Drip Drop Tippity Tap Who Is That?

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Zylix wasn't a normal kid but who ever thinks they are? Without the average it's just a sea of average anyway since then the great will be normal. Zylix just liked getting through the day and waiting for Tristan, their best friend on the whole planet.

Tristan came late at night, after the sun went down and those gorgeous stars started to twinkle. Zylix adored the stars, there were thousands of them but they were all so unique, so beautiful. Zylix could stare at the stars until the sun came again and still admired the view even as they faded away.

Saying goodbye to the stars was one of the best parts of his day, only second to when Tristan came.

It was starting to rain that night, a soft drip drop that pattered away but seemed so quiet, so peaceful. Usually Tristan would have come by now and the rain was so soft and gentle sounding that Zylix could not help it- he climbed out of his window and just sat there.

The rain dripping down his face, a small smile filling his face. He always felt so peaceful in the rain, like that wind was his breath rushing in and out of him, like the rain was a comforting hug. It was everything and nothing all at once and felt so endless.

Tap tap tap tap.

Zylix's eyes shot wide open to find Tristan his best friend grinning down at him.

" Tristan! You came!", Zylix shouted, blushing when he realized how childish he sounded but Tristan's grin only grew.

" Hey Zy, whatcha up to? Sitting outside your window isn't a very good idea, you know. You'll catch a cold.", Tristan chuckled, shifting to sit beside Zylix.

Zylix shifted, blushing furiously as his friend settled and draped an arm around his shoulder.

" Hey Zy, look at that. Stars.", Tristan sighed, his smile fading a bit.

" Yeah, aren't they beautiful?", Zylix shouted happily, already starting to spot the different constellations but forgetting them as soon as they counted them.

They were too beautiful to force together like that anyway.

" Shhh, hey Zy. I-I need to talk to you.", Tristan started, shifting nervously and he slowly drew his arm back from Zylix.

Zylix tried to ignore the absence of Tristan's warmth as he curled his own arms around him, " Sure Tristan wassup?"

He didn't turn to look at his best friend. He didn't see the look on his face, the strange mixture of happiness and pain. The way his hands were tightening on his legs, the little bites and dents his nails were making.

He should have looked. He always swore he should have looked. He always does now.

You never know how much a moment means until it's over.

As if he could hear his future self, crying he twisted to see Tristan's eyes, the sadness settling in them.

" Tristan?", Zylix asked quietly, confusion clouding his features as he tried to study his friend.

" I gotta go away for a while Zy.", Tristan whispered, " I don't know when I'll be back."

" What?", Zylix cried, twisting to sit on his heels, " Why? Why are you leaving? Was it something I did? Tristan?"

" NO, nononono. It was not you Zy. I promise.", Tristan sighed, rubbing his face. The bags beneath his eyes seemed to be growing with every moment, " I just have to go and do something. For myself. I promise it's for the best Zy."

" Well can't I go with you?", Zylix whispered, trying not to cry but he knew Tristan could see the tears glittering in his eyes. He always did.

" No.", Tristan snapped.

Zylix stared at Tristan, the change in tone shocking him. He'd never done that before.

Tristan sighed, his face softening, " Look Zylix I won't lie to you. I'm going to check myself into a mental treatment facility."

" A what?", Zylix shouted, his eyes widening in shock.

Tristan winced, rubbing his neck as he whispered, " I need to go. For myself. I need to get better. I can't live like this."

" Like what?"

Tristan stared blankly at Zylix for a moment before numbly pulling up his sleeves.

Zylix had no words.

The lines etched into Tristan looked like a web, a tree, a net. It looked like Tristan had been drawing to draw something, whether it was to draw something out or to reveal something to himself Zylix didn't know.

" Why would you do this Tristan?", Zylix whispered, gently curling his fingers around the back of Tristan's arm.

" I-I... I don't know. I never know what I'm thinking when I do it. It happens and then that's it. I clean it up, bandage it and that's that but... it's not healthy. It's not good. I need, I need to get help before I do something bad.", Tristan sighed.

Zylix stayed silent for a moment before curling his arms around Tristan's neck.

He had no words but he knew Tristan understood. He'd always care for Tristan, no matter what. He'd wait for him to come back.

" Hey Zy."

" Yeah?"

" Don't forget me."

" Tristan, I never will. Come back to me ok?"

" Course."

They stayed silent for a few more minutes before Zylix twisted to sit next to Tristan, an arm draped over his shoulder still.

" Are you ok?", Zylix whispered.

" No, but I will be.", Tristan chuckled nervously, fiddling with the zipper on his jacket.

" Good. Then we can go on a proper date.", Zylix grumbled.

Tristan's eyebrows just about leapt off his face, " What now?"

Zylix chuckled, no longer staring at the stars in the sky, no this time he was going to look at the best version- his best friend.

" You heard me Tristan. Owe me a proper one.", Zylix laughed.

Tristan shook his head but a weary grin bloomed on his own face, " I really gotta get better now don't I?", Tristan laughed.

" Yup, it gives you incentive to try your hardest. Don't forget you owe me that date when you get in there!", Zylix shouted again, before curling his arms back around Tristan's neck.

" Ok,ok. I promise."

Months later.....

Tap tap tap tap.

June 04, 2021 21:48

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Charlie Murphy
17:02 Jun 13, 2021

What happens next? Great story!


Joey Rain
03:50 Aug 01, 2022

This is such a late response, but from what I hope- they got that date.


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