Jack and Jerry

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“Uh!!!! It is so hot!!!” complained Jerry. “I know, right!?!” Jack replied. “What are we going to do about this heat wave?!?!” “What can we do?” Jerry groaned. 

Just a quick introduction. Jack and Jerry are twins. Most twins fight a lot, right? Not Jack and Jerry. They are the best of best friends. Of course they have other friends, but they will not do anything without each other. They rarely fight, and even when they do, it doesn’t last long. Today is an especially hot summer day, and they are in the basement with only a fan to cool them. It was a creaky fan. It kept on creaking and creaking.

Jack and Jerry are really bored, but the heat wave makes them really lazy, so they don’t want to do anything. They thought about going to the pool to cool off, but they knew the water would be warm from the sun. Besides, the little kids pee in it. They thought about going to the beach, but it has the same problem as the pool. They tried playing basketball to see if it would divert their attention, but they only played for 5 minutes before they were both on the ground with heat stroke.

Now, they just sat in the beanbag chairs, drinking cold water, and feeling hot. They both took like 50 showers, but they got hot again in 5 minutes. If this keeps up, it will drive both of them to insanity. Oh how they wish to have air conditioning, but this morning, the power went out. The technicians said it would be out for the rest of the day, so they will have to make do without electricity. Thank goodness they have a generator, but it is a small one, so they can only power a fan. 

They really regret not making their parents buy a bigger generator, but nothing they can do about it now. Everytime they think of something to do, they immediately think of why they can’t do it. They tried to take a nap to pass time, but it was just too hot. They were both on the verge of dehydration, with only a few more water bottles lying around. They would go to the grocery store, but only if they had money. Their parents both escaped to work, where there are huge generators. They really do have to think of something to do.

They tried to do a ritual they found online that was supposed to bring rain, but of course it didn’t work. They took ice baths, but soon, they ran out of ice, because the refrigerator was not running, so it couldn’t make more ice. They ate popsicles, but they soon ran out. They looked at the clock. “ONLY 30 MINUTES WENT BY?!?!” Jack exclaimed. It was only 3:00 P.M. Still plenty of time to be scorched to a crisp. Suddenly, they both noticed a book on their shelf. Jack looked at Jerry. Jerry looked at Jack. They both seemed to have the same idea.

“To the library!!!” they both exclaimed. Yes!! The library has air conditioning!!! They ran to the library, the heat wave at the back of their minds. Just as they were about to enter, when they saw a sign that devastated them. It was a closed sign, and what a beautiful sign it was. The words were in gold, lined with a silver border, and a black background. But to Jerry and Jack, it was the ugliest sign they have ever seen. They trudged back to their basement, and grumbled to each other. 

Now, their clothes are soaked, and they don’t have any more clothes to change into. They sat down on their bean bag chairs soaked, dirty, and thirsty. They were even worse than they were before. “It is all your fault, Jack,” Jerry said. “What? How is it my fault?!? We both said to go to the library!!!” Jack replied. Jerry shrugged. “I don’t care. It IS your fault.” Jerry can be difficult sometimes. 

They were both uncomfortable, and they were mad at each other. How can things get any worse? Suddenly, they noticed something black scurrying across the floor. “Is that what I think it is?” Jack asked Jerry. Jerry gulped. “I think so.” “IT’S A MOUSE!!!!” they both exclaimed. If there is one thing they hate more than a heat wave, it will be rodents. They both have musophobia, which is the condition of being scared of mice and rats. They were out of there faster than you can say, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.” 

They walked around the neighborhood, their steps growing heavier and heavier with each step. At last, they couldn’t stand it anymore. They sat down. Bad idea. The sidewalk was as hot as a frying pan, so the minute they sat down, their butt got scorched. They jumped back up, and dusted their butts. “C’mon! Think, Jack!!! Isn’t that what you do best??!” Jerry said. “Okay, okay. Jesus! Keep your shirt on!!” Jack replied. He thought and thought. He paced around on the sideway, when he suddenly saw a clown performing on the streets. 

His makeup was falling off, but Jack didn’t realize that. He had an idea. When you think of clowns, what do you think of? Nothing? Okay. Let me try again. Who is the most famous clown ever? You give up? MCDONALD’S CLOWN!!! Jack said, “MCDONALD’S!!!” Jerry looked at him funny. “Bro. We are dying from heat stroke and all you can think of is fast food? Seriously?” “No!!” Jack said, frustrated. “McDonald’s has to have generators to be able to cook their food!” Jerry finally realized what Jack was saying. 

They both ran to the nearest McDonald’s, and sure enough, it was open, and the best thing? It had air conditioning!!!! What a lucky break. Whenever the cool air hit their skins, they felt like they were in heaven. They sat down on the chairs, and had the best sleep of their lives.

August 03, 2020 14:38

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Amany Sayed
02:45 Aug 04, 2020

This was a very funny, light story that I enjoyed! I love how they tried a rain ritual 😂. In the beginning, when Jack and Jerry are talking(and anywhere else there is dialogue), don't forget to start a new line for every new character's dialogue. Simple things like these make stories easier to read. There's also tiny time tense mistakes throughout the story. To fix them, I recommend reading your story out loud to yourself to find them easily. Overall, great story! If you ever get the chance, I would be grateful if you could check out and lea...


Derrick Chu
14:27 Aug 04, 2020

Thank you, and I will go read your stories!!!


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