only if you believe.” 

  “Oh, Pastor, I believe.”

  “Then you believe Jesus is the Son of God, and that he came to save the world from sin?”

  “I’m not sure about that. I do know there is a God.”

  “The demons believe in God, and they tremble. It isn’t enough to believe in God. One must believe in the saving grace His Son died for all if we believe Jesus is the true redeemer.”

  “I’m not so sure, Pastor. I believe in parts of the Bible, but not all of it.”

  “What parts do you not believe, Damien?” 

  “Well, Adam and Eve, for example. It says God formed Adam from clay. I believe man came from the water onto dry land, and then became erect. History tells us there were Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon. These early men and women began the earth’s family.” 

  “In other words, you believe all this we see was formed by some huge bang somewhere out in  space?” 

  “I’m not sure about that theory, but it is hard for me to believe some spiritual being spoke all this into existence.” 

  The pastor debated with me for over an hour. I felt something way down deep inside me begin to question my idea of the beginning. Did God make all that we can see; the trees, grass, flowers, sky, stars, sun, and moon? It was beginning to make sense. 

  The day after my visit with Pastor Tripp I approached the bathroom mirror surreptitiously. Eyes closed. My heart was trying to get out of my chest. I didn’t want to open my eyes and look; afraid of what I might see. When I did open my baby blues. I saw Damien Kent staring back at me; no more demon. Was I free at last? Will that image return if I return to my old ways? I sincerely hope it will not make another appearance in my bathroom mirror. 

  I saw what God could do through his servant, Pastor Tripp, yesterday, I gave my heart to Jesus, and God took away that demon image. Praise God!  

July 07, 2021 17:01

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