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Name: Liu Xing 

Location: Luoyang, China

Occupation: farmer

Date: August 17th, 105 A.D.

The markets of Luoyang, China, were rife with kinetic energy. Vendors haggled, sheep bleated, and coins clinked in the hubbub city. Unbeknownst to the patrons, a transformative event was concocting on the town's outskirts. — a revolution poised to alter the course of history.

The pivotal transformation occurred as Farmer Liu Xing slayed on his wheat plantation. Thirst gnawed at his throat, making his mouth dry and lips crack. His reptilian tanned skin showed patches of pink. The grueling heat played tricks on his eyes, conjuring illusions of a distant quarry.

Driven by delirium, Liu stumbled and fell onto the soft, fertile ground. The enticing aroma of a majestic mulberry tree surrounded him. He found solace in the dense shade of the crown, which offered a much-needed break.

Liu rummaged around the bamboo sticks in his hemp sack for sustenance, to no avail. Crimson berries tumbled from the mulberry tree around his ankles and into his satchel. He ate a mouthful, staining his teeth red with their sweetness. Thirsty and exhausted, Liu went to cool off at the junction of the Luo and Yi rivers. He unbridled his papyrus straps on his tattered shoes and secured the bag to his back. A smile filled his cheeks as he plunged into the inviting waters.

The mighty tides took power over him, tossing, twirling, and coiling his body. The refreshing vortex provided relief from the scorching sun. At a river bend, he clutched onto large roots that extended towards him, offering a lifeline. He pulled himself to safety on a sandy bank to catch his breath.

Liu squeezed the liquid from the hemp bag of bamboo sticks. The mulberries had permeated the bag in markings, looking akin to a caveman’s petroglyph. He threw the bag on a rock to dry and laid to rest his tired eyes.

Liu jolted awake later than expected. Aware of his limited time, he hurried back to his wheat field, abandoning his belongings.

Little did Liu realize that the hemp sack he had on had the potential to revolutionize how people communicate. Under the blazing sun, the jumbled mess of bamboo, mulberries, and the hemp bag underwent a metamorphosis. The turbulent experience on the river was a catalyst turning it to pulp. Laying flat on the hot rock, it vaporized, leaving behind a delicate sheet of parchment.

Unbeknownst to Liu, this incident began a new chapter in history.

Later, a gust of wind brought on Twilight, cooling the land and relieving the valley of its misery. The paper, now ingrained with endless possibilities, clutched the breeze’s hand. Drifting from the rock, it took flight on a journey across the vast land. The dawn of a new era transcribed.

Filthy and beaten, Liu returned home, oblivious to the winds of change he had unleashed. But the paper’s journey had just begun, carrying with it secrets yet to be born.

Name: Cassius Octavian

Location: Alexandria, Egypt 

Occupation: Shipwright

Date: October 7th, 355 A.D.

Amidst the lively commotion of the Alexandria docks, I stared into the sunset, daydreaming. I came from a prestigious lineage of shipbuilders. I oversaw the impressive building of a merchant ship. I, Cassius Octavian, possessed an innate skill in designing and constructing sturdy boats. Vessels capable of withstanding the volatile currents of the Ancient Mediterranean Sea.

The salty breeze from the Sea carried whispers of distant lands igniting my adventurous spirit. It fueled my commitment to building ships that could withstand the vast expanse of the Ancient waters.

Amid this maritime symphony, the wind, a mischievous messenger, carried a crumpled piece of parchment into my life. Intrigued, I plucked it from the air and unfolded the worn document. The exquisite sketching of red dye imparted a mysterious opportunity. It spoke to my soul, encouraging me to escape the familiar shores of Alexandria. The urging sense to embark on a journey that could alter the course of my life.

Intrigued, I contemplated the unexpected message. Under my skilled hands, the ship took shape with each fitted plank. The enduring craftsmanship stood as a testament of Alexandria’s shipwrights. The wind-borne message prompted a decision - stay or venture into the unknown.

As the sun sank, I traced the parchment lines. The escapade beckoned, carried by the winds of opportunity.

In Alexandria's maritime hub, tradition and the uncharted converged. The bustling city’s rich history and thriving trade pulsed with life around me. The sea, a vast canvas of endless possibilities, beckoned me to set forth into the unknown.

With a determined glint in my eye, I made my choice. I gathered my belongings and set forth into the night.

The ship, left incomplete but filled with potential, bidding farewell to its master.

Standing at the bow, I pulled the message from my pocket. A powerful gale blew in, hurling the message from my grasp, setting me a sail. An omen to let the wind guide this adventurous pilgrimage.

NAME: Ximena Cortez

Location: Tikal, (Guatemala)

Occupation: Midwife and Healer

Date: August 17th, 652 A.D. 

Ximena Cortez, a revered midwife and healer, found solace in Tikal’s rainforest. She embodied the Ancient wisdom whispered and emerald leaves rustling with implied knowledge.

During the Classic Period of Mesoamerica, Tikal stood as a magnificent city. Within the lush rainforests of northern Guatemala, the air was electric with the energies of the Mayan civilization. August 17th, 652 AD, was a day of fruitful significance.

Tikal recognized Ximena as more than a healer. She embodied her sacred profession’s dignity. With a strong spiritual conviction, she believed her work to be a divine calling from the gods. She used sacred plants and studied the human body. She assisted in healing and childbirth.

The Mensajero del Viento, a messenger from the unseen realms, carried a crumpled script into Ximena’s sacred space. She unfolded the paper with reverence. The mysterious message hinted at a connection beyond the rainforest canopy, beckoning her to an uncharted journey.

It beckoned her to explore beyond the familiar vines and embrace the unknown. With its towering pyramids and ancient wisdom, Tikal became the starting point for a pilgrimage into uncharted territories.

Ximena embarked on a journey transcending time and borders.

An inner compass guided her to those she sought to heal.

Ximena’s name echoed through time, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those she touched. Her legacy as a guardian of life lived on, an eternal flame burning in the heart of Tikal.

Her spirit soared through future generations.

Name: Ragnar Eriksson

Location: Birka, Sweden

Occupation: Norse Warrior

Date: December 7th, 793 A.D.

The winter winds swept across the icy waters surrounding Birka on December 7th, 793 A.D.

Ragnar Eriksson, a formidable Norse Warrior, stood on the shores with his longship anchored in the frozen harbor. At his feet, the invisible hands of fate suspended a crumpled paper frozen to the ground. Destiny had appointed him to get this unexpected message.

Ragnar, in carved armor and a horned helmet, scanned the horizon for opportunity. His calloused hands gripped the battle-ax, bearing the marks of many raids. The atmosphere crackled with unease, a tangible tension that enveloped the bustling trading town of Birka.

Intrigued, he thawed the paper in the warmth of his clenched hand. Dripping water leaked a fiery message that spoke of a distant shore. A solid promise of untold wealth and glory.

The Norse Warrior’s heart quickened with the thrill of the unknown as he studied the message. The call to embark on a daring voyage resonated with the very core of his Viking spirit.

With the crumpled parchment tucked in his armor, Ragnar joined his fellow warriors in the hall. The flickering firelight created shadows on their faces, reflecting their wish for experience. Ragnar's thoughts drifted toward uncharted seas.

Ragnar Eriksson vowed to pursue the mysterious feat. The crumpled parchment became a harbinger of destiny for Ragnar. With Viking lore immortalising his name, suspending it in time.

Name: Fatima Al-Khwarizmi 

Location: Baghdad

Occupation: Mathematician and astronomer 

Date: December 12th, 762 A.D.

Fatima Al-Khwarizmi's voice stood out in the chaotic marketplace in Baghdad. A celestial body commanding attention in a crowded night sky.

She moved through the lively scene with a scholar’s grace and a seasoned astronomer’s understanding. Her measured and precise words cut through the ambient chatter. A testament to the meticulous nature of her scholarly pursuits.

A scholarly wind, guided by her intellectual brilliance, unveiled a crumpled parchment on her lap. “As the stars illuminate the heavens, so too must we illuminate the corridors of knowledge,” she spoke. Khwarizmi’s eloquence resonates the profound echoes of divine reasoning.

The veil’s intricate patterns framed her curious gaze. Her mind reflecting the probing mysteries of the cosmos and the intricacies of mathematical principles. The discourse was far beyond a mere presentation of facts, enrapturing an intellectual odyssey. It invited others to embark on enlightenment alongside her.

Fatima Al-Khwarizmi, a luminary in the brilliant era of the Islamic Golden Age, stood as a testament. She represented the enduring power of intellect and the profound impact of eloquent discourse on pursuing knowledge.

As she continued to navigate the vibrant marketplace of Baghdad, her words lingered in the air. She left an indelible mark on the minds of the Islamic world.

Touched by the winds of Fatima’s wisdom, the crumpled parchment became a symbolic messenger of enlightenment. It carried her profound words to distant corners, embodying the celestial souls she studied.

Name: Brother Thomas

Location: A Medieval Monastery

Occupation: Illuminator and Scriber 

Date: July 12th, 1200 AD

Flickering candlelight lit the hallowed corridors of the medieval monastery. A figure cloaked in austere hues moves with muted purpose. Brother Thomas, an illuminator and scriber, cradles the quill equal to a sacred relic. In the abbey's scriptorium, Brother Thomas speaks with measured words reflecting the solemnity of his vocation.

The parchment before Brother Thomas becomes a canvas upon which his creativity flourishes. Each stroke of the quill is an act of devotion to the written word and the divine. His labor surpasses mere transcription.

“In the sacred pages, we unveil the mysteries of creation,” he said. His voice a gentle cadence echoing through the lit scriptorium. The illuminations he crafts are not mere embellishments; they are expressions of reverence, intricate depictions that dance with hues of vibrant pigments.

Brother Thomas' quill expresses his spirit with grace. Each stroke is a prayer on vellum, blending art and spirituality. Brother Thomas continues his sacred task amidst sunlight and stained glass windows. The rhythmic scratching of a quill against parchment is a testament to his dedication. He illuminates manuscripts, enduring through time, as an offering to the divine.

Brother Thomas, the guardian of wisdom in the medieval monastery, is a steward of the written word. In the stillness of his labor, he weaves together the threads of faith and artistry. His illuminated manuscripts leave a lasting impact on history and souls.

The blissful wind carries a crumpled manuscript through the gates brought from heaven’s breath. It calls to Brother Thomas to continue his sacred work. Its message transcends time and connects him to the boundless tapestry of human understanding.

Name: Alessandro da Vinci

Location: Florence

Occupation: Apprentice to a Renowned Painter in a Renaissance Artist’s Studio

Date: November 6th, 1500 A.D.

In a sunlit Florence studio, creativity crackles, and the mixture of oil paints lingers. Alessandro da Vinci, an apprentice to a renowned painter, immerses himself in the art world. His passionate tone fills the studio suchlike an artistic symphony.

Alessandro da Vinci embodies the spirit of artistic enlightenment with his expressive gestures and vivid descriptions. Surrounded by canvases that come to life under the master’s brush. His eyes mirror the transformative power of the Renaissance.

“In the dance of light and shadow, we unveil the soul of the canvas.” His voice carrying the enthusiasm of a genuine artist. Each passionate brushstroke conveys an echo of the artistic revolution that defines the era. The studio, a sanctuary of creation, becomes a theater of dreams. Alessandro da Vinci paints his aspirations on the canvas of existence.

The breeze, a reticent courier, carries a crumpled paper into the studio. Alessandro’s gaze follows its descent. Unfurling the parchment, he discovers a message that speaks of opportunities beyond the sun-soaked streets of Florence. It’s an invitation to explore distant realms, to bring the Renaissance spirit to new corners of the world.

With a heart aflame with artistic fervor, Alessandro da Vinci seizes the opportunity. He departs the studio, his master's teachings guiding him, and enters the unfamiliar. In the foreign landscapes and unfamiliar streets, Alessandro continues to express his passion for art. He carries the spirit of the Renaissance torch, illuminating the path of artistic enlightenment. The wind, whispering tales of artistic revolutions, becomes his steadfast companion. It connects him to the vibrant hues of creativity across time and space.

Alessandro da Vinci, the daring apprentice, becomes an inspiration for history. His passionate journey leaves a lasting impression on distant lands. This legacy echoes the Renaissance spirit wherever the wind carries his crumpled parchment.

Name: Charlotte Whitaker

Location: London

Occupation: Librarian and Aspiring Writer

Date: 1800 A.D.

In Victorian London, aged leather filled the ornate library. The gas lamps cast a warm glow on the polished mahogany shelves that treasures of knowledge. Charlotte Whitaker, a librarian and aspiring writer, moved with sophisticated grace. Her refined manners were a testament to the elegant atmosphere surrounding her.

Charlotte’s polished and sophisticated speech embodied the spirit of intellectual curiosity that permeated the library. Her spoken words echoed through the grand chambers, a harmonious symphony of refinement in positing literature.

On this day, as the wind whispered through the towering windows, a crumpled paper wafted into Charlotte’s vicinity. With a delicate touch, she disclosed the exciting message hidden in the parchment.

Her sophisticated demeanor remained intact as she contemplated the possibilities outlined in the crumpled note. The library used to be her sanctuary, but now she found herself attracted to new literary territories.

Charlotte decided on the serenity of the library. With the crumpled parchment in her apron, she entered the energetic streets of Victorian London.

As she ventured into the unknown, Charlotte continued to carry herself with an air of sophisticated curiosity. Now, her silent companion, the wind, whispered tales of literary endeavors and unexplored realms. Though inconspicuous, the crumpled paper held the key to a new chapter in Charlotte’s life. It conveyed an opportunity to weave her refined words into the tapestry of literary history.

Charlotte Whitaker left an indelible mark. Not only on the shelves of the Victorian library, on the literary landscapes she explored as well. The crumpled paper, carried by the wind, became a symbol of her journey. Her intellectual curiosity, grace, and refined manners that defined her reflected in the elegant era of Victorian London.

Name: James Sullivan 

Location: France

Occupation: Allied Medic on a World War II Battlefield 

Date: 1940s

James Sullivan, an Allied medic, moved with unwavering determination through the thick smoke and echoing gunfire. The chaos of the war-torn French countryside during World War II was unforgiving. Yet, his steadfast and compassionate tone reflected the relentless spirit that defined his role in the front lines.

James regarded the brutal dance of war tending to the wounded. He provided a beacon of hope during the destruction. His words carried the weight of the harrowing conditions he faced. A testament to the resilience required to navigate the battlefield.

“Steady, lads, we’ll get through this,” James spoke, his voice cutting through the cacophony of war. His compassion for the wounded was clear in the gentle touch of his hands. Empathy filled his gaze. Each life he touched became a testament to his commitment to selfless service amidst the adversity of battle.

Amidst the smoke and despair of war, a crushed paper shot into James's view. He unwound the parchment with the precision of a seasoned medic. The message carried the weight of a soldier's last words, meant for sharing with loved ones. James, a silent witness to the human toll of war, was to relay this poignant farewell.

Despite the chaos, James embraced the responsibility with a resolute spirit. The crumpled paper was now a vessel of profound emotions. It symbolized the connections that endured even in the darkest hours.

Amid the battlefield, James pressed on, driven not only by duty but by a deep sense of humanity.

He operated through the horrors of war. And ensured the last sentiments of the fallen comrade reached the hearts waiting on the home front.

As the war raged on, James Sullivan continued to serve with unwavering determination.

The crumpled paper left an indelible mark on James’s soul

It evoked memories of the profound ties, and unwavering determination found amid war.

Name: Hayley Garza

Location: Austin, Texas

Occupation: Barista and Part-time Student in a Modern Coffee Shop

Date: Present Day

The hum of animated conversations and the aromatic blend of brewed coffee fill the air. Hayley Garza, a barista, and part-time student, radiates an upbeat and friendly demeanor, mirroring the trendy urban cafe.

Hayley eavesdrops, absorbing snippets of the eclectic mix of patrons’ journeys and tales. The table of travelers left a quote on her receipt that resonated her core.

Aimless, she crumpled the receipt and tossed it into the nearby garbage bin, missing it. A curious young boy nearby sees the crumpled paper on the floor and grabs it. Unfolding the receipt, the words declare,

“Embrace the winds of change, for they carry the seeds of new beginnings.” Unable to read, he throws the receipt into the recycling bin.

In the vibrant café, laughter resumes. Espresso machines hum. Hayley continues to serve with her friendly and casual demeanor. And the discarded receipt awaits to be carried away by the winds of change. 

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Dave Barnard
22:37 Mar 14, 2024

Great journey through time and history. Thanks for taking us along!


E.L. Lallak
22:52 Mar 14, 2024

Lesson for me as well! Thanks.


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Alexis Araneta
15:38 Mar 11, 2024

Wow !! This is such a unique take. I love how you, in a way, gave us a history lesson in a story. Great use of description and imagery. Splendid job.


E.L. Lallak
14:05 Mar 12, 2024

Thank. I gave myself a history lesson too. ha!!


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David Sweet
01:09 Mar 10, 2024

The fortune cookie that will never die! Clever. I am curious whether a fortune cookie prompted this idea? Great advice in any age of history! Nicely woven together! It reminds me of the James Burke series, "Connections."


E.L. Lallak
22:53 Mar 10, 2024

Ha!! I never even thought of that. My mind went down a rabbit hole on this one. Oof. Hmmm, who made the first piece of paper to even write a message on? I wonder how he made it. Oh, cool. You can make it out of mulberries, bamboo, and hemp. Wait, does he even know how to write? What would he say? Hmmm, what the heck was it like living in Luoyang in 105 AD? I wonder how you write a date in Chinese. I wonder what Era it was between the Vikings and the...Well, this is an excellent history lesson. Hmm I worked with a girl named Haley Garcia at a...


David Sweet
00:09 Mar 11, 2024

That's a neat thought process. I sometimes have ideas (just flashes) but I have no idea where to go with them to set up a comprehensive story arc. Good job though. I liked the flow.


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