A Sandy Predicament

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Coming of Age Friendship Inspirational

"Not a bad day for an afternoon picnic, am I right?" asked Frank as he ligthly nudges my arm that was holding our picnic basket and blanket we were using for that day on Bradford Beach. Frank was carrying a pack of Miller Lite beer for himself and a pack of ginger ale for me.

Since the Brewer game, I was starting to admire Frank and our friendship. We have been doing a lot of outings together such as going to the Milwaukee County Zoo, Discovery World and Summerfest. You would think that for a hillbilly like Frank, he wouldn't have so much money considering on how much we have gone out. Looks can be deceiving as they always say. Frank works at the Miller Brewery as a beer taster (good figure) and he absolutely loves his job. He always says how much he loves working there every single minute of every day. Frank and I have came across his boss and co workers these past couple of weeks that it all seemed that Milwaukee was a small town.

On that day of our picnic, it was crowded with people and knowing how friendly Frank was, we haven't picked a spot just yet. Luckily I wearing my swim tucks and v-neck shirt that day, for it was extremely hot. We finally pick a spot which was located near the water of Lake Michigan. I gently put the basket down and placed a plaid blanket on the sand neatly. Frank then sits down on the blanket while placing my ginger ale case to his left and his Miller case to his right. Once I sat down, I grab the picnic basket and as I sat down, Frank process to open my case of ginger ale in order to grab me a can. "Here you go Nigel," he said with a toothless grin.

I then said: "Thank you Frank," and grabbed the can. Frank then opened his case and grabs himself a can of his beer. We both opened our cans and before they reached our mouths, Frank goes: "To good health and our wonderful friendship."

I smiled and replied: "Cheers to that my good silly friend."

We then drink our first sip and afterwards Frank goes: "That hits the spot."

I agreed by saying: "It sure does. The first slip is always the best."

"True to that buddy."

I next grabbed our picnic basket and open to see our stuff inside of it. There was two ham and cheese sandwiches for me, two tuna sandwiches for Frank, two containers of egg salad, a bag of Sun Chips (Harvest Cheddar) for me, a bag of Dortios (Sweet Chili) for Frank, a jar of dill pickles, napkins, plasticware, and...wait a minute...where were the places?

I double check to see if I somehow missed it. Sandwiches, check.

Egg salad, check.

Bags of chips, check.

Pickles, check.

Napkins, check.

Plasticware, check.

Plates...they aren't there.

I turn my head to Frank as he was finishing up his first can of Millet Lite and said: "Hey Frank, I don't see any plates in here."

Frank finished his drink, he then wipes his mouth and goes: "Oops, I'm sorry Nigel. I guess I must have forgotten it. I knew I was missing something."

I replied calmly: "It's all good my friend. Could you do me a favor and get some for us?"

"I wouldn't be needing it but for you, sure thing man. I'm sure I got some in the back of my truck. Should only take me a sec. Will you be okay here while watching our stuff?"

"Sure thing. If I'm in any trouble, I'll call you on my flip phone." I should mentioned that since my parents have cut my expenses, I had to get a downgrade of my phone.

"Okay sounds good. I'll be back in a sec."

I now was sitting there alone surrounded by people I don't know as Frank went back to his truck. As I waited, a few seagulls were coming near me. Little white vultures were trying to get our food even with me there. I shouted at them a couple of times: "Shoo! Get out of here!" You would think they could bother somebody else who would have food out in the open but nope, they chose a lone Britishmen with a basket full of sealed up food instead. I even had to get up and scare them away but they kept coming back. Irritated, I decided to throw sand at one of the flying bastards. But as lucky wasn't by side that day, my attempt missed the bird and it hit the backside of a muscular man who was sitting in front of me.

"Crap," I whispered as the man got himself up. His muscles were larger than my head and you could tell he was a body builder. He wore sunglasses but I could tell he was pissed after getting hit by sand. The muscular man came by in front of me and asked: "Did you just threw sand at me?"

I replied shyly almost whispering: "It was an accident."

"I'm sorry but what was that?"

I started to stutter: "I-it wa-s-s an a-accident."

He quickly came to me and pick me up as I stand on my tippy toes asking: "Did you just call me an asshole?"

By now everyone on that beach was looking at the two of us and my face was beet red. I replied while still struggling there with my word: "No sir, I didn't...I said... it was an accident..." 'Where are you Frank?" I whispered that question in my head.

"I don't believe you," said the tough guy. He took his right hand off of me and bend his arm back ready to strike me down in the face. Just when I thought I was punched, I got saved at the last moment for Frank stopped the muscular man before he even swung. Frank's right hand stopped the swing by grabbing tightly the man's right wrist.

The man tried to get out of the tight grip given from Frank but the kind individual won't budge.

The man replied angrily: "What do you want you hillbilly?"

Frank responded with a calm reply: "Only my friends call me hillbilly. Now, I would recommend you go about your business."

"Oh yeah, or else what?" asked the tough man.

"Let's just say you don't want to know that part right now." Frank grinned there as he had said.

The tough guy then nervously says: "Alright, I'll back off." His left hand lets go of me and he then pats me on the shoulder. Meanwhile his right hand loweres as Frank lets go of his wrist.

"I'm sorry for my behavior gentlemen. I haven't misheard what this young man had said," the tough guy says as he then bowed to the both of us. He next turns and walks aways from us as everyone else who was watching carried on with their business.

Frank comes to me and asked: "You okay Nigel?"

Dumbfounded, I answered: "Yes I am. Thank you Frank for the back up."

"Don't mentioned it. I've seen a lot of cowboy movies to make a stand off against people like that. I know you would stand up for me too if it was the other way."

"Yeah, well, I do need some practice on my punches," I said embarrassingly.

"I can help you out with that if you like. Free of charge," he said as he gave me a wink.

"That would be great. You're truly remarkable, Frank."

"You as well Nigel. Now shall we have our picnic?"

"Yes, we shall," I replied with a smile.

And so with that, the two of us enjoyed our beachside picnic as the best of friends. Eventually we went out for a swim at the lake and played some frisbee with the locals including the muscular man. Whatever Frank did can really change a person. Who would have thought that tough man is a real softie and sweet guy who name is Chad.

March 19, 2022 00:28

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Graham Kinross
06:05 Jun 26, 2022

Yet another great story Sean. Couldn't read it without giving you a comment. Great stuff.


Sean Sorce
18:17 Jun 26, 2022

Awww thank you Graham for the kind words and feedback. Very much appreciated.


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