You study the living canvas over head, the puffs of white are positioned strategically through the shades of blue, a swath of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red though barely discernible yet, they add a beautiful contrast to the picture. Sitting in this lovely forest park, you marvel at God’s handiwork. It isn’t just the sights, it’s the smells, the textures and the sounds that enhance the whole picture. Even the shrieks and laughter of your grandchildren add to the over all ambience.

“Grandma, tell Mason that the rainbow is a promise from God.” Rileigh says as she and Mason race up to you. Mason giggled as he came to a stop.

Looking at him questionably you tell Rileigh, “Mason already knows that.”

“I just like it when you tell us about God.” He grins. You smile at your grandkids, but it turns into a frown when you here a loud, ‘HUMPH.’ You look around, seeing no one on either side, you look behind you. There on a bench a couple feet away, sits a young man probably in his late twenties. He looks every where but in your direction, so you turn back to your grandkids.

“So, what do you want to hear?”

“Tell us about when Jesus will come back.”

“You know, I don’t have the answer to that, because only the Father knows that, but I will tell you that Jesus will come like a thief in the night and take his church in the blink of an eye.”

“Who is his church, Grandma?” Genesis asked.

“The church are those who love and believe in Christ and what he sacrificed for them, honey.” You tell her, trying to block out the rude sounds the man behind you keeps uttering.

“So we are part of the church Grandma.” Rileigh states.

“Such bullsh-t!” the man barks out.

Now even your grandkids notice the rudeness of the man. You tell the kids to go back to play and promise to continue the conversation later. Once they run down to the playground you turn to the man.

“If you have questions or have something to say come over and we can have a discussion.” You address the man, again he looks every where but at you.

“Come on, you’ve shown that your not shy.”

“Ok” he says belligerently and walks over to sit on a bench about 3 feet away from you. “So what do you want?”

“I didn’t want anything, but you obviously have something to say to me, judging from the remarks and sounds you made while eavesdropping on my conversation, so lets talk.”

“Alright you asked for it, Why do you filled their hesds with all that fantasy? Let them learn the truth, that we live in a world of science!” he spat.

“Fantasy is unreal, made up. God is anything but that.”

“Can you prove scientifically that he exists?”

“Well, let me see, one definition of science; knowledge as of facts, knowledge gained by systematic study. How about I prove the truth of the Bible, which is God’s word. So if I can prove Biblical facts then hopefully you will accept that God isn’t a myth or fantasy. How about that?”

“What does the Bible have to do with proving God is real?



“The Bible was written over 2000 years ago, with multiple authors, inspired by God.”

“And how does that prove it’s God’s Word?” he asked sarcastically.

“Again Foreknowledge.”

“Whatever, how are you going to prove that because right now you’ve only spouted words and foretold nothing.”

“Fair enough, do you think man of two to four thousand years ago, knew anything of gravity?”

“I don’t know, probably not.”

“Some cultures thought the earth was held up by Atlas and some declared it sat on the back of a giant turtle. “


“God stretches out Heaven over the empty space and hangs the Earth upon nothing. Job 26:7”

“That could be anything, it proves nothing.”

“How about matter, basically what everything is made of? Would they know anything about that?" The man just shrugged.

“Creation is made of particles, so small that we can’t see them,” the man nodded in agreement. It wasn’t until the 19th century that scientists discovered that all visible matter consists of invisible elements. Yet Gods word says; '…..all things were made at God’s command; and that they were all made from things that can’t be seen'."

“Ok, that’s a little stretch but, I’ll give you that one surprised me, go on.”

You look at your grandkids, making sure they are ok and to think of what else to say.

“Did you know up until WW1, more soldiers died from disease, like dysentery, than actually killed in battle. It was because they did not isolate human waste. But Dueteronomy 23:12-13 says;' you shall also have a place outside of camp and go there. Each man must have a spade as part of his equipment; after every bowel movement he must dig a hole and cover his excrement'.”

“That’s just common sense!”

“It is now and it was 3500 years ago to the Jewish people, But for the wars leading up to WW1, example; Ottoman Civil war, Mexican war of Independence, Revolutionary war, the Civil War, The Napoleonic Wars, Seven Years war, the first Messenian War… just to name a few, they didn’t know that and many died. But God had known.”

You watch the man digest your words and go on when he stays silent.

“Lets discuss Oceanography. Only recently with the invention of deep diving subs have we been able to explore the depths of the oceans. In 1970 scientist found amazing vistas that had never been seen before by human eyes, because they had a sub that could withstand the 6000 pounds per square inch pressures found on the Ocean Floor. Yet in Job 38;16,God said, 'Have you explored the springs from which the Seas come or walked in the sources of their depths'. The discovery of 1970 was that there were springs on the ocean floor. In Jonah 2:5-6, 'I went down to the bottoms of mountains that rise from off the ocean floor'. It was only in this last century that we discovered Mountains and trenches at the bottoms of the oceans.”

“You keep coming up with things you obviously memorized, how about I ask you a question?”

“Okay, go ahead.”

“How about Anatomy and such, I’m sure they didn’t know more than doctors of today.”

You think for a moment, “Blood, that’s very important topic in the Bible, because Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross for our sins, so that whoever believes in Christ, will have eternal life.”

“That’s not scientific, that’s your mythology.”

“You didn’t let me finish, Blood is the source of life, agreed?”

“Well, I don’t know if source is the right word.”

“No Blood in the Body, no life. Up until about 120 years ago, sick people were bled and many died as a result of this treatment. Today we know that healthy blood is essential to bring life-giving nutrients to every cell in the body. But of course God knew this and had it written in Leviticus 17:11-14, ‘the life of the flesh is in the blood’ that was long before science proved this fact. And staying with your choice of anatomy, God said in Genesis 2:7 & 3:19 that he formed us from the dust of the ground……., 'for out of the dust thou were taken; for dust thou art and unto dust thou shalt return'. Scientist's have discovered that the human body is compromised of some 28 base and trace elements- that are all found in the earth.”

The man looked at you in astonishment.

“So have I proven to you that God isn’t a myth yet? Who other than God the Creator would have this foreknowledge of things to come and I’ve only shared a minute picture of what the Bible foretells.” You earnestly look into the man's eyes.

“I agree you make a compelling argument but I’m not ready to be dragged down into a religious life being a goody two shoes, giving up all fun and living in a state of servitude to an invisible God.  Maybe when I’m older, I’ll look into it more.”

“You have God’s message all wrong. Nothing you can or will do, will earn your way into Heaven. And God doesn’t want you to be religious. Some of the worst things that have happened in the history of the world, have happened because of religion. Like the crusades and the inquisition, persecution, ect…”

“Then what does God want from me?”

“God wants a relationship with you, he loves you. That is why he sent his son to die for you.”

“Are you talking about Jesus? I’ve heard so many contradictory things about him, even so called Christians don't believe all the hype, and he didn't die for me personally."

"Christ died for each and every individual who was ever born and ever will be born! And yes he did it personally for you too."

"I....I don't know what to say to that."

“True Christians believe the word of God, those who don't or try to twist God's words aren't really being true to Christ. And what’s true of Christ, is what God’s word says of him. Jesus is the son of God. He lived a sinless life, was crucified, he died for our sins, he was lain in a tomb (guarded by roman soldiers) and rose three days later.  There were many eyewitnesses that testified to that last fact, both believers and none believers alike. The bible says in John 3:16, that 'God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life'.”

“So if I believe in him I’ll never die and live forever?” He laughed, you had me going there for a while. Frustrated you stare him in the eye,

“Every person dies, I’m telling you of eternal life. Every man shall spend eternity either in Heaven with Jesus Christ or in Hell. The chose is yours, God won’t force you to love him, that is what he wants but he gave us free will to choose. So either have a Love of sin or you have a Love of him.”

“Ya and what hoops do I have to jump through to live eternally with Jesus?”

“Believe, just believe in Jesus and accept the salvation he’s given you through his death and resurrection, if you truly believe all else falls into place, thanks to the Holy Spirit.”

“So just like that, I say I believe and boom I’m a bonafide Christian with all the perks.” He smirks.

“I wouldn’t ridicule the gift of God and I wouldn’t put off your decision either. We are not promised tomorrow, I want you to know all you need to do is tell God you repent and accept his son as your savior, please remember that.”

“Why do you care what happens to me?”

“Because God says to love one another and to forgive.”

“Next thing your going to tell me is that the Rapture thing could happen any day because the world has rejected God.” He smiles at his wittiness. A loud crash echos from outside the park, the man jerks in the direction of the sound as he hears another and another loud crash. He sees an airplane plummet into the buildings in the downtown area, just north of the park. What in the world is happening!

“We’re under attack!” he screams, “call your kids, and lets run to the shelter of the trees!” he turns to grab you by the arm, but your not there. He frantically scans the area, searching for you and your grandkids but, they are gone too. Where did you go? You were just here?  He runs to the playground and searches the tunnels to see if you hid there. Confused he heads back up the hill. It is quiet now, except for cries of the injured. He doesn’t know why he cares where you went but, he does, you’ve made an impression on his heart. As he starts to pass the bench where you had been sitting, he sees your bible left there all alone. He picks it up, and hugs it to his chest. 

“God,” he asks tentatively. “Is this you? I'm sorry I have sinned." He looks to the heavens with fear in his heart, if she was telling him the truth, what was he suppose to do now? Was it to late for him? He looked at the bible in his hands, knowing instinctively that it held the answers he needed. Cautiously he goes to his car, surveying the damage and stunned people milling around multiple wrecked cars that were on the main road, but his only thought was how in the world did you disappear in the blink of an eye?”

You smile as you, your grandchildren and all God's church are raptured. Rising to meet Jesus who patiently waits in the sky.

July 07, 2020 01:36

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Monica G
01:33 Jul 15, 2020

Such an interesting and captivating read! You’re really good!


02:42 Jul 15, 2020

Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it.


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03:56 Jul 10, 2020

This is a very nice story. Makes me think about the end of time. I hope this is how it will be.


04:13 Jul 10, 2020

Thanks for reading my story.


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Corey Melin
02:03 Jul 09, 2020

Very good read on proving the existence of God. You never know the day.


04:31 Jul 09, 2020

Thank you


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Jim Henderson
12:28 Jul 07, 2020

Loved it ,you never know when your time is up better think ahead, someday could be to late


13:25 Jul 07, 2020

Thank you,


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Batool Hussain
05:45 Jul 07, 2020

Wow, this is so good. Beautiful! The ending fits in so well!!! I would be happy if could check out my new story 'Zita' and give your views on it;) Thanks.


13:28 Jul 07, 2020

Thank you very much


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Bonnie Clarkson
23:30 Mar 20, 2021

Congratulations on a good conversion story. I haven't been able to write one yet. Thanks for including repentance. So many places do not. I found it odd that you use "you" and "your". I understand that it has not happened yet, so cannot write in first person. Have you tried what it sounds like it third person? Like starting with "The grandmother studied". I know devotions they say not to use "you".


06:31 Mar 21, 2021

Thank you, I believe the prompt asked for a second person POV. I don't remember exactly.


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Bonnie Clarkson
17:42 Mar 20, 2021

Congratulations on a good conversion story. I have not been able to yet. I appreciate using repent. So often it is left out. Mine will have to start with prayer of a christian.


19:24 Mar 20, 2021

Thank you very much


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Vi Nordgren
04:59 Jul 19, 2020

Beautifully written with so much of Bible related to day to day living. Keep writing.


06:09 Jul 19, 2020

Thank you


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