The witch's love potion

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LGBTQ+ Fantasy Romance

The witch love potion

The crisp autumn air was warm, people stood by a train station as a light rumble started. The train was coming. It was a large barreled train with red accents. The light was a pale yellow that was barely seen in the afternoon air. When the train got closer you could hear the screams and yells of people by the tracks. 

“Please don’t do this. Do you want to be a murderer? I swear I’m not a witch, I was just tending to my moth garden and- and my pet raven was helping me… please believe me” the witch pleads as she looks at the train coming at her and back at the people. 

“You’re a witch Crow Jones and so is the rest of your family. They are filthy and dangerous and so are you. Just admit you’re a witch, Crow.” The feminine voice bites back at Crow. 

“Faye, please” she waits in silence, the train racing towards her, “Fine I’m a witch and I’m happy about it. I’ll curse you if I get out of this Faye.” Crow taunts. 

“That’s all we need. Thank you, Crow and Bon Voyage. “ Faye yells and the train inches closer and closer but then the train screeches and derails off the tracks. Crashing to the ground as people scream. Silence. 

“Ha, I win!” Crow grabs her wand and casts a spell. With sparkle and shimmering light, the ropes appeared around Faye and the crowd. 

“See you around Faye! I had fun!” Crow winks and runs into the forest. Faye blushes and grunts, ”Alright people we will get her next time.” 

A little stone cottage stands in the rough forest, to the left of the cottage was a greenhouse. The greenhouse had something flying in it. Moths. The beauty and elegance of the moths were mesmerizing. They all were earthy-toned with spots and speckles of color. Then out of the peaceful sleeping woods, a witch runs into the cottage. A bird flies in from the east with a note tucked in its claws. In the small kitchen, the bird sits on a perch, and a floral couch sits in the lower part of the room. Potions, crystals, and herbs clutter the room. Crow is slumped on the couch panting for oxygen. The bird caws to the tired witch. She looks, sighs, and walks to the bird to slide the note from its feet. The note reads. 

Crow, I need a potion for… something… please use these ingredients. 

  • Jasmine flowers
  • Vanilla
  • Rose petals
  • Cinnamon 
  • Water
  • Golden Human hair 




Crow sighs again mumbling, “Another love potion… blah.” She goes to the greenhouse with a basket in her hand. The colors were even bright in the candlelight with majestic blues and purples. Gorgeous rich reds and oranges. Soft greens and rich greens. Crow grabs the jasmine and rose petals. Out the back of the greenhouse, there’s a path leading to a covered hill with candles surrounding a large cauldron. Crow then ignites the flames under the shining pot full of river water. She starts the potion. First the jasmine flowers, then vanilla, rose petals, cinnamon, and… wait… the golden hair. 

“ Rats,” Crow grunts. “Fable! Come here and stir this while I’m gone, okay?” The bird comes elegantly to the witch and sits on the big wooden spoon.

A house stands two stories high in a town with dimly lit candles glowing pale yellow everywhere. A shadow of a woman with a pointed witch's hat appears. She stalks the house with closed windows. Crow walks to the blue-painted door and turns the handle. Locked. She grabs the wand with a crystal on the end and vines going toward her hand, she flicks her wrist and the door opens. 

You could see the furnace glowing on the stone floor in front of it.  The room was still and quiet, Crow walked to the stairs and hit a chair on the way. It tipped but Crow caught it before it fell. The first stair creaked in a low tone so Crow jumped to the second stair, she made it to the top and looked into the first room. No one was there because it was a closet. The second room contained a girl with long golden blonde hair and Crow blushed and whispered,” Faye looks so cute and peaceful,” she turned a bright red and shook her head. Then she grabbed some scissors to cut the golden hair. She cuts a nice clump. Faye stirs and rolls over, she clutches Crow's hand and speaks softly, “ I wish a thousand times that we could be together,” she kisses the back of Crow's hand, making crow turn into a lobster. “ I love you… Crow. “ Crow gasped a little too loud and Faye opened her eyes slightly. Crow runs to the other side of the bed and jumps out the window as she whistles a broom comes to her aid. Then they fly away into the night. Faye looks around confused and shivers, she gets up and closes the window. 

Back at the cottage Crow finishes the potion. She could stop thinking about Faye, her small features and perfect small button nose. She had beautifully curved lips and a gentle voice that said,” I love you, Crow. “  Crow mumbles,” Faye, why did she do that? Well, Faye was just dreaming so it’s not true.” Crow threw the hair into the cauldron and it started to boil up but in a flash Crow grabbed some dirt and flung it in. The potion was ruined. She ran inside and started a letter. 

Demetri, I messed up the recipe so I have to start again. It will take another few days. 



She gets to work on a plan, a plan to see Faye more without getting caught. The morning breaks and Crow flies to the front of Faye’s house and drops a letter that says, 

Faye, go to the river in the woods at sundown… Alone. Please

You'll find out who soon

Crow flies high above for a while waiting for Faye to get the letter. Then moments later Faye walks out in a jean overall dress with a daisy flower shirt and brown combat boots. Her hair was tucked into a bow at the back of her hair, Crow bushes, almost tipping off her broom. After Faye grabs and reads the letter she starts to look around so Crow flies off to the spot, Faye will meet her. She sets up a small picnic with flowers and a small terrarium of moths, moss, and crystals. Then some rose petals and notes lead to the greenhouse just down the path. Floating light also surrounds the picnic making it glow in the coming sunset. Crow returns to her cottage and starts a new batch of the love potion. Then it's sundown, Crow gets the whole plan ready then Faye arrives at the spot, Crow watches from above. Faye sits and eats while looking at the floating lights. She's oblivious, Crow assumes. Just one last thing for her to do. Faye sees the notes and petals. She cautiously followed the path, the floating lights followed and lit up the orange, yellow, and red trees. Faye reached the greenhouse and gasped with a small chuckle, “ Wow,” she whispered. She stumbled into the greenhouse, and she wondered looking at the brilliant plants and candlelit flowers. The moths flew around her head and landed on her hands. Then in an impulsive jab Crow locks the doors. She then flies down to see Faye. 

“ Hi there, Faye,” Crow 

Faye flips around and glares,” Crow, what're you up to? Are you going to curse me?” 

“ You know I could curse you with wet socks or deadly bees that follow you and the only way to get rid of them is with a true love's kiss. Weird I know but weird is fun. Alas, I think we need to talk instead. I know you don't like me but a little birdie told me you love me.” Faye blushes, “ Oh you're a little red in the face, so it's true then. Well, I have good news...” unexpectedly Crow was in the greenhouse, doors still locked. She pushes Faye against the wall and grabs her chin. Faye is too stunned to speak but Crow had that covered,” I may or may not love you too.” Faye makes an impulsive move and kisses Crow. Crow backs off and gasps. 

“I'm uh confused and so relieved,” Crow grabs Faye's hand. Faye jumps and grabs Crow and pushes her to the ground. 

“ That was not real, I hate you, Crow. You're a witch,” Faye holds Crow down and puts a fist in the air. Crow ducks her head in fear. Faye looks at her face and blushes, she can't do it. 

“ ugh fine, I do love you,” she mutters. 

Crow kisses Faye again. She kisses back. 

October 16, 2022 16:28

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