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Curlys' Day

Suzanne Marsh

I don't know why human mommy and daddy are home but we are going to have some fun. I sure am not going to let them sleep in. I am already hungry. I'll start by jumping up on the bed, if that doesn't work, I will stand on daddy's chest. He makes funny noises then he pushes me over to mommy. I begin to lick mommy's face...she sits right up, then rolls over and covers her head. It must be time to dig mommy out of the bed. Ah, maybe I should growl a little that usually gets at least one of them moving. Oops, maybe not. Hmm, this problem is going to take some thinking. I tried my usual doggie ploys but they can be very stubborn. Ah ha I got it, daddy's feet are sticking out from under the covers. I like to lick daddy's feet, they smell so good. Well here goes, daddy is starting to laugh, that may be a good sign for me. Yep, yep, he is getting up, now all I have to do is scratch on the door. I need to go out or I will have an accident on the carpet. Oh, I did good, mommy and daddy are both up. Usually daddy has left by now...hmm I wonder how long they are going to be here, if they are home more then I don't have to go into that cage they have for me. Although I will admit I deserved to be in that cage I chewed some of mommy's books and one of daddy's CD's but I haven't done that in a long time.

Finally, daddy has my breakfast ready. Mommy is grumbling because she almost tripped over me. Daddy is making that funny sound that makes mommy madder. Wow this is going to be great day!

Okay, now breakfast is done. I better go jump at the door, so I can go out and do my business. Then, when I come in I can jump in Mommy's lap while she works on my blanket she is crocheting. I can take a quick nap, then I'll go get my ball. Daddy will play ball with me. Sometimes mommy does too, but she likes to play inside. Oh no! Mommy's got that gadget that makes the noise, I usually run and hide but I think I will get my ball and see if she will throw while she is moving that noise maker. She is picking up my bones, I better move fast before she gets all of my balls moved. Yep, I got the small green ball. I tossed it at mom who threw it. We are playing catch. Hey this is fun. I will have to lick mom's face to say thank you. Mommy gave me a pat on the head then threw the ball again. Hey this is fun.

Time for a nap. Well let see here, I could get on Mommy and Daddy's bed or I could use my own. Oh the sun is out. Hm I think I will take a nap in the sun, the cement is nice and warm. Then when I get up I can take a quick roll around in the dirt. I better not dig up those flowers again, Mommy was mad at me the last time I did, she told me I was bad. That hurt my feelings, how the heck, I can dig up a few mommy won't notice. Oops, I guess she did notice. I better go find daddy, to protect me.

Ah, there is daddy, just sitting in his chair watching television. I am going to jump up, get on his cheek and lick his face. Daddy doesn't tell me I am a bad dog. Oh no, Mommy has some of the flowers I dug up and she is showing daddy, I am in trouble.

I better go hide behind the couch, maybe I have bone back there I can chew on for a while. Yeah, that's what I am going to do. Oh, wow I have three bones, two balls and that stuffed animal I stole a long time ago. I think I will stay here for a while. I love chewing on bones. Hey, maybe I should pull the rest of that stuffed tiger apart. Yeah, mommy and daddy won't find it for a while.

Wow, it is my second favorite time of the day a lunch snack. Mommy is working in her office. I will go tell her it is time for my snack. Oh boy, oh boy pumpkin treats and grilled chicken or duck. Yummy. Mommy is getting some popcorn, nuts, I thought we were done with that the last time I wouldn't eat any. Well here goes again. I will just spit it out each time she gives me a piece. That will fix her. Here comes daddy, he is informing mommy that I don't get the popcorn only the treats. Whew that was close. Okay daddy! Now they are eating, I will sit pretty and they will give me some tidbits. Daddy just dropped something for me. Yech! Popcorn.

Daddy is heading back to his favorite chair. Now I can jump on his lap and give him tons of kisses. Oh no, mommy is sitting down too, I will have to decide. Daddy has a better lap it is bigger. Daddy just told me to go get my ball. I have four of them I wonder which one I should get. I can get one from behind the couch. Wait a second I have to go outside first. I better bark at daddy, he will let me out. It's raining, oh nuts. I am going to get wet, daddy will open the door then dry me off. I better hurry I want to be inside where it is warm. I'll bark now. Daddy opened the door, time to make my escape, I would rather shake myself than be dried off. Here I go. My humans are chasing me, what a great game. This is fun. Ah, they caught me, daddy is holding me and mommy is drying me off. I guess it wasn't that bad.

Time for bed. I can fit right between mommy and daddy. Sleep.

March 27, 2020 22:24

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1 comment

Jane Andrews
05:24 Apr 04, 2020

I think you achieved what you set out to do in the sense that you have successfully captured the ‘voice’ of the dog: it’s a fairly limited perspective but that’s because you’re thinking as a dog and not a human, and it would spoil the story if your protagonist were more intelligent. The use of ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ fits nicely - although theses should both be capitalised all the way through since they’re being used as names. (You would say ‘my mommy’,but when using it as a name, eg ‘and then Mommy said she loved me’, ‘Mommy’ is the correct usa...


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