This is my worst Nightmare! or Das ist mein schlimmster Albtraum!

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Science Fiction Suspense Thriller


Off the southwestern coast of California, hidden away at the bottom of the ocean between Terminal Island and Catalina Island is an underwater structure in the shape of an upside-down pyramid. Its color is dark blue and its size is roughly the same as an average two story house you might find on the west side of Long Beach. The tip of its sky blue apex is approximately one micrometer away from fully touching the underwater soil below. It appears to be suspended perfectly straight as if by magic.

Arriving outside of it, encased in a dark green mechanized diving suit, is a man so complicated and conflicted that he can only confide his troubles in the most unknown and isolated sorts anyone could possibly find here on planet Earth, or not on planet Earth including at the bottom of the ocean for that matter. He comes close to where the base of the sky blue apex meets the beginning of the rest of the dark blue pyramid. A square panel the size of a standard roof hatch that you might find on business buildings, slides open swiftly. Then the man in the mechanized suit is immediately sucked into the pyramid and the panel closes quickly leaving a trail of small bubbles.

In water, he whooshes rapidly straight upward through the entrance chamber, then into an all-white dry enclosure the size of a disabled personal shower that an overpriced fitness gym would provide and rarely clean. Only this shower is sparkling white and tiled with white glass triangles. If it were possible for this man to smell the inside of this enclosure, the scent would remind him of fresh rain falling on a white sandy beach in the Virgin Islands. After completely traveling up through the suction chute, the water he arrived with starts falling down upon him showering his suit and right before he and the water hit the ground the panel he shot out of closes immediately and he lands perfectly on his feet.

He pauses for a moment to gain his composure. Then he knocks on the white glass door in front of him to get released from the entrance chamber. Standing there dripping of water, waiting, he can barely make out a shadowy figure quietly floating closer to the door. It stops about one foot away. The figure’s height is a few inches taller than the man’s towering six-foot five.

All of a sudden two top panels of the chamber flip over high intensity red colored fans and began rapidly blowing warm air into the entire chamber and onto the occupant inside. The effect was like being in a tornado and in approximately sixty seconds everything was dry including the chamber itself.

The sound of a long bolt being disengaged and pulled back was heard. The shadowy figure stood there as motionless as a Greek God carved from stone. The door opens quickly. The man surprisingly notices that no one is on the other side to meet him there.

The man in the suit takes a few steps and enters into a large furnished room tiled with a black and white quartz crystallized checkerboard floor, walls laced with black stuffed bookshelves, a black leather chaise lounge directly in front of a black desk that supported a black thirty three inch computer monitor, then the white glass door closes quickly behind him. He sees a black wooden coat rack with nothing hanging from it to his immediate left. He figures this would be very useful so he begins the process of disengaging and powering down his mechanized suit.

He unlocks and removes his clear helmet and places it on the very top of the coat rack. He takes in a deep breath and a potent odor of Frankincense floods his olfactory senses. He notices that the ceiling is black with specks of very bright lights shining down upon the room and the collage of it effectively resembles the milky way galaxy. Then he exhales and starts to unzip the rest of his mech suit articles revealing the black and red wet suit he’s wearing underneath and manages to hang some of them on the rack, but then leans the rest of his gear against the book shelved wall. He sees that right behind the desk is a very large silvery mirror in the middle of the bookshelf. He approaches the desk while staring in to the mirror. Lost in his own reflection he rubs his salt and pepper stubble, inspects his long nose for anything out of place, then squints his gray eyes in a small effort to ignore the thin wrinkles around them. His thin lips frown at the thought of his thinning grayish hairline starting to recede and the oldest male enemy, baldness, is starting to set in too.

A deep, dark and unsettling robotic voice spoke through hidden speakers disguised as books that were evenly spread across the whole room, “Please lie down your highness. We will begin our session shortly.”

Puzzlingly looking for the exact source, he finally gave up and replied, “Agreed.” Then he slowly walked over. Looked at the lounge. Sat down on it, then lifted his legs onto it in the full laid back position.


“Good morning Count Rietberg. Before we get started, I need you to answer my question,” the digital voice paused for a moment then continued on, “How did you find me?”

While lying on the lounge, Count Rietberg brought his hands together in a clasp, blinked his eyes and paused, then in his thick German accent replied, “I know most of the important people on planet earth. The ones who make things happen, not just on a local scale, but also on a global scale. The ones who build towns and cities, counties and districts, states and nations. The ones who rightfully take advantage of the useless eaters, peasants, and unwanted barnacles of society, and put them to work making their products, providing their services, or slowly poisoning them into oblivion or into the loving arms of the for profit medical professionals and institutions. The ones who take and transform natural resources into the multi billion-dollar industries that exist and dominate the world today. If I ask them for something, they will give it to me.”

“Interesting, and why would they just give it to you, Count?” asked the robotic voice.

“Because, if they don’t give me any thing I want of them, at any moment I want it, I will send one of my miniature spy bots to infiltrate their dwelling places, workplace office’s, or leisure environments. Then neatly and undetectably hide itself and when the right time happens, I’ll activate it’s resonance extrapolation abilities to effectively vacuum out of the walls, ceilings and surrounding environment, any and all sounds, including conversations, that had taken place in that particular space. Then I will use the data I retrieve from the spy bot and intimidate or blackmail the unlucky recipient of my request. If that doesn’t work, than I have other means of information retrieval and request fulfillment.”

“And what is it exactly that you want Count?”

“Well Doctor, I’ve grown bored, tired, and very irritated with the massive amount of people all over the world taking up space with their needy hands always opened and begging for handouts. I want to live in a perfect world filled with the most desirable people. A world where everyone is beautiful, thin, pretty, and no one is unattractive or locust like. There’s simply too many people on earth and most of them are just taking up space and weighing all the good quality people down with their burdens of neediness. The ground they are loitering on could be development or mined for minerals or sold as property, but because of these useless eaters just wasting space and everybody’s time we have to resort to other methods to get what we want out of their land. But most importantly, the fastest and most thorough way to correct the mistakes and exterminate the vermin and parasites leaching off of the job creators is to bring Jesus back immediately! I want to materialize the second coming of Jesus Christ so he can cast into Hell all of these lazy sinners and burdens of society and leave the earth to his devoted followers to create a Heaven without sinners.”

“Interesting Count. And what if I told you that that’s impossible?”

“I know that its not impossible because I believe in him and in the Rapture. I know that I am saved for just believing in him and being born again by my baptism in his name and that there will be a Heaven on Earth when he returns. I just need to speed up his return.”

“And how would you speed up Jesus’ return?”

“I must create the greatest Hell on Earth to initiate his return because that’s what the Bible says.”

“Fascinating. And what would that entail?”

“Well, first I would continue to make it easily profitable and accessible to drain as many nations of their natural resources, especial oil, until not only the legitimate effects of Global Climate change warp the surface of the planet, but the actual density of the planet changes and helps to permanently disturb its equilibrium and gravitational pull throwing weather patterns into even far more disarray than now, as well as chaotic internal inner earth fluctuations. The more Hellish and destitute the better. Already nations are stumbling through intense and magnified natural disaster after natural disaster. I thankfully am able to witness this myself. Its depleting their food and water and making it difficult to even grow food so those people will starve to death in misery and pestilence or be forced to migrate somewhere else and disturb the balance of their neighboring nations population numbers causing conflicts, barbarism, and wars. The beauty of this by product of poisoning our atmosphere has saved me so much time and money.

But that’s just the beginning Doctor. I know that there are those from above who monitor and watch us down here below. I also know that they are not a threat to us otherwise they would have destroyed us long ago. But they just might prevent my plan from successfully completing so I have put into place the greatest Psychological Operation in the history of modern civilization to counteract their possible meddling.”

“Psychological Operation? Tell me more about that.”

“Well, those of us who are included on the covert mailing list so to speak know about the more mysterious phenomenon that has happened here on earth, have in older times as well as in modern times, been keeping track as much as we could of these so called visitations and contacts that these beings have been engaged in. Around the late part of the 1800’s as well as the very early part of the 1900’s, our secret organizations and fraternities got a hold of very complex high frequency and high energy electronic inventions that Nikola Tesla discovered and created. He had a little help from these beings because he was actually in contact with them. When we had the chance, we stole most if not all of Tesla’s blueprints and notes and created high level top secret Electromagnetic weaponry. We never released this information to the public and kept it underground. Figuratively and literally. We always denied that this type of technology could even exist, meanwhile we had most of it mastered as well as deployed and functioning in unassuming facilities that average everyday people would walk by and never notice.

Eventually we started to use this technology against the visitors when we could see or detect them in the skies. We would purposefully down their craft and then retrieve the wreckage, and at times, both the dead and living extra biological entities that were on board the crafts. Then we reverse engineered their technologies. Both of the physical science category as well as the biotechnological varieties.”

“Really? What do you mean biotechnological varieties?”

“Well doctor, not only were we able to recreate and build our own human version of their spacecrafts, but we were also able to biologically reproduce their biological bodies. We then merged and infused into our lab grown versions of their biological bodies, our reversed engineered electronics systems to effectively and successfully create very precise imitations that look, sound, and feel like exact extra biological entities. We then are able to remotely control them from the comfort of a highly mechanized lounge chair in any one of our many deep underground military bases. Or D.U.M.B.s as some would like to call them.”

“What is the purpose of all of this covert underground military operations Count?”

“Well, you see, having superior intelligent beings out there from outer space appearing magically and then disappearing magically; healing sick people; coming in peace and inspiring people to a higher level of awareness and spirituality, makes Christianity look very stupid. It makes other religions look foolish as well, but I don’t really care about those other ones anyway, because I know that Christianity is the only true real and authentic religion of this planet, solar system, galaxy, and the entire universe. I can not allow Christianity to not be taken seriously because it would dissuade the masses and then they would stop going to church and believing in the Rapture that is real and true and we don’t want to lose this support.”

“Well, Count,...I feel the need to explain something very important to you,” the Doctor replied, but this time a different voice resonated from the speakers instead of the robotic one. It was a deep solid tone that not only sounded stable and authoritative, but the Count could literally feel the sound resonance of his voice in the Chakra centers of his body.

Count Rietberg’s eyes had been serenely closed during this question and answer session while lying there on the couch, but now, they slowly and fearfully opened to see the Doctor now standing in front of him. The Count’s heartbeat turned into a rapidly galloping steed as he made contact with all three of the Doctor’s eyes.

Then the Doctor, who appeared to the Count as the darkest and Blackest three eyed towering human man he had ever seen in his life, brought his pitch black hands together in a common prayer like configuration. Then he slowly pulled them apart and a silvery photonic web like ball began to form and then unwrapped itself into a rounded square fluctuating white light and electrical arcs that settled into an information screen. On the screen appeared three faces. The Count has no idea who they are. The Doctor knows this already.

“These three men of the Roman empire, Vespasian, Titus Flavius, and Flavius Josephus created a Literary character and then collected multiple different deities stories from around their landmass and amalgamated them into this new character that they created. They named him,...Jesus the Christ of Nazareth!” electrical photonic arcs lightninged and flashed with a thunderous clap resonating firmly after he said this. Count Rietberg terrifyingly swallowed and tried to deeply breath with no success while the reflection of the light blinked on his face.

Then the Doctor continued, “They utilized this as a propaganda campaign against the Jews who had fought off the Roman Army from taking over their territory,” while the Doctor was illuminating Rietberg to the actual historical account, it was being replayed and broadcast as clear as live events through the photonic energy screen the Doctor had manifested in front of the Count’s face. The long historical events replay moved very quickly while an arc of electrophotonic energy firmly grasped Rietberg’s head and eyes. It downloaded all of the scenes directly through and into the count’s eyes that eventually made its way to his brain to forever rest like a railroad spike permanently hammered into his skull.

Some of the scenes he now personally witnessed were the Jews surviving a significant battle and defeating the Roman Army and their plans to have a statue of Caesar erected in their provincial territory of Judea to be worshiped. The next scene was of the Flavian dynasty teaming up with Jewish scholars and learning about the Jewish Messianic movement and the dynamics involved with the coming of a great savior for the Jewish people. The next scene that Rietberg’s bloodshot and tired eyes witnessed was Vespasian being declared a God and his son, Titus Flavius, being declared the Son of God. Then the Count saw two books opened side by side on a large wooden table. One was a journal of the Military expeditions of Titus Caesar Vespasianus recorded by Flavius Josephus. The other book was the New Testament. Each page that turned in the Titus book matched each page turned in the New Testament book and conveyed the message that the New Testament is really just a retelling in a typological manner of the Military expeditions of Titus Caesar Vespasianus. Shockingly Rietberg strongly realizes that there never was a historical Jesus at all and the biblical character Jesus Christ is a typological representation of the Roman Emperor Titus.


In a 25km-long, German-speaking principality between Austria and Switzerland, a twenty something room medieval castle is very quiet and calm at 3:33 A.M. in the morning until someone in a red, satin covered, luxurious king sized bed located in the master bedroom wakes up in a cold sweat yelling and screaming in angst and anxiety.

“What is it dear? Are you OK?” his wife frantically asks then continues, “Hans-Adam were you having a dream? What was it about?”

Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein, the Count of Rietberg, opens his eyes then slowly turns to his wife, through the tears and sweat of terror locks his grey eyes to her blue ones and dramatically responds, “Das ist mein schlimmster Albtraum!”

October 01, 2021 22:03

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