The Happiest Queendom

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Hi everyone! This will be my last story before exams, and I'm going inactive for a while! This story was generously inspired by Innocent Noble, a kindhearted person I met on this site. I hope you all enjoy!

Part 1 of 2 

“Once, there was a wonderful fairy named Abie, and her friends usually called her Bia. She was the happiest, kindest fairy in the forest. Her smile made the leaves turn brilliant colors, and her compliments made the other fairies happy. One day, they asked her to be Queen of the fairies. Bia wanted to be the Queen, but she knew it came with a lot of responsibilities. She generously decided to entrust the role to her trusting and noble friend, Alfre. 

Alfre took on the role of Queen very seriously and was the best at it. Bia helped as her advisor, and they kept the Queendom happy and safe for years. But one day, someone decided to take the Queen's crown as their own. 

It was the day of the Fairy Festival, where everyone celebrated their friends and family. They all partied and rejoiced for 3 nights. The fancy decorations were strung everywhere throughout the Queendom, and everyone participated except for those on the Outskirts. 

While they were having fun dancing and singing, the crown went missing. Alfre felt the absence of it almost immediately, and she called her guards over. 

Bia saw this and came to Alfre, asking, ‘What’s going on?’ 

‘My crown. It’s been stolen!’ 

‘Oh no! We have to find it quick, otherwise the Queendom will fall!’ 

‘Yes, do you have any idea where it is?’ 

‘No, have you checked everywhere?’ 

‘I sent my guards to all the fairy cottages and homes in the Queendom.’ 

‘But have you checked The Cottage?’” 

“Mom, I thought you said this was a magical story!” 

“It is, we’re just getting there, don’t you worry!” 


“And so, the fairies went to the cottage of their oldest friend. As they approached, they were filled with fear. 

‘Are you sure it’s safe to go in there, Bia?’ 

‘I’m sure, Alfre. Follow me, I’m sure she can help us!’ 

Bia knocked on the door and shouted in, ‘Aerwyna, it’s Bia and the Queen. Please let us in, we are in need of your gracious assistance.’ 

‘Come in! Mind you, don’t step on that bin!’ 

You see, Aerwyna tended to rhyme because rhyming words hold certain power. Bia and Alfre stepped inside, and they carefully avoided the bin full of potions.” 

“Mama, why are there potions? Isn’t she just a friend?” 

“Shh, I’m getting there. The legends in the Queendom say she is the most powerful witch-fairy in the entire existence.” 

“Wow! Really?!” 

“Yes, which is why Bia wanted to go there. She asked Aerwyna if she could have help finding the crown. 

‘Why my sweet friend, You, I cannot faraway send. Your acts of kindness and your smile so bright, I would help you even on the darkest night.’ 

With that, Aerwyna threw many ingredients into pots on her stove. The room was filled with thick fog instantly. 

‘Fires scorch where pots may bubble, show me, where is this trouble!’ 

They could see images of the crown through the fog, and they now knew exactly where to look. 

‘But... Why would he do this to me?’ Alfre wailed desperately. 

‘I don’t know, but we must give him justice. Thank you, Aerwyna. Remember, the offer to live in the castle is still up.’ 

‘Aye, true. But what magic is there in the blue? Before you depart, remember that magic is always in your heart.’ With that, she vanished into thin air. 

Suddenly, they were whisked out of the cottage, and they had enough food to last them a trip to the Outskirts. As they flew above the trail that would lead them there, a heavy storm rolled through. This was very unusual, as the Queen never made it rain. The fairies couldn’t fly when it rained, so Bia and Alfre landed, more concerned than ever about the fate of the Queendom. If the crown wasn’t returned soon, the whole world as they knew it would die!” 

“Mommy, but what about the fairies? Won’t they keep living?” 

“Darling, if the world dies, everything else on it does too.” 

“The fairies were walking quickly, but they soon got tired because they were not used to walking so far. As they stopped to rest, they realized that the cottage they were looking for was right there. They walked towards it, readying themselves to go inside. 

As darkness fell upon the Queendom, Bia bravely knocked on the door. They heard someone shuffling inside. 

‘Norman, it’s Bia and the Queen. We order you to open this door.’ Bia shouted inside. 

They heard Norman grumble lots of rude things in protest, but decided to ignore it. The door soon opened to reveal the only guy fairy in the kingdom. Despite being ready for this, Bia and Alfre jumped slightly. Being a boy fairy was the rarest thing in the whole Queendom, and it only happened once every time a new Queen was born.” 

“But... How is the Queen born when there’s no other guy fairies?” 

“They are created by every happy moment in a person’s life. The happier memories they have, the more fairies they get.” 

“But the fairies can’t do anything, can they?” 

“They sure can! They’re the source of power in every person.” 

“Norman looked grumpy, as he lived in isolation, but he invited the fairies into his house anyway. As he brewed a cup of Pix-tea, Norman asked what they were doing at his humble cottage. 

‘We are on a search for the Queen’s crown. We decided to check here, too.’ Bia said, leaving no room for questioning. 

‘Let us in immediately, I order you!’ Alfre said angrily when Norman didn’t move. 

Norman stood in the doorway, blocking their path inside, almost like he didn’t want them to check there. They all stared at each other for 5 long minutes, and suddenly, Norman lunged at them. 

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Angelina Jeong
18:12 May 17, 2021

What an amazing story :)


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Angel {Readsy}
04:39 May 11, 2021

I am not bia do not use bia name here thanks


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Esther :)
21:13 Jul 02, 2021

Great Job!!! Very interesting story! I love the Antman stories btw. XD


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Angel {Readsy}
18:36 May 10, 2021

I am truly blessed to read such an incredible story! The Lord gave you the ultimate blessing , and I thank Him for it every day. You are truly a wonderful writer, may you excel in life .


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