One day there was a huge protest rally on the streets of Boston. They seemed to be screaming 'Abortion is wrong!' Sally took a look outside her window - there was a throng of people. She rather hated protests. She agreed that Abortion was wrong in her heart, but she didn't really like all the noise they were making. She believed that 'All life was sacred'. Her parents thought the same.

The nurse at the hospital where Sally was born, asked her father whether aborting Sally was a good option, because there some fears that she would be a sick baby. The father chose to let Sally live because he was against the idea of abortion. Sally always remembered her parents words and felt strongly against aborting a child.

One day Sally got a call from the rehabilitation center where she worked. They had recently admitted an 18 year old who did drugs. Pam, the rehab center warden asked Sally to help out since this particular girl was putting up quite a bit of resistance and tried to escape twice. Sally was now officially in charge of her. 

As time passed by, Sally started trying to talk to the girl. She seemed insolent, she didn't seem to want to open up at all. As time passed by, she finally did start becoming more friendly. It was quite a while before she started to talk about anything. The young woman, named Vanessa Mc Connelly, started to share her memories about how she had a difficult childhood. Sally listened to her patiently. Sally felt she had it in her to be an agony aunt. She found this opportunity with Vanessa.

She never ever got tired of hearing Vanessa speak. Vanessa admitted that she was two weeks pregnant and that it was her boyfriend's child. A pregnancy test she had taken at home, confirmed the pregnancy. She mentioned that he was very affectionate but theirs was an on-again, off-again relationship. She confided that she did drugs since she had depression. She had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder by a psychiatrist she was seeing.

As time passed by Sally grew to like Vanessa more and more. Sally felt she had these enormous eyes and small lips that seemed really childlike. She was a slender beautiful woman, but her face was childish to Sally at least.

Vanessa's parents didn't want her to abort. Vanessa didn't want the child and was a confused mess. Sally thought alot about Vanessa; she was just 18 and probably not in any position to have a child, given her drug abuse and her recently discovered bipolar disorder. Sally wanted to see things from Vanessa's perspective. Her parents were obviously her guardians, and since Vanessa was mentally ill, their word was final. The law was on their side. Sally still felt very deeply for this girl and wanted to help her.

Sally decided what seemed unthinkable and go speak to Vanessa's folks. She knew there were possibilities that she might be outrightly rejected because it really was none of her business. Vanessa had told her enough about how strict her parents were. Sally thought about her own parents, and her own life story. She didn't want Vanessa to know that she herself thought abortion was wrong. Sally was determined and she had made her game plan.

She got the contact details of Vanessa's guardians from the rehab's administration. She decided swift action needed to be taken, as it would be too late and then Vanessa would have to go ahead with the pregnancy. Sally decided she would visit Vanessa's folks on a Sunday. That was when most people happened to be at home she reasoned.

In the meanwhile Sally kept on attending to Vanessa, without revealing her plans to her. Finally, the dreaded Sunday arrived. Sally was now at their doorstep. She decided to knock on the front door. She did. There was no answer. Sally knocked again. Finally an old burly woman opened the door. 'Hi, my name is Sally Velasquez, I work at the Rehab Center where Vanessa is right now? Can I come in?' Sally said.

Surprisingly the woman let her in. Sally couldn't help but feel a bit apprehensive about the mother's appearance. She appeared to be really tall and she looked more muscular than obese. Suddenly she barked 'What is this is about? Vanessa's father and I have been very concerned about her and I hope she hasn't been misbehaving?'

'Not at all! She's a lovely girl. I'm very afraid for your daughter. Is your husband at home?' Sally answered.

'Yes he is.' she replied and yelled 'Arthur, please come downstairs there's someone here from the Rehab Center!' 

Sally imagined that Vanessa's father would be someone as hefty and muscular just like her mother, and she guessed right. He looked rather formidable for his age. He wore spectacles and had a grim look on his face. Sally imagined that he must have been in the army because he had a stern look, but old age had made him appear a little sullen.

'Lady, you work at the Rehab Center?' he asked, seeming a little upset. It was obvious that they cared a lot for their daughter and were worried for their daughter. Sally felt she was walking on thin ice. Yet, she gathered courage and decided to go ahead with her idea. After all, it was for Vanessa.

'Yes I do. Vanessa told me she is pregnant? Do you think she is ready to have a child? She doesn't quite seem like it.' Sally dared to say.

'Lady, before you say anything else, I want you to know that we believe she is. We do not believe in Abortion. Abortion is a crime against humanity'

Sally was now taken aback. This was going nowhere. They seemed to be very firm about their ideas. Sally realised that if she tried to argue further she would be in dangerous territory. Yet, these folks reminded her of her own parents back home in Alabama.

'Umm, I really don't think your daughter is ready to have a child.'

'Get out of my house' he retorted.

'Please Sir, try and understand Vanessa is going through alot right now. She's having problems with getting over her drug abuse. She also has bipolar. Do try and understand.' she pleaded.

'Do I have to repeat myself?' the angry father said again.

There was no arguing with them. She could see that they were sticking to their argument. Sally didn't want to make a scene. She felt sad for Vanessa. 

'If you change your mind, do ask for Sally Velasquez whenever you next call the rehab center. I'm in charge of Vanessa. Do try and consider what I'm trying to tell you. If you ever do, I hope its before its two late.' She said tears welling up in her eyes.

She walked out the door, and felt the door slam behind her with a loud thud. She couldn't help but reminisce that her parents were much the same.

Sally returned to the Rehab Center the very next day. It was just another cold day, in November and Christmas just around the corner. She felt sad for Vanessa, but decided to cheer her up every single day of the holiday season. Sally grew to love Vanessa, like a sister she never had.

'I don't know why but I think you visited my parents place?' Vanessa asked.

Sally widened her eyes. 'How did you guess?'

'I have this thing called intuition, I could tell somehow.' Vanessa replied.

'Aren't you the smart one?' said Sally.

Days went by. Sally hoped against hope that Vanessa's parents would change their minds.One day Sally got a call from an unknown number on her cell phone. Sally hoped and prayed that it was Vanessa's folks.

'Sally. Sally Velasquez?' A man's voice said.

'Yes...Arthur Mc Connelly? Vanessa's dad?' she asked, breathing heavily into the telephone.

'I'm sorry about the way I spoke to you. We have thought about what you said and have decided to reconsider. We know that Vanessa is a bit immature, so the abortion sounds like a good idea. Thank you for thinking about our daughter.'

'Its really okay. I really think it's in Vanessa's best interests.'

'Bye. Godbless.' he said.


Sally felt a bit relieved and also overjoyed for Vanessa. She told her about her phone conversation with Vanessa's parents, and they danced about in the room! Sally carried Vanessa in a tight embrace, Vanessa was surprised at Sally's strength. Sally was so happy that in the end things worked out. She did a good deed. This was going to be the best Christmas Ever!

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