Black Friendship Sad

By Alonzriah'a Washington

Stubborn as A bull The Cat Family

Chapter 1      

The Tiny Envelope     

“Well you don’t know that for sure until you open it.” 

Reese now seemed agitated to look inside the tiny envelope. I was still on the ground. To support her I went over and rubbed between her legs. After going back and forth she finally opened it and read aloud, “ Dear Miss Reese T. Smith, we have gone over your letter of recommendation and the committee must admit, you are very talented and we are also very impressed with your volleyball skills.

We would love for you to attend our school and play for our college team. I hope to see you next year at Carter Volleyball College.”  

“Oh my gosh, I got in! I got in! I. Got. In!!” 

“Congratulations, Reese. We are so proud of you for working so hard toward your goal,” said Mrs. Smith happily. 

Now came down the twins, both of which being 7 years, Lucy and Lyra, still in their pajamas, which always smelled like pizza.

Chapter 2

Any Other Day

The Smiths’ are aware that I go wandering around the city, so the people know me. They say that I am considered a local and very social. 

Sometimes, if I go out at the right time, I can even get my paws on some leftover fish! At the sushi restaurant, they are very nice. But besides my little walks and snacks, I like to be in the dark. I would make a little bed for myself, out of old winter clothes from the twins’, and a basket. Sometimes, I let stray pets lay in my bed since there are a lot of them in the main city of San Francisco. Then, I would make more, arranging them all around the city in separation from the Animal Control Service. 

Chapter 3 

 My Family 

After a long day of wandering it was time to go home and have dinner with my humans. The Smiths’ have something different every night, but on friday they make pizza! On the other hand, I have the same thing every night- cat chow mixed with fish and carrots. When I got home, my food dish was prefilled, Mrs. Smith was readying the pizza, Mr. Smith was watching a football game with Riley, the twins were helping set the table and Reese was doing homework upstairs. I immediately bolted to my food bowl. Good as always, when I was done, Mrs. Smith had just gotten the pizza out of the oven, that smelled so appetizing, to me, it was like a freshly baked turkey on a cool evening. Everyone went to the table and the twins helped carry over water, while Mrs. Smith carried the pizza over. And before she even set the pan down they were like wild cats fighting over some dumpster garbage, all of the Smith children started chowing down their pizza not even releasing one gasp to breathe.

¨Thank you, Anne¨ said Mr. Smith sternly looking at everyone.

´´Your welcome, John.´´ ¨Meow¨ I purred. 

´´Come on gang, put your food down and thank your mother for this delicious dinner, for god's sake buddy thanked her¨ cried Mr. Smith. They all looked at him. 

¨Oh, it is okay at least they didn't lose a finger.¨ said Mrs. Smith.

Mr. Smith straightened his tie and sat up. Looked at his wife, and started eating. By the time he was done eating his first slice, the twins had cleaned their plates, Riley was on her last bite, and Reese had not come to dinner yet. Mrs. Smith looked worried that Reese was still not down, taking constant glances at the stairs. 

“Mom, you will have to get used to Reese not being at every dinner,” announced Riley, glaring.

“I know, but it's going to be so hard letting her go; my first born before I met your father, she was my light to move on in life,'' said Mrs. Smith in a teary voice. Lucy smirked and looked at Lrya,

¨You know mommy, Lyra and I will still be here when everyone goes off to University.¨  

“Yep. You won't be that lonely, you´ll still have us to look after, and we could do all the cleaning if you are tired,” said Lrya. 

¨Awww, you two are so cute and thoughtful.¨ said Mrs Smith smiling. 

¨May I be excused?¨requested Riley bordly.

“Sure, but would you mind doing me a favor?”

“Yeah but not a big one. I have a date tonight¨ Mr. Smith looked up at Riley.

“It isn't big, but could you check on your sister?” 

“Sure, I guess.” 

“Did you save me a slice?” 

“No, sorry. We cleared our plates and the twins almost ate dad's slice,” chuckled Riley.

“Geez, they can get brutal.” Reese said shuddering.

“But why have you been up here all afternoon? Are you rethinking the scholarshipment, because if you are, I could always use it.”

“No. Maybe. I mean is volleyball really what I want to commit to for the rest of my life?” Reese said desperately. 

“Don’t look at me, in some families I am considered a ‘disappointment’.” 

“No...no you're not, you know what you want to be when you grow up, and you know what college, you have semi-good grades, you’re… you. You're prepared, not a ‘disappointment’.” Reese cried.

“I guess, but mom and dad do not like that I have a boyfriend that is two years older than me, and they don’t like that I skateboard out in the city park. They think I will get kidnapped or something.” Riley said, “But, are you okay?”

“Yes, I am fine.”

“Okay, well I am going to go. But if you would like to, go down stairs. That will make mom happy.”

“Fine, I will.”

“Maybe you two could talk. Mom knows a lot of decent schools in this district.” 

Reese and Riley both walked down the stairs mumbling to each other. Then Mrs. Smith came around the corner with her arm’s up in the air like wiggling noodles.

“Oh Reese, Reese!. Sweetheart!” 

“Hey, mom.”

“Oh,Riley, you are a miracle worker, thank you.” Mrs. Smith said squeezing Reese so tight she started turning pink.

“Mom, I can’t breathe.” wheezed Reese. 

“Oh, sorry, honey”

“It’s okay.” 

“Okay, well I am going to get going. I will be home around 10,” Riley said, seizing her duffle bag. Riley went out the door, Mr. Smith was watching the rest of the football game, the twins were sleeping in their room, and Mrs. Smith was making Reese her dinner, even though she says she is not hungry. I went to the twins room. Their room was the biggest room in the house, there were two twin beds, a doll house and two chest of drawers at the foot of each bed. They were sleeping and I did not want to bother them so I went into Riley's room. She had a big bed in the corner of her room, a desk, and a bean bag chair and had unclean clothes everywhere. It smelled so bad that I gagged at the stench. Cats do not do that very often! I then went to Reese’s room. Her room is my favorite. It is calm, cozy, and warm. Her bed is also in the corner of her room with a dresser next to it, a desk on the other side of the door, and a TV on the wall facing her bed. I curled up on her pillow and fell asleep.  

Chapter 4  

Clock work weekends 

Like any other weekend, everyone is soundly sleeping until 9:30 am. I get up at 6:30 am everyday. All you can usually hear is Riley snoring like a lawn mower. But on this saturday, as I was getting up from a cozy slumber, I saw Lucy get up. Why is she up this early? I had thought I had never seen her get up this early when I got up. I saw her crawling quietly to the reading room. I too followed, so quietly, you could hear a speck of dust fall. Lucy was in the reading room and on top of a stool, reaching all the way to the top of the book shelf, there was a big book, it was called “The Hunger Games”. That book was supposed to be off limits for the twins, for some reason, I don’t know why? But she grabbed it and slipped a matilda book cover over the book. And she snuck back upstairs. Lucy went back to her bed and read a few pages. Then next thing you know it is 8:50. So she goes back down the stairs like a mouse. Put the book back. And runs sneakily back to her room.  

Then like clock work everyone woke up at 9:30. All went downstairs in their cozy, warm pajamas. Everyone had their morning routines and headed off to the kitchen. Mr. and Mrs. Smith head to the kitchen to make breakfast and get coffee. The twins help their mother make breakfast. Riley was curled up on the silky couch complaining of being cold. And Reese limps sleepily to the front door to get the Saturday newspaper of which is on the glistening green grass, as she yawns her way to the couch chair and falls back slumping trying to read with her squinting eyes. 

Chapter 5 

A Surprise 

10:30 am 

Mr. Smith walked into the room looking like he had something to say, he was smiling broadly. Mrs. Smith walked in hiding something behind her back. The Smiths all looked up. So did i. 

“So...”, smiled Mr. Smith, “ Well, you all have been really good, so your mom and I scored tickets to a 4 night 5 day trip to… DisneyLand!” Mrs. Smith showed 6 blue tickets. The twins squealed, Riley laughed, and Reese smiled. “We leave today, so get packing!” Mr. Smith cried, they all ran upstairs and I followed. First the twins room.

“I am going to pack a jacket, 3 shirts, 2 pairs of sweatpants, 2 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of underwear, 4 pairs of socks, pjs, and 2 dolls and a blanket.” said Lucy.

“ I am going to pack the same, but I am going to bring 2 stuffed animals.” said Lyra. Next was Riley. She packed the same amount of clothes as the twins, but she is bringing her drawing notebook . Now, Reese, like all the rest, she packed her clothes, but her item to bring is her book. 

Around 11:05 am everything is packed including snacks. All came downstairs hurrying, while I was sunbathing like a king. Lyra came up to me and explained who was going to take care of me, “ You remember Ms.Willard, she will be feeding you and watching you at the house.” 

“Oh and she is coming over at 12:30 today.” said Lucy.

I always had liked Ms.Willard, she had one kid younger than the twins, Ginny. Ginny is gentle, nice, and quiet. And they lived in a small house one block away from this house. 

Chapter 6 

Ms. Willard 

12:30 pm 

I heard the jingle of keys unlocking the green door. Then the squeaky door opens to find a tall, young woman wearing a long floral dress with some sneakers, her hair golden like the sun, and wearing red glasses. Next to Ms. Willard was a small figure, about 5 years old, the little girl was wearing a little lavender skirt, a shirt with a butterfly graphic, hair like her mothers, but in pigtails curling out of blue scrunchies. 

Both walked in, little Ginny waddled over to the window, she petted me gently. Ms Willard, glided to the kitchen to find my food bowl, I heard the crackling of the bag, pouring the yumming food in the bright red boal. “Ginny, honey, will you please get Buddy’s water dish?” Ms Willard asked.

“Yes, mommy.” Ginny said, pulling her hand away from me. I followed her to the kitchen and sat by the doorway, Ginny put my water dish next to me carefully, I took a small sip. Ms. Willard put down my food dish right where it was before. “Eat up Buddy!” Ginny chuckled. Ms. Willard had picked up Ginny and sat down on the couch. She pulled out a remote and turned the tv on. I did not pay attention from there on until I was done. 

I was finished, so I walked over to Ms. Willard and Ginny, Ms. Willard, was chilling on the overly comfy couch, and Ginny was sitting on the floor with her legs facing out playing with a doll. I came over and sat in front of her. I pawed at Ginny, she patted my head with great laughter. Ms. Willard saw us playing and laughed along also. Then the phone rang, that ugly blue phone on the wall rang like a loud car horn. Ms. Willard got up, her dress drifting behind her. She picked up the blue phone and said, “Hello? Smith residents, Ms. April Willard speaking.” I sat by Ms. Willard's leg, she kept going oh, oh no, ok. She hung up and looked at me and ginny. “Well… Buddy is coming home with us. The smiths are stuck in snow, they said it would just be better if Buddy stayed with us!” Ms. Willard said, shaking her head. She had taken Ginny's hand, I knew what to do, I would just walk behind them, it has happened before, but they just stayed at my house. 

Chapter 7 

The next morning, again I woke up at 6:30 to sunbathe. But I was flabbergasted, I guess I had forgotten that I was at the small willard house. I always sunbathed on the weekend, on the weekdays, even at dawn. I frowned as much a cat could frown. A little later, Ginny came downstairs, but did not notice me. Her eyes were squinting. The beaming sun was too much for Ginny's eyes. She went to the

“Oh hello, darling.” one of the faces said.

“Hello, April.” the other face said.

“I got to go, I love you both. Ginny is going to be so happy.” Ms. Willard said, as she left the house. Once the two figures came in, I could get a closer look. Both looked at each other, and back at the door. I could see better. The two looked like prunes, I do not like prunes, one was wearing a denam, floral dress with the collar down, her hair short and curly white, red pumps on her feet, almost reminding me of the shoes from the Wizard of Oz. The other was wearing round glasses, a plaid shirt, blue pants, hair of a full cloud, and boring brown shoes. 

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