"On that mountain, the skies lowered to their top daily, hiding its cottony neck from many lights that were and in each gram of gold spilled in the tunnels of the tunnels

 On that summer day, in particular, Mother Nature had been lavish, filling the rivers with water in abundance, raising the rock formations above the human level of understanding of the dance where the individual dimensions of each determined the degree of horror and destruction that plants, animals and human beings should suffer ”.

 - Ready ? Did you finish reading your school work? - Asked my best friend, Luli, always ready to destroy everything I wrote. As always, I received your criticism the way you receive a candy from your grandmother: with joy and gratitude. Nu so much for the quality of his criticism but much more for his sincerity.

 - Your theme is tragic, poet!

 - Thanks friend. I knew I could count on your personal opinion - cleaning the glass on my bottle bottom lenses for the first time in front of her.

 - I can not believe! - but you have eyes! And to top it all, they are blue! - In a muxyo of horror and perhaps a bit of curiosity, he took the glasses from my hands with fine fingers and stood admiring my eyes, haggard, who did not want to leave the writings that the hand had written as if by charm.

 Surely in order not to disappoint me, he looked again at the papers I was carrying.

 And he asked the question, gravely.

 - Did you finish reading?

 - No. I really would like to feel that seriousness on my skin. Live the torment of unhappiness.

 - But… what do you mean when you say “should they suffer?

 - At the same time, because every action has its reaction. Don't you see the water shortage problems in some parts of the world?

 - Let's say yes - doing a little, which just fascinated me!

 - Well, the reading does not end here.

 - no? - question.

 - No - incisive - shall we finish the reading?

 - Yeah, well - conformist - let's continue.

 “Thus, the bare earth infiltrated its essence, moment by moment, spreading dreams and lives among floating rocks and shattered dreams, which, when tired of running, formed puddles of water.

 To sleep the sleep of the workers, who, tired, do not dream.

 It was dawn, and the porridge thus formed, woke up.

 And he got up wanting to tour his territory.

 It slid down their skirts, in a storm that was filling the voids of the mice and blocking the exit of the hens from their hen houses.

 Trees, shrubs, flowers fell in his wake.

 He killed worms and snakes.

 Cows and sheep.

 Dogs and cats that did not wake up.

 He released stones so huge that they flew into the air with the lightness of the air, and the fury of the water.

 - I already know it! The stone hit the entrance to the mine and knocked the whole thing down

 - My dear, you almost guessed it, because, in truth, one of those stones partially covered the entrance to the mine but did not make everything fall.

 - no? -

 - no!

 - and what did they do?

 - The manager of the mine appeared.

 - Don William?

 - yes

 - That really is the manager of the gold mine here, on the hill.

 - exactly

 - And what did he ask?

 - what is that noise? asked the experienced mine manager, complying more with a daily routine of inspection of the miners' work.


 "It is not scheduled for today," the lookout replied.

 When, suddenly - suspense - you feel something go up your leg. It was a thick, sticky, cold liquid that moved down her waist, very quickly.

 - Don William, offensive, looked for the flashlight on his helmet, pointed at the floor.

 With her heart in her hand, she screamed:

 - we have to leave! - pulling the ayuco, a fat boy, straining his legs to counteract the porridge now at the height of his knees.

 As a rookie, I was wiping the sweat with the sleeve of my shirt that had once been pink.

 "We're going backwards!" Observed the Rookie, extending his hand to the manager, illusively forward.

 - Give me your hand! The manager shouted, seeing that the Rookie had mud on his thigh.

 Ahead was a large rock, where they would stand.

 -You have to go to that stone! The manager shouted, repeating: "Lord, help me."

 About six steps to go.

 And the mazamorra already covered the navel.

 At that moment, the Novice's hand detached from Don William's hand.

 He immediately looked back.

 Her brown hair was sinking into the mud.

 Turning back, Don William pulled the Rookie by his armpits, screaming at the immense weight.

 - help! - he screamed - use your feet!

 And I was sinking, feeling a lot of pain, muttering:

 -Muscle cramp ….

 "Hell, right now?" Hit the floor with your foot!

 I hit .

 -Lean on my shoulder! I'm going to take you.

 Eyes closed in pain, the Rookie wrapped his arms around the manager.

 -Help with your healthy foot!

 And he wanted to jump, but his body was sinking into the mud.

 - Wow, I said with a goodbye tear in his eyes.

 - Are you crazy? He shouted indignantly, we are already arriving! - and Don William grabbing his waist with his arm, led him to the rock.

 - - I go up first, you hold onto the rock.

 Now, you have to go up, come on! Help with your arms, on the count of one, two and three!

 And I went up.

 "Thank you! Thank you! I was crying, kissing Don William's hands and face."

 -Enough, chubby. I did nothing but my obligation.

 - do you hear that?

 - a voice. As a miner, for sure.

 "Where are they?" Don William shouted.

 "In the tunnel" answered the voice, marching.

 "We must save the miners!" Exclaimed the Rookie, staring at the manager.

 - They must be like us!

 The manager, sprawled on the rock, was staring up at the ceiling.

 -Do you hear me? I asked him, seeing him static ("dead?")

 - Don't you hear that voice?

 - Voice? And put his ear on the rock that served as a wall.

 And the rock seemed to speak, moving its curves and protrusions, affirming and denying its very essence, giving hope for what had no value.

 - Look, boss !, pulling his leg out of the mud, which was approaching his waist.

 "We haven't gotten rid of, have we?" Observed the chief, seeing the damn mazamorra continue to cover everything, even the seams of those pants.

 And with a tear that kept falling from her eye, she said it between sobs:

 She gave me, on my birthday, pulling my pants over the porridge that covered them.

 I was looking for work.

 And she gave me my pants to give me luck.

 I've been wearing it all these years.


 It's been eight years since she gave it to me, when we played eternal love.

 I didn't think this day would come.

 They looked deeply at each other, holding hands.

 The Rookie could only say:

 - Thank you

 Before the mazamorra covered their faces ...

 - it's over? she asked, waking up.

 He didn't know what to answer

 So, he grabbed her and gave her a kiss.

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