Fantasy Mystery

Every mating season is like a festival inside the Flame Belle community. Unable to reproduce by themselves, Flame Belles rely on male magical creatures together with their chosen Queen to increase their population. A Flame Belle, who has the hottest flame would be a hailed Queen.

Flame Belles are female shaped flames. They do not have a face but differ in flame color. Peasants have a red-brown flame, Servants have a cherry-red flame, Soldiers have a bright orange flame, and the Queen has dazzling white flames with a mixture of crimson red. 

A month before the Queen’s mating season. Her body releases a fragrant scent that only affects male creatures. Making every single male specie hunt for her and ask to be her mate, but only one is chosen. Male creatures come flooding in front of their cave every season. A rumor says that a Flame Belle's mate would be gifted a precious treasure only they can have. 

The time has come, and everyone is preparing for the Queen’s mating rites. Flames Belle’s were walking left and right. Peasants were busy arranging the cave for their upcoming visitor or sacrifice while others were carrying baskets full of food on their shoulders. Servants were beside the Queen and making sure that she is in her top-most condition to mate.

“How are the preparations going?” The Queen asked her servants. They all knelt and bowed their heads in front of her. Her aura screams power and radiance. Making every Flame Belle show respect to her. 

The servant responsible for combing her hair raised her head but did not attempt to stand up. “The preparations are doing well, my Queen. The peasants are doing all the necessary arrangements, and soldiers are ready to attack once a male creature sets foot in front of the cave.” The Queen nodded her head in response.

A peasant and a soldier went inside the Queen’s chamber. Both knelt and bowed their heads in front of the mighty Queen. “It’s almost time, my Queen. Male creatures would come flooding in front of the cave anytime.”

“Toughen your armor and senses before letting anyone set foot in my community.” She has sharp eyes like daggers ready to stab anyone who opposes her. 

Before they can even leave the Queen’s chamber. She stood up and grabbed the soldier’s chin. “Last season was a failure because of your incompetence. The chosen mate died even before laying a finger on me. He disintegrated the moment he entered my chamber.” Her flames grew larger every passing second, indicating how furious she was. 

“My Queen please calm down, or it will direly affect your condition.” The servant responsible for her clothing spoke. 

A Queen’s anger cannot be extinguished easily, but her senses felt a new presence nearing her cave. Her flames came back to normal. Everyone felt the unfamiliar presence, and in a blink of an eye, every single Flame Belle became alert.

“You may now leave. Attend to your duties and make no error.” Authority was evident from her voice and stance. The peasant together with the soldier hurriedly went out of the Queen’s chamber to welcome their guest.

In front of the Flame Belles cave, mounted a man riding a Pegasus, which was as white as snow. His wings flapping slightly blew the dust below them away. The man dismounted from his Pegasus wearing a fire-resistant armor and a sword hanging on his side.

“I have come to thee to take your Queen and make her mine.” He announced. The Flame Belles paid no heed to his words and looked at him sharply. He touched the hilt of his sword and took a fighting stance. 

Without any warning, Flame Belle soldiers charged at him. Peasants followed suit. Each Flame Belle stacked on top of him one by one. The creature unable to fight back decided to emit his fragrance to get their approval, but his scent wasn’t strong enough to match their Queen’s.

Seconds past and his screams of pain could be heard. Little by little his body disintegrated in front of their eyes, indicating that he is not worthy to be their Queen’s mate. The Pegasus fled after seeing his master burn to death. 

One by one, male creatures started to appear in front of their cave. Each one of them met the same faith as the man who rode a Pegasus. Their strength and scents aren’t strong enough to be on par with their Queen.

After a while, a fairy with butterfly-like wings descended from the sky. His wings were a mixture of blue, white, and black. He was wearing non-fire resistant clothes and had a dagger on his rope waistband. His flapping wings extinguished some peasants and a few soldiers. A positive sign of being worthy to be hailed mate for their beloved Queen. 

As he set foot on the ground, he released his scent, which attacked every Flame Belle’s sense of smell. Soldiers and peasants alike almost got swayed. Luckily, one soldier charged at him, which made everyone come back to their senses and followed after the first soldier.

He released more of his scent, which stopped every single Flame Belle from their tracks. A smirk crept on his face. He walked straight to the cave’s entrance with his head held high, showing how proud he is. 

Flame Belles started to line up on both sides to welcome him into their cave. He confidently entered their community. When suddenly a soldier attacked him from nowhere, he grabbed his dagger and sliced her in half. The soldier cut in two became two peasants. Flame Belle’s can only die through the wind. 

The fairy or any other mate is not safe until he reaches the Queen’s chamber. Flame Belles can attack him at will anytime before he reaches the Queen's chamber. 

The Flame Belles lined up on both sides started to come toward him. Their purpose is to cut his wings off to ensure that he won’t escape from their cave. A 50 feet wall of inextinguishable flames surrounds the cave. For male creatures to pass the wall of flames alive is impossible, so most of them fly above it to avoid being burnt.

The fairy cut off his wing using his dagger because he knows how Flame Belles mating rites are performed. The other wing was removed by the peasants which he willingly obliged. A feast was served in front of him, and he ate to his heart's content. A celebration was thrown for him then he was sent to the Queen’s chamber.

After mating with the Queen, the fairy’s body started crumbling to dust. He was confused as to what is happening. He looked at the Queen to ask, but before he can say a word, the Queen spoke.

“What you’re experiencing is the gift only a Queen’s mate can have, turning to dust after mating. Creatures from the outside thought that a precious treasure would be gifted, but has someone who was chosen ever returned to their homes?” The fairy wasn’t able to answer because he turned into fine dust.

The Queen’s mate dust is used for nutrition for the growing flame tree seeds. These seeds would grow into trees and would bear hundreds of fruits. And those fruits would then grow and become Flame Belles of different colors. 

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