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Burning my skin like lava, the blistering heat was scorching my body. Even the best sunscreen couldn’t protect me from this unexpected disaster. My amours grew heavier by the second. Trickling down my face, my saline sweat etched scars onto my skin. Screaming in pain my skin bared the misfortune.  

“I hate this heat” I bellowed

It was only 09:30 and the temperature was 60 degrees. Soaked right through, my clothes were pretty much wet. One thought came into my head: I loathe the heat and it is my enemy. I remember a time when me and my mum went to Florida and after a few hours on the beach I started hallucinating and seeing things; it was the scariest time of my life. All my nightmares came true. Scarring me for life, that traumatic event should never happen again  

The burning sensation continues to make its way into my skin. Scattered like shrapnel, the plant withered and died. Their petals got burned from the radiation; whilst their stems got weaker and drooped. Signs of life were vanishing. Boom! A shot lit up the sky with unwanted colours; wildlife was vanishing. The pungent smell of dead bodies and bleach lingered in the ambience.

Longing of the cool and crisp morning air, my hands were burned in the heat. Craving the cold, I felt numb and weak like my whole life was sweltering down and I couldn’t do anything to stop this from happening. Nevertheless, the only thing my mind was not to get killed during this barbaric war. I have been fighting this war for 3 months now; it is my life.

My head burned with agony, I felt like my head was on fire. The blinding light shot radiation into my eyes. Manipulating the surroundings, the light was taking energy from vulnerable beings. Marching forwards, against the enemies we stood no chance. The cacophony of sounds boomed in the atmosphere. Taking a deep breath, I inhaled smog and fumes it choked my lungs making it impossible for me to breathe  

My enfeebled legs shook with terror. Screaming in despair, the hairs on my skin shot up like a grenade and assassinated the heat; but the fight wasn’t going as planned the heat was too strong to control. Like an exploding tank my head was on fire.

Collapsing like a dead body, our trenches got hit by the bullet. The heat engulfed the trench; devouring the taste. Sparks of fire shot upwards; like an out of control firework. My spine roared in pain as the guns on my back grew heavier.

My sweaty palm was holding the gun getting ready to shoot. BOOM! and I can see the bullet go off into our enemy land. The heat carries the deadly weapon just like wind carrying a parachute. Tricking down, my saline sweat fell down and created craters in the ground.

Covered with tears, I couldn’t see properly. Wiping away the tears furiously, my hands were covered in water and sweat. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a spider. It wasn’t like an average spider; on no it was like the size of gorilla and it was coming towards me. However, no one seemed to be paying attention to this beast. Coming forward at the speed of light, the creature was advancing towards me. Its claws dug up the earth whilst it fangs salivated for human blood. Was I imaging this?

Bewildered, my eyes couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing; it was like all of my nightmares were coming true. I saw some snakes. Their blood red eyes bared into my soul. Springing forward like a bloodthirsty dog; the deadly little basilisk shot poison. The dry skin of a snake engraved marks on the ground. Was I going mad?

“Nooooooo” Sonny screamed. 

As I hit my head on the ground, I could feel the rock bang into my skin. I could hear the echo of this voice running though the battlefield. I could feel blood escape my wound like a river escaping a dam; it burned through my skin. Radiating pain, my eyes bled with gloom. I could feel someone cold hands lifting me up; carrying me to safety.

 I could still see the spider. Its overgrown body was tearing down trees effortlessly; whilst its hideous head was knocking down soldiers. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Jimmy, my best friend, getting pushed over by that repugnant beast. He was gone 

A tear fell down my eye like a rocket leaving the launch pad. I couldn’t comprehend what I had just seen: my best friend was dead and I wasn’t there to save him.

One second passes. Two seconds passed. Three seconds passed. Guilt was pestering and eating me up. My subconscious just kept playing the same scene over and over again until I was sick of it. Sitting on my chest, guilt swallowed me whole leaving no alternative but an atrocious memory. Guilt was like gasoline in my guts. It was 100 degrees outside however I was frozen on the inside. I couldn’t melt it on my own, I couldn’t shift it. The only thing I could do it try to bear the pain caused. 

Running like a cheetah, the spider ran towards me with its fangs sticking out and its hairy and monstrous legs picking up the pace I had a feeling that this wasn’t going to end well. I felt a hairy hand on my back pulling me away; my eyes were stained with my blood. Suddenly, I was as falling down.

“Nooooooooooooooo” I shouted. Immediately, my eyes flashed open. 

Standing erect like a giraffe in front of me was Jimmy. He wasn’t dead. All of this wasn’t real.

One word popped into my head: hallucinations.

On Jimmy’s cheek I could see a scar from last week; it looked much better and well-tended, his eyes shone with hope. His wrinkled forehead gave a sense of peace and love. Sweat trickled down his face. Looking around I knew I was in the medical wing. In a rusty bed which looked like it has been here since the 19th century. The paint had been worn away by the scorching blaze revealing the gross colour. Scattered like shrapnel, dead bodies were flung around carelessly.

I blame the heat wave. 

August 06, 2020 15:49

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Fraser Ramus
08:19 Aug 13, 2020

I liked the story and enjoyed the descriptive work.


Palak Shah
12:26 Aug 14, 2020

Thank you for your feedback.


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Richard Granvold
21:11 Aug 12, 2020

Very good. I was in the desert when I was in the US Army, some couldn't handle it as well as others and were prone to hallucinations due to heat, one soldier passed out during the night and never woke having been bitten by deadly snakes, and then the scorpions where huge ....


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C. Jay Loren
04:33 Aug 10, 2020

Lots of good descriptions there. :)


Palak Shah
11:05 Aug 10, 2020

Thank you.


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