Dean hates pranks.

Wait, no, that was mild.

Dean abhors pranks.

He hates pranks with every cell of his being. Why would anyone want to put ketchup in someone else's shoes? Do they know how hard it is to scrub such a sauce off? And then there are those people who's been pranked close to death but then laughs about it. What, has the human populace finally gone mad?

And then, among all the customs that the great and intellectual homosapiens, wise in all its years, choose to celebrate, why does it have to be April Fools'?

Dean was getting a headache. He clutched his head and massaged it gently. This was the kind of headache he gets annually, the kind of headache he gets specifically on April 1st.

In all his years, which wasn't much by the way, he's seen pranks exploding here and there every April 1st. He himself had his fair share of pranks, or more like, he was the one who got pranked. He'd experienced skidding down the hallway because of ice. He'd almost experienced his first heart attack at age 16 because one of his genius friends decided to jump down the 7th floor of their school building. He almost jumped after the idiot to save him, only to see a big banner down the ground saying, "April Fools'!".

And that wasn't even the end of it. Guess what else was celebrated on April 1st? His birthday! It was ridiculous.

Whenever April 1st comes around he didn't get excited for his birthday, he gets mad! Why? On the one day he thought he'd be the happiest, his whole family decided to break it into him that he was actually adopted and that his real parents were coming to get him. And the idiot he was, believed them! He actually broke down crying in front of his family, only for them to bring out a cake that wrote "April Fools'!". It wasn't even "Happy Birthday, Dean!".

Another pulsating headache coursed through his skull.

Thinking about April Fools' would be the cause of his death soon. He was sure of it.

So this year, he wasn't having any of it. No more pranks, no more near death experiences, only good deeds. He'd decided the year before that he'd do his best to block any pranks he sees on the next year, which was this year.

Yes, no more pranks. Let's be a good boy today, Dean.

He stepped out of his room and readied himself for the day. 10 good deeds. He was going to make 10 good deeds this year. And he was going to dodge any pranks coming at him at the same time.


Dean walked out into the streets. He decided that if he was going to do good deeds, he needed to be early for a chance to find more chances to do so. Walking the streets was just another strategy.

The streets weren't empty, per se. There were people– early runners, old folks going on walks, morning shoppers. It was a peaceful morning.

Dean stopped at the pedestrian lane, waiting for the stoplight to turn green, when he saw just across from the street his first good deed of the day. 

A pregnant lady was having a hard time with her groceries.

When the light turned green, Dean plastered on his most innocent and charming smile, and carefully approached the lady.

"Good morning, Ma'am." He greeted. "That looks heavy. Are you in need of assistance?" He flashed a smile.

Yes, impeccable. 

The lady looked surprised and blinked at him for a second or two, but then confusedly nodded.

"Y-Yes, these are a little bit heavy." She stammered. "I think I do need some help."

Dean internally clapped himself in the back.

"Well, allow me to offer some assistance." He said, taking the grocery bag from the lady and escorting her to the other side of the street. "Where are you headed?"

"Oh, just that corner. That apartment building." she informed, pointing at a building.

"Very well, please lead the way." Dean gestured with his arm for her.

"Thank you!" she exclaimed.

Dean smiled even more.

Good deed of the day: 1/10.


After the pregnant lady was escorted to her apartment building, Dean was given an apple for his good work. He denied at first, but the lady insisted.

So now, he had an apple in hand. He wasn't hungry, he didn't feel like eating yet. Whatever would he do with an apple?

A gentle pull on his pants made Dean look down. A little boy was standing beside him, looking up at him with big innocent eyes. Dean smiled.

"Hello, there." He greeted. "Are you lost?"

The little boy shook his head no. "I'm hungry."

Dean lowered down so they were face to face. "Where are your parents?"

The boy looked sad. "I only got grandma at home."

Dean understood, and his heart broke.

He smiled at the boy and patted his cheek gently. 

"Well then, do you want an apple?" Dean asked.

The little boy smiled.

Good deed of the day: 2/10.


"Good day, Sir! It seems someone has pulled a prank on you. There are pony stickers all over your back."

"There are? Ponies! That would be my girls." The man tried to reach for his back, but ended up struggling.

Dean reached out a hand. "Here, let me help you."

Good deed of the day: 3/10.


"Dean! Can you help me pull a prank on Mrs. Willies?"

Dean turned to look at his classmate, smiled, then said, "No."

Good deed of the day: 5/10.


"You didn't do your homework?" 

"I totally forgot about it! Let me copy yours, please."

Dean thought for a moment about it, then sighed.

"Fine, since you said please." He pointed at his classmate. "But only for today."

His classmate smiled. "Thanks, man!"

Good deed of the day: 7/10.


Dean knew they were going to prank him.

His family had a tendency to look suspicious whenever they were planning something horrid. Another thing that gave their plan away was how his sister looked so happy and excited.

He knew he decided that no prank will work on him today. But if he dodged whatever his family was planning, his sister would surely be sad and disappointed. 

Torn, Dean internally sighed. 

Fine, but just for today.

Moments later, a cake came flying and smacked to his face.

His sister cheered loudly and happily.

Dean groaned.

The cake tasted good, though.

Good deed of the day: 22/10.


The next day, at school, Dean had a sinking feeling. 

He was being watched. He knew something was up. But April Fools' was yesterday. So whatever his classmates were planning, it would be something inappropriate. 

"Mr. Dean Carter?" 

Dean looked up from his doodles to the person at the front of the class. His blood ran cold. He stood up stiffly.

"Yes, Principal Lewis." he answered, barely above a whisper.

"No need to worry, sir, you are not in trouble."

Dean breathed a sigh of relief.

"I am here today to deliver to you a Certificate of Appreciation and a Certificate of Recognition for Good Moral Character that you showed and offered to the community yesterday, April 1st." Principal Lewis announced as he showed him the certificates inside two frames.

Dean was stone-shock. He felt himself getting pushed to the front of the class.

It was a flurry from there. Dean received the certificates, the whole class clapped loudly, there were pictures taken. Later at night, Dean made the news. Apparently, a citizen had filmed him performing his good deeds, posted it on social media, and it went viral.

Dean was still floating in his own mind when he went to bed that night. He did those deeds as a form of revenge on April Fools, but to the eyes of the many, it was something commendable.

The good deeds became an annual thing after that, only now with a lot more people tagging along.


March 27, 2021 09:30

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Valerie June
00:42 Mar 29, 2021

Hi Hannah and welcome to Reedsy! I’m still an amateur on this website, but I can tell you that Reedsy is such a nice community. 😊 (On to the story aspect of this comment...) This story was so sweet. You started with a nice hook so I had to keep reading. My favorite good deed that Dean performed was definitely when he let himself get pranked for his sisters sake. He’s a nice brother. When Dean completed a deed I loved how how you added the number of deeds that he’d done. It kind of reminded me of a video game when you level up for some reaso...


Hannah Dominguez
09:43 Mar 29, 2021

Thank you so much and I'm really glad you enjoyed this! I was really nervous before posting this story but I'm glad I did. Also, you're right! The Good Deed numbers was inspired by how video games levels up. I had thought of just going with the scenes but thought it bland, so I added it. Again, thanks so much for reading and for welcoming me!


Valerie June
00:02 Mar 30, 2021

When I first started submitting my stories on Reedsy it was pretty daunting but the experience I received the longer I stayed was totally worth it. My writing improved a lot and, as a bonus, I met a lot off new people who were like me. Plus, I'm always glad to welcome another fellow writer!


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