“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Trevor turned away from the stars to look at the lady lying beside her. He couldn’t believe how beautiful she was even lying there next to him under the beautiful night sky.

“It sure is” Fey shivered and drew close to him trying to get some warmth from his body. He took off the jacket he had on and helped her put it on. He was left with just a thin polo, but he didn’t mind. He would dive into the chilly ocean naked if it made her happy.


“Yes, thank you”

He felt her inhale deeply. Home. She was home.


It was time to leave, he didn’t want to, but he had to. He shook her slightly till he heard her moan softly.

“It's time already?” she asked while stretching and yawning.

He got up and stretched out his hands to help her up. She still had his jacket wrapped tightly around her. She looked rather vulnerable looking up at him, it made him remember the first time he had seen her.

She had been wearing a red sleeveless body-con dress that revealed her curves showing him how much of a woman she was. He could remember her face, void of any makeup, with just a hint of tears. He had wanted to ask her if she was ok, but he knew it wasn’t his place so he went about doing the business he had been hired to do.

His friend had introduced him to one of the biggest oil tycoons in the city, Mr. David. He had been out of a job for so long he was desperate to do just about anything to help pay his bills, so when Mr. David approached him to be his wife’s personal driver and her escort he had jumped at the offer especially since the pay was ridiculous. 

He was supposed to be with her every minute she was out of the house, like a miniature bodyguard. At first, he tried to focus solely on his job but over time he couldn’t help but notice how sad she always was. So he did some digging.

“He's insanely jealous, always accuses her of cheating on him.” the gardener whispered one sunny afternoon while pretending to do his chores. "He would kill anyone that looks at her oddly."

“Surely, it can’t be that serious.”

“I've watched him…….” He stopped abruptly, picked his tools, and began to head toward the house.

“Watched him what?” Trevor shouted after him. He stopped his brisk pace and turned angrily.

“Shut up fool before you get us both in trouble” he stormed away and avoided talking to Trevor after that.

Trevor drove her everywhere, to the movies, to the few friends she had, and once or twice to see her family. One day after dropping her back at the house, Mr. David had asked him to come to his office. That was the second time he had met Mr. David. The first was when he had hired him and then this time.

“Enjoying your job?” he was seated behind a very impressive looking desk and had a glass of what looked like cognac in one hand while the other hand stroke his beards. 

“Yes, I love it” Trevor lied, he hated the job already. It was boring and uneventful, he barely said a word to anyone all day because she never really went out. When she did go out, he was almost always with her and she never talked to him. But he needed the money and even though it wasn’t challenging, it was something to do till something better came along.

“You know why you are here right?”

“Ermm… to drive your wife around” he knew that wasn’t the real reason but he wasn’t entirely sure what exactly the reason was either.

“You are smart Trevor, try again” Trevor quietly shook his head indicating he had no idea. “Fine, as you are aware, my wife is a very attractive woman and is constantly getting compliments. I want you there to ensure it doesn’t get to her head.” 

Trevor had a fleeting thought to ask for more money but changed his mind, Mr. David didn’t look like a man you could extort.

“I understand sir”

“And it goes without saying who you are loyal to.”

“Yes sir.”

Mr. David dismissed him and had been out of sight ever since.

One day she had called him to get ready to take her out, she had said she would be ready in 30 minutes. She was usually very punctual but that day she didn’t come out till about an hour after, she got into the car and slammed the door. Her eyes were red and puffy. He couldn’t help himself.

“I’m sorry to ask, but are you OK ma’am”

“No, I’m not. I’m sick of him” she took out a tissue from her bag and blew her nose noisily. He had never seen her this bent out of shape.

“You’ve been here for what… 6months?”

“No three”

“Do you think I would cheat on him? I barely go anywhere for Christ's sake!” she shouted. She leaned her head on the seat and closed her eyes, not bothering to hear his response. After a while of being silent, she reached out and tapped him on the shoulder.

“I’m sorry for shouting”

“No problem ma’am”

“Please take me to the cinema instead, not sure I’m in the mood to face anyone now” from the rearview mirror he saw her take out her phone and start to type. “Would you mind watching a movie with me?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea ma’am” he didn’t want to get into any trouble. He needed the job and wasn’t about to lose it.

“I’m your boss too you know?”


“I promise you won’t get in any trouble.”

That was how it had started. They became close friends, she told him everything and took him everywhere. One afternoon while he was waiting for her to come out for a ride, the gardener had walked up to him said "be careful" and walked away, he knew better than to call out after him this time.

He had fallen in love with her without meaning to and he knew he couldn’t do anything about it. Each time she would come out looking sad and unhappy, he wanted to ask her why she still stayed, but each time he lost the courage to.

“I’m getting a divorce” she had said one Saturday afternoon while taking a stroll.

“Finally” he had thought. He did a little dance in his head as he drove slowly beside her. Maybe he would finally get a chance to let her know how he felt. He knew he would have to wait a little longer but he didn’t know how much longer.

“Wow, thank God there are no kids involved.”

“Ya, I couldn’t take the risk of him accusing me of having another man’s baby” she rubbed her belly slightly and looked away absently.

“I love him so badly it hurts that he doesn’t trust me”.

His heart sank as she said those words, he knew he couldn’t tell her. Not anytime soon.

A week later she had come to tell him that she was going ahead with her divorce plan and was going to serve him the papers that night. She said she didn’t want to be home when he saw the papers and had asked that he took her to the beach until they were sure he was back.

Now he was taking her home, they both knew Mr. David wasn’t going to let her go without a fight but she was determined to leave.

Immediately they drove into the compound, they saw him standing by the door waiting. He had a furious look on his face. He took one look at her and Trevor and his face darkened. He went into the house and came out with a gun, waving it around like a lunatic.

“I always knew you would betray me” he shouted.

Hearing Fey scream, Trevor instinctively stepped in front of her thinking the gun was aimed at her, he realized too late what Mr. David was thinking and that the gun was meant for him. 

They always said your life flashed before your eyes at the time of death but all he could see was Fey still wearing his jacket looking down at him, slowly becoming as distant as the stars he had once thought were beautiful.

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I like your story. It has a very natural flow from beginning to end.


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Thank you!


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