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You met her at nightfall with the sun sinking behind the dark mountain's emitting its last colour left to Persian blue sky. And really you met but had a glimpse of her and it was enough to you fell in love without knowing anything about her and never fearing about consciences. It was foolish of you to have full faith upon her but she turned to be a clever girl then you have ever met. You were practising football for the upcoming tournament and it was the first time as a captain but you got late for packing up everything . You left the ground on your feet to the bicycle stand and then like a shock wave you saw her focused face with dark golden hair's and brown glittering eyes and an expressive innocence, tall beautiful and impressive. It didn't occur to you until you realised that it was not your bicycle you were carrying back home. You thanked God for this view and headed home with red shade colour glowing on your face. That night you didn't sleep adequately because of the same thing popping into your mind last time we lost the final of tournament with no serious reason at all, it was the most difficult situation though we had the best team we lost by five- zero and at last, occurred to me the lack of coordination between team. You woked up in the shock and decided some plan's for tomorrow session. The morning was like a daydream for you nothing special then hot water bath and warm food to eat. You took a bicycle out of the garage. The summer school was not far from the home but you felt great riding on the cycle since adolescence. You were at school grounds and regular announcement caught you and everyone and then instantly you noticed the girl same as yesterday with her hairs tied in a bow. She introduced herself as Rose Walter and came from Paris. Then at the instance, you were in class counting roll no. for mam and the door opened, she stood left to the door clutching her brown bag as a roar of excitement and anxiety desired into you same was the scene with the Rose. Every single boy was looking at her dreaming and other girls blazed with jealousy. With a low and humble voice, she said," are you monitor of the class?" You couldn't hold any more and you look like a stubborn," who had been asked the world's important question half opening and in a most common way. But she didn't sound like a french assent you looked puzzled and instantly gave up the question. You mumbled," No, I'm not ". Without thinking it just came up in your mind and instantly it was on your tip of the tongue. You said ," you looked confused to me?" Rose said," Yes, you know it's my first day and got nowhere to make the company". And suddenly scene got crumbled as Miss Kulkarni came in a thin woman with almost all her bones visible was a strict and kind woman, on of the best she wore a staff uniform white shirt and black coat and took her usual place behind a raised big desk. Blank in you your mind you passed the sheet to mam and at the same time, all class whished her. Rose was not to be seen anywhere front. Mam had already started the teaching biology nothing there to see you opened your tab. The lectures passed away like flying colours. The lunch break was the only chance to see her but you saw her with other group of girls and backed yourself. You didn't get any chance over one week and you were too much busy in preparation for the upcoming match in the school, which would decide your strength of the team. Due to the rotation of benches turning every week finally you got a chance to speak her .she was beside your bench but you didn't pick the courage and negative clouds covered your mind. The day of action was approaching close, this was the rule of school any team competing to any tournaments outside the school, would pass a pre-match between the best team of school and your team. If failed no chance for the tournament. That team is called as striker's and believe or not the team is selected by coach and principle personally in which no age limit is present. The pre-match is to make sure the team competing against strikers would win the final. And it rarely happens that strikers lose to a team in school. Last time it happens just because our captain robin was exceptionally good at the sport with him leading the team we didn't have any fear. But never in the history of the school, the strikers lost two consecutive years. The practice session were getting harder and tough for you. The day finally arrived it was on Friday the special thing about the match was every single staff and student would witness this game. You were at the gate of the school and walking in you went to the grounds and you were early at school only sweeping staff was present, you did you gave usual thanks to ground. And changed into the kit the boys would arrive after half an hour and all audience would arrive after one hour. You did your usual exercise and stretching alone by that time striker had arrived at the other end of the ground with their whole team. Massive strength in their muscles and some players were senior to us and some players approached you and gave there best wishes for the match. Your players arrived and soon with enough plans and warm up both teams were ready to play. The coach had arrived and made final preparation and audience seat was almost full some cheering us and all other students were abusing your team with banners in hand. The teams were on the ground both facing each other you were striker the strikers would start first and as usual the strikers would attack first we were ready for this. In the crowd, you saw rose cheering to your team all anxiety had been drain from you. The opposite team passed the ball with great speed and were heading to the goal post, your defenders trying to block them but failing in an attempt you knew this would happen the trump card was a goalkeeper and he saved the ball by diving it and soon ball was thrown to another side of the ground Robert got it with all speed they passed and you were heading fast as you can the ball came towards you but still, there were four defenders to tackle and players behind you no time to wait you shoot and dogged the ball skipping every player and right corner of goal post you hit the ball and by a rocket speed the ball went through the gap and roared of loud erupted form crowd and players were running and colliding on you with a great start. The pressure was maintained at last by two -one your team won the match such a joyful moment never to forget in life every student rushed onto grounds hugging and congratulating. But you only found rose eyes you came close to her and Said," Thanks for your advice". She said," It was great to help your team". The day before the match you were nervous about tomorrow match nothing to do you got to the ground and found a notebook neatly written in big words," Play in such way that you never thought of". This sentence changed the result of today's match and you guessed right it was rose notebook. Your friendship grew stronger day by day and you got more to know her. You came to know about her past," How she was forced by her uncle to come to Paris and nothing turned out as she had thought her father had died last year in the army. But this year it turned to be fake news her father was alright and she had made to India back. But you had a problem sometimes in your fever your out of control means it's about the memory you got stuck into your head from puberty. And now it's affecting your whole body, its like mental dilemma. Your body tends to do work as fast as possible and so you were fast in the match than any other player it's a type of advantage but its become disadvantage to you. Rose said," did something trouble you, Rahul?" You said," I want to tell you something but could not find words to tell you". At deep down, she got the idea what where you going say, she got red. Taking a deep breath You said the magic words," I'm not fit for you or never I'll be, I am more dangerous than you think. She looked horrified and half-open guess she was not expecting this. Deep down you know that you would regard this decision for your whole life ,you can't live without rose. You explained everything but she said only just a few words," I'll never let you go Rahul". You put a hand on her shoulder and stayed quiet for along time.

June 26, 2020 15:55

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08:16 Mar 18, 2021

This is awesome!! Loved the ending!! One tip though, maybe proofread your work before you submit it but honestly, it was awesome great job!! :)


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