(Content Warning: Violence, Blood, Murder, Language.)

The night came crawling in like a lost predator searching for its prey. The beast howled at the moon with blood-lust in its eyes, and for a moment, a quiet hush fell upon the lonely town of Oak Flats, West Virginia. The citizens were tame, but the animal was savagely wild and took what it wanted.

In a back alleyway behind Devil’s Bar, the scruffy homeless man didn’t see the evil claws reaching out from the darkness until it was too late. The feral beast ripped limb from limb and bathed in a warm ruby shower of blood that tasted sweeter than candy. The homeless man tried to scream as a true victim would, but with his jawbone missing, only a shrill whistle escaped his shredded neck.

The monster crunched on the man’s femur bones until it tasted the sickly-sweet ooze of bone marrow hidden within and shivered with delight. The man, now just a husk, clawed along the pavement, trying to escape, but for what purpose? He was already dead. He just didn’t know it yet. He slithered around like a slimy slug leaving behind a thick trail of blood. Why did he take that shortcut? Why?

He saw an older lady walking across the street, but she didn’t see him. He hissed and moaned for help, but she couldn’t hear him.

Please help me.

Please help me!

His final thoughts fell on Death’s ears, and at long last, the moment had come. The hulking monster slammed a mighty paw down across the man’s mangled face, and he felt… pressure, like an asphalt compactor paving the street. CRUNCH! His face was crushed with twenty tons of force, and all light faded from his soul.

The beast fluttered its belly, looked to the moon with blood dripping from its maw, and howled a fierce victory roar…


Rieka awoke from the sudden nightmare that plagued her dreams. For once, she was glad to hear the annoying beeping of her alarm clock. It was beaten half to death but worked all the same. The dream was still wisping through her mind, and the scent of fresh blood lingered in the air.

This was a far cry from her usual dreams of owning a car. Her parents were very strict and would not allow such a foolish thing. Even if they did, the truth of the matter was much simpler—they couldn’t afford it. Not all sixteen-year old’s can have a car, they would say.

Every night Rieka’s thoughts carried her soul on a swift high-speed car chase down a city street or a country backroad. Police vehicles were hot on her trail but were no match for her extraordinary driving skills. They even set road traps along the way, only to discover they were three steps behind. Ah… the thrill of the chase was exhilarating. It called to Rieka like dark shadows waiting to gnaw on the dying light.

Rieka was so startled by the sudden change in her dreams that she didn’t notice the time. “Oh, shit!” she yelled. “I’m going to be late!”

She grabbed her backpack and exploded out of the house like a thief running away from a bank robbery. Rieka heard her mom yell, “What about breakfast?!”

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for a young lady growing into a woman. Over the past few months, Rieka didn’t have an appetite. In fact, she didn’t eat anything until dinner. Her parent’s tossed it up to a teenager’s ever-changing hormones.

At Forest Hill High School, the day went on as usual. Rieka was late again but had grown fond of detention over the past few weeks. Mr. Stern was a stickler for rules and did not take kindly to tardiness. He would hand out pink violations to everyone he thought deserved them. On that fine day, Rieka brushed her hand through her brown hair, took a deep breath, and accepted his rosy ticket.

Detention wasn’t all that bad, at least Rieka didn’t think so. She dreamt about fleeing town in her new Dodge Viper without a care in the world. The only thing that mattered was the pedal-to-the-medal, balls-to-wall speed that lit her senses on fire. It was freedom incarnate, and she hungered for those flames.  

Rieka wasn’t the only student in Mr. Stern’s detention hall. Two blonde girls, Jessica and Amy, were also sitting in Satan’s den. They were known as the Pain Sisters because they loved putting people down and watching them wallow in self-misery. God didn’t create these two twits, their fowled-mouthed, snobby-nosed parents committed that horrible sin, but even they aren’t that stupid. Their way of dealing with those kids was simple: Give them anything they wanted, and so they did. They were proud of their little monsters.

“Wake up, Rieka!” Jessica barked. “You’re such a loser!”

Amy twirled her golden locks and added, “Yeah. What makes you think you can sleep in here, and we can’t?”

Rieka came to her senses and apologized. “Oh, I’m so sorry! I must have been daydreaming about high-speed chases again. The police were on my tail but couldn’t catch me.”

Jessica rolled her blue eyes and smiled. “No problem… loser!”

“Yeah, everyone in school knows you’ll never have a car!” fired Amy. “Your family is too poor, and you stink!”

Jessica pinched her nose and mocked, “Yeah, it smells like a wet dog in here!”

The Pain Sisters looked at each other and giggled. They could tell their insults were getting to Rieka because she was visibly shaking.

“That’s enough, girls,” warned Mr. Stern. “You will mind your manners and follow the rules in this classroom!”

Suddenly the clock struck five, and the girls fled like a pack of wild hyenas laughing up a storm. Rieka grabbed her backpack, took a deep breath, and followed them out the door. The sun was setting, but there was still enough daylight for the Pain Sisters’ mockery. Rieka stood on the sidewalk by the main entrance and saw everyone leaving in their cars. She had a nagging desire to know what that freedom tasted like.

Jessica drove by Rieka in her brand-new silver Bentley and yelled, “Hey Rieka, look at my brand-new ride! Don’t look so envious. You will never have anything like this!” To add insult, Jessica spat out her window and sped away.

Amy was right behind her partner in crime in a blue Audi. She pulled up alongside the curb where Rieka was standing, balling her fists, and ranted, “Keep dreaming, Rieka! Jessica’s right. You will never, ever have anything this sweet!” She stuck out her pierced tongue, licked the steering wheel like a lollipop, and screeched away.

Rieka’s stomach was churning like someone had placed a red-hot coal inside. She scowled and ran home as fast as she could. She couldn’t believe how cruel those girls could be. She hated them. The only thing that could calm her anger was fifteen minutes of self-meditation in the comfort of her bedroom.

When Rieka arrived home, she slammed the front door, which startled her mother, who was sitting on the couch knitting what she hoped to be a sweater. “Are you alright, sweetie?” 

“I’m fine, mom!” Rieka growled. “Just leave me alone, okay?”

“Hmph…” her mother huffed. “Teenagers…” 

The lights were off in Rieka’s room, and the sun was completely gone. The moon was shining in the dark sky, and Rieka now had the peace she needed to calm herself. She breathed in through her nose and exhaled from her mouth. She tried to vanquish the negativity from her mind, but her chi wasn’t strong enough. Insults from everyone clouded her thoughts, and the anger was overpowering.

Look at my car! You’ll never have one!

You’re a loser!

You’re crazy!

You’re always chasing dreams that you can’t catch!!

Rieka opened her eyes and saw the moon glowing brightly through her window. She was hoping that it wasn’t but glad that it was…

I guess it’s that time of the month!

Her body trembled, and she could no longer sit up straight. Rieka lunged forward and clawed at the carpet as her spine arched upward toward Heaven, but God was not with her. She moaned and groaned as her feet and hands doubled in size, and her nails popped off to reveal sharp claws. Her skull changed into a hideous wolf structure and dark furry hair grew all over her body. Rieka’s eyes glowed hot like Hell itself was burning within, and it was. As her skeletal form made the final adjustments, the transformation was complete. Rieka was a werewolf.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Amy saw the whole thing from across the street. They were leaning against their cars, stupefied in disbelief. They weren’t finished mocking Rieka and had come over to pour some more bitterness on top of the molded waffles.

“Like… oh, my God… she’s a dog!” Jessica shuddered.

Amy nodded and shrieked, “Yeah, she’s cray-cray! What the fuck is going on here?!”

Rieka heard their annoying voices, crashed through her bedroom window, and landed on her parent’s balcony. She snarled at the girls, looked to the moon, and howled like a raging beast.

The Pain Sisters gulped and spoke in unison, “We gotta get outa here!”   

They jumped into Jessica’s car and sped away as fast as they could. Amy looked in the rear-view mirror and saw Rieka hot on their trail.

The chase was on…

“What are we going to do?” Amy asked, wiping the sweat from her brow.

Jessica’s heart was racing, and the only thing she could say was, “I don’t know! Call 911, you stupid bitch!”

“Watch your mouth, Jessica!” Amy warned. “This is no time to cuss!”

“The fuck you say!” Jessica thundered.

Rieka ran on all fours, and the pavement beneath her paws crumbled like wet sand. The wind blew through her fur like sails catching the sea breeze, and she was in Heaven like a dog chasing the Wienermobile. Rieka’s tongue wagged this way and that, and she could taste the fear emanating from the car. The meal to come was going to be delicious.

Jessica raced through town, ignoring all stop lights like a frantic lunatic, but this proved a good idea because it caught the attention of the police, who quickly pursued. They fired up their sirens and gave chase. There were four squad cars in total, and as they got closer, they saw the wolf galloping along the asphalt like a raging bull.

They thought their eyes were deceiving them, but they weren’t. One officer rolled his window down, pulled out his gun, and fired wildly at the beast. The bullets bounced off the creature like stones tossed into a frozen lake.

This angered Rieka, and she slowed her pace allowing the Pain Sisters to gain some ground. The trigger-happy cop was racing side-by-side with the wolf and tried to ram it off the road. The first collision did nothing but crack his fender. Rieka dug her claws into the pavement, tucked her head, and prepared for the next strike. As the cop swerved towards her, she popped her head up just in time to send the police car crashing to the side of the road.

More sirens roared behind Rieka, and she knew what to do with those wailing morons. Two officers sped up and tried to pin her in between their cars like a bologna sandwich, but as they swerved together for the fatal impact, Rieka pounced into the air and watched the cars crash into each other. She landed on all fours and continued her chase.

The race moved further from town, and the trees dashed by like demons dancing in the night. There was one more cop hot on Rieka’s tail, and this one was different. The person in question was a female. Rieka was sure of it because no man would wear the scent of watery pears mixed with luscious raspberries. The woman was obviously more intelligent than the other cops because she lagged behind like she was studying the creature’s movements. Too bad Rieka was smarter.

The Lycan ran faster until she gained some distance and jumped into the trees. The police officer continued her pursuit but had lost sight of the creature, so she slowed down and searched every dark corner with no luck. The beast was gone. Or was it?

High above the moonlit skyline, Rieka hopped along the tree tops like a swinging monkey and kept her fiery eyes on the police car, which abruptly stopped. Out of nowhere, she dropped down on the squad car and completely destroyed the vehicle in a fiery explosion. The officer played a good game but had no chance of survival.

Rieka jumped away from the flames like a flying dragon, and as far as the witnesses were concerned, she was. Storming along the road, the wolf could taste the Pain Sisters’ scent because it still lingered in the air like rotten flesh. She ran faster. It was time to end the chase.

Jessica and Amy were miles ahead and thought they were safe. They were wrong. They kept an ever-watchful eye out for the beast, but they didn’t know that Rieka had taken a shortcut through the woods to get ahead of them and was now standing like a defiant mountain in the middle of the road.

The girls rounded a curve and saw the werewolf snarling a few feet away. The beast howled a mighty battle cry and raged forward. Amy wet her pants, and Jessica had chest pains because she knew death was waiting for her.

“What are we going to do?” Amy cried.

Jessica gripped the wheel, narrowed her eyes, and spat, “Hold on to something. We’re gonna run this fucking furball down!”

Rieka locked eyes with Jessica and plowed ahead with no fear. Her claws were thirsty, and she couldn’t wait to drink the sweet taste of girl flesh. She tensed every muscle, ducked her head low, stuck out her shoulder, and rammed the car like a runaway freight train. The car flipped through the air, and the Pain Sisters saw a wild assortment of plastic parts spinning around them. Their car came to a spinning crash near the edge of Rich Mountain.

The girls were a bloody mess but were still alive. They unbuckled their seatbelts and crawled out of the vehicle, which was a total loss. When they lifted their eyes, Rieka was waiting for them.

“Oh, please don’t kill us!” Jessica begged. “I’m so sorry for what we did to you!”

Amy’s femur bone was protruding through her skin, but despite that pain, she mumbled, “Yeah, we’re sorry…” she paused to catch her breath. “We’re sorry you’re still a fucking loser! The only difference now is that you’re a loser with a lot of hair!”

Jessica couldn’t help herself. She had to rub it in. “Ha, ha, ha… Amy’s right. You’re just a stupid, envious bitch who will never have a car or a life!”

Rieka snarled and lowered her maw to meet Jessica’s gaze. Thick wads of phlegm dripped down her razor-sharp canine teeth, and Jessica closed her eyes, praying that this was just a bad nightmare.

Jessica opened one eye just in time to see the wolf’s mighty jaws open. “Ugh… you’re breath stinks!”

Without hesitation, Rieka growled and chomped down on Jessica’s skull. CRUNCH! Her brains oozed out between the wolf’s fangs, and Amy screamed, hoping someone would save her. Rieka finished chewing Jessica’s head and then tore her body apart like a paper shredder.

Amy couldn’t stand with her leg broken, but she did manage to crawl away a few feet while the wolf finished her friend. Tears streamed down her face, and she knew there was no escape.

Rieka snapped her head at the sound of Amy’s sobs. She outreached her claws, grabbed Amy’s broken leg, and ripped it off. Blood flooded out onto the pavement, forever staining it red. The beast licked the sharp protruding bone sticking out from the femur and then stabbed it through Amy’s eye socket. Blood and puss poured out like a ruptured geyser, but Amy wasn’t dead yet.

She grabbed her broken leg and removed it from her skull. “Agh!!”

The wolf’s lips quivered as she salivated for the meal to come. Amy flopped on the road like a fish out of water. Her vision was fading fast, and she felt nothing but a deep freeze that only winter could bring.

The monster grabbed Amy’s golden locks and stabbed her claws deep within her cranium. With one mighty pull, the beast ripped Amy’s head off, spinal cord and all, and drank the gushing cerebrospinal fluid.

Rieka finished off the Pain Sisters by eating the rest of their flesh from their bones. She then rammed their car, sending it flying over the mountainside, and howled once more at the glowing moon.

Later that night…

“It’s about time you came home, young lady!” Rieka’s mother yelled. “How many times do we have to replace your window?”

Rieka, now in her human form, licked her lips and apologized. “I’m sorry, mom. Sometimes I just can’t control myself.”

“That’s okay, darling. I had the same problem when I was your age. It’ll get better in time.”

Rieka turned to leave and uttered, “Thanks, mom.”

“Where are you going now?”

“I thought I would go for a run,” Rieka replied, smiling. “The night is still young!”

Rieka transformed back into her wolf form and galloped away. It was true she didn’t have a car, but she didn’t need one to chase her dreams. Tonight’s chase proved that…

Sometimes some dreams do come true, and Rieka loved a good chase…

August 03, 2022 05:04

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Timothy Cooper
22:46 Aug 10, 2022

So, this is one of the stories the website recommended for me to critique this week. Kinda hard to do because I looove horror, and I love gore, and this had plenty of both. I loved the twists involved, too (never expected Rieka to be the werewolf in her dreams and didn't expect her mom to be aware that she was one). I thought the writing was very descriptive too (that very first line was awesome!) I guess the only real critique I could come up with is it seemed a tad bit unrealistic at some points. I'm not sure if anyone normal would have ju...


Daniel R. Hayes
23:37 Aug 10, 2022

Hi Timothy, thank you so much for critiquing this story. I'm glad you enjoyed it. So, if this is the first story from me that you've read I can only say that I write fiction and love pushing the limits. I don't think my stories should be taken from a realistic point of view, but I get what you mean. I've always loved going over the top, so my stories may not be for everyone. You brought up a lot of great points, so I thank you for taking the time to read this story. :)


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Betty Gilgoff
01:07 Aug 09, 2022

An interesting read, though a bit confusing that suddenly Jessica and Amy should be watching from across the street. Overall I enjoyed it. Good descriptions even though horror isn’t usually my genre of choice but you did this well and held my interest throughout blending the characteristics of your werewolf into the action. I like the description of Rieka changing to a werewolf. “Her body trembled, and she could no longer sit up straight. Rieka lunged forward and clawed at the carpet as her spine arched upward toward Heaven, but God was not ...


Daniel R. Hayes
06:04 Aug 09, 2022

Hi Betty, thanks so much for reading and those wonderful comments. This was a fun story to write :) As for the confusing part, here is the part you missed in the story that explains why they were there: (Meanwhile, Jessica and Amy saw the whole thing from across the street. They were leaning against their cars, stupefied in disbelief. They weren’t finished mocking Rieka and had come over to pour some more bitterness on top of the molded waffles.) So, basically that paragraph means that the girls came over to pick on her some more and saw ...


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Yves. ♙
07:35 Aug 07, 2022

A classic revenge fantasy! I love any story with a girl werewolf, and this one allowed her a little bone-crunching, too... thanks for sharing!


Daniel R. Hayes
17:02 Aug 07, 2022

Thank you so much! I've always enjoyed those classic monsters and they are so fun to write. Thanks again for the wonderful comments :)


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Graham Kinross
19:12 Aug 05, 2022

I like the double meaning of the title for this. So Rieka is a lucid dreamer huh? I’m envious. When I’m awake I can control my imagination, but in dreams where it would be more vivid and intense, that would be cool.


Daniel R. Hayes
19:20 Aug 05, 2022

Thanks Graham! I agree that would be cool, but you know what's even cooler? The fact that you seem to write in every prompt category every week!! Wow, and every one of those stories is fantastic. You have a true writer's mind! When I first started here, I did that too, so I take my hat off to you! :)


Graham Kinross
19:30 Aug 05, 2022

I can’t manage it now I’m back to work with my newborn daughter but I’ll do as much as I can. Got to keep going as much as we can.


Daniel R. Hayes
19:35 Aug 05, 2022

Congrats on being a dad. I also have a daughter, she's 12 now. I know what you mean about the time management ;)


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Riel Rosehill
11:25 Aug 04, 2022

Oh, where do I even start? This was intense! And the gore..! Those graphic descriptions were genuinely difficult for me to read, because I imagine everything - and I really didn't want to see all that! This could be a good horror action movie with the weird sisters and all the graphic murders. (I would not be able to watch it though, I'd be too scared!) Gosh, I feel like I need to read something tame and lovely now! Well done Daniel :)


Daniel R. Hayes
16:40 Aug 04, 2022

Thanks Riel! This story was actually longer, but I had to cut it down for the word limits. I'm sorry to put that imagery in your head and for the little scare, but I must've done something right to evoke those emotions. I think as writer's if we can do that, then we are on the right track :) Thanks again! Oh... the next story I'm working on is so outlandish and absurd and crazy, I'm not sure if even I can pull it off. I'll wait and see what the prompts say tomorrow so I can adjust the story but it's wild to say the least. I've had 5 story ...


Riel Rosehill
21:55 Aug 04, 2022

Well you are a master of outlandish and crazy! I'm sure you can. And I absolutely meant the discomfort as a compliment - when it comes to horror, that's the reaction you want, right?!


Daniel R. Hayes
22:06 Aug 04, 2022

Absolutely. The job of a writer is to get the reader to feel something, so if we can do that, we are doing a great job 🚀🎆🎆


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Ron Davidson
15:16 Aug 03, 2022

Daniel, At the start of this, I was thinking Stephen King's "Cycle of the Werewolf", one of my favorites. I love the mean valley girls! I loved this line, "He slithered around like a slimy slug leaving behind a thick trail of blood." I can see this scene in my mind. What a fun read!!! -Ron


Daniel R. Hayes
15:19 Aug 03, 2022

Hi Ron, thanks so much for those wonderful comments! This was a fun one to write and I had to shorten a few things down to meet the word limit, which was unfortunate, but I think it turned out pretty good. Thanks again! :)


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Michał Przywara
21:11 Aug 03, 2022

An enjoyable revenge tale. It was neat seeing a werewolf slasher story from the POV of the monster, and I wasn't expecting the parents to be in on it, but of course, that makes sense in retrospect. Considering the trail of carnage, I wonder if they'll ever get found out. On the other hand, it's not like any witnesses survived. While the Pain Sisters were irritating and toxic people, I do admire them getting in a couple last shots. They knew they were going to die, so at least they went out doing what they loved to do, belittling a werewo...


Daniel R. Hayes
23:03 Aug 03, 2022

Thank you for those wonderful comments! Yeah, I know the Pain Sisters were really mean, and I actually wrote a lot more horrible things that they did, but I had to cut all that out due to the word limits. I wanted them to go out with a bang and to justify their murders. Hopefully, I left enough in there to show how mean they were. I'm glad you liked the story, thanks again! :)


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Daniel R. Hayes
05:15 Aug 03, 2022

Author's Note: Hello, my dear readers. If you would like to watch a short flash fiction video of this story, please check out my YouTube Channel and make sure to like and subscribe. As always, thanks for reading! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKmYJlgyKyzFGYC7Zqkf2jw


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