Funny Happy Suspense

A silver needle went through a white fabric, dragging a yellow thread, continuing the flower-like pattern.

Then the needle pricked a finger and blood stained the white cloth.

Payton just sighed and placed her unfinished work aside. Taking a spare cloth from another basket beside her wooden rocking chair painted with white paint and pink flowers.

As she rubbed her finger, her azure eyes stared out at the snow tinted window. A snowstorm blocking her vision to the outside world. She set the miscellaneous objects such as needles and fabrics back to their respective boxes. Her brown hair was let down and a few strands frame her small heart face.

When she finished, she hummed a peaceful tune and caressed her populous belly. Being pregnant with triplets really is taking a toll on Payton's body. Along with being alone in a cabin in the woods, is putting on the weight on Payton's worries.

Breaking the quiet crackle of the fire in a fireplace and the pitter-patter of snow outside, the doorbell rang.

Payton did not seem to be surprised as she was expecting the midwife, Ella, from downtown. A ton of weight left her shoulders as she slowly shuffled towards the door. She can now relax knowing someone can help her and her unborn children in case of an emergency.

Not like she can trust her husband.

He never comes on time.

Exchanging greetings with Ella and showing her the way to the guest room, kitchen, nursery, and the bathroom, where she's going to give birth. During the whole tour, Ella is a bit confused.

"Where is your husband?"

The question halted Payton from closing the door of the nursery. She looked at Ella's green eyes with a sad look. The atmosphere turned melancholy.

"He's just late." Payton's voice is leveled as if she's used to it.

"But isn't that weird? Are you alright with this?" Ella asked worriedly, Payton is eight months pregnant and ready to get birth, why would her husband leave her?

"I'm used to it. He used to be late when we started dating," Payton started and gestured Ella to follow her to the kitchen, "and still continued until we already got married and well, have these."

Payton patted her enormous belly and sat on the stool beside the counter and poured herself and Ella a glass of water for each other.

"How are you 'used to it'?", Ella is bewildered, how did Payton put up with this?, "That's not healthy and don't you worry?"

Handing Ella the glass, Payton took a sip and looked at the window, looking very lonely.

"I trust him," She started, "I know that he won't cheat on me and his job is very secretive," The storm outside poured harder, "But sometimes, I just wish he'd be on time just for once."

Ella was speechless.

This woman, Payton, is one calm and patient woman. She was willing to wait and wait for a long time for her husband. No calls, texts, or any type of message so it seems. Blind faith, perhaps? Though, the question still lingered in Ella's mind.

Where is her husband?

Hours passed by with Ella and Payton talking about their hobbies, habits, food, and recipes. No sign of the husband, whose name Ella has yet to know, as Payton would only smile sadly and look at the window every time she asks.

By eleven-thirty at night, Payton went to labor.

Payton sat in a tub filled with water, with Ella beside her with a tub of water, towels, and other materials and things she needed in case of an emergency.

Payton's face was filled with agony and is seething from the pain. Her hair is now placed in a bun and she changed into a loose plain forest green dress. Staring intently at a window and gripping hard on the towels around her.

It was twelve midnight and the pain is becoming more unbearable for Payton.

Still no sign of the husband.

Ella continued to fuss over Payton, worried about the young woman's safety. This wasn't just one baby either, she was giving birth to three children.

Which is beginning to dawn on Ella just how busy and difficult this birth may be.

It was one in the morning.

Payton is wailing in pain and huffing for air. Tears streaming down her fatigued face. Ella checked and found Payton almost ready for birth. She steeled her nerves and tried to soothe the crying Payton that it won't be long till the babies arrive and all the pain to be over.

The husband is still nowhere to be seen.

Just then a loud banging by the door surprised both women.

Ella looked at Payton, She can't just leave her! This was a woman giving birth!

Payton screamed loudly when another wave of pain washed over her. Ella decided to prioritize Payton and looked over her to see that a baby is ready to come out.

The banging stopped and turned into a series of the loud sounds of body-slamming the door.

Ella continued to ignore the loud sounds and prepared efficiently, ready for three consecutive births.

"GILBERT!" Payton all but screeched as she pushed a baby out of her body, Ella at the end, calling out the situation.

The banging quiet down and a series of footsteps rush towards the bathroom.

A baby's cry cut through the air.

Halting a tall dark-skinned man by the door, huffing and clothes messy. His black hair in disarray.

Payton smiled at the man and looked over her first baby.

Ella just finished up cutting the umbilical cord and held a healthy baby boy for Payton to see, still suspicious at the man who came in.

The man gaped at Payton and looked back and forth at the baby and her with his blue eyes, gesturing all kinds of things with his hands, his face full of emotions.

Payton huffed,

"That's yours, you dolt."

And that gave Ella the signal that this was the husband.

And that the husband is mute.

Then Ella adapted to the situation and prepared for the next baby.

As Payton put her head back and hissed, the man quickly washed his hands and kneeled beside her, careful not to obstruct Ella in any way. He held Payton's left hand and rubbed circles at her shoulder.

The next babies got delivered safely and smoothly, much to Payton's relief.

By two o'clock, Payton is now in bed and is placed beside her clean and newly born children, two boys and one girl.

The man is beside Payton, smiling and running his hands on Payton's arm.

Ella smiled as he and Payton began to talk. Well, more of Payton talking and him signing.

"Silena? I think Diane would fit her more."

The man raised an eyebrow and quickly signed back.

"Excuse me? I gave birth to these children and you," Payton pointed at his chest, still weak from giving birth," Broke the door once again."

The man looked offended and began to sign a bit sulkily.

"Really? I didn't know lieutenants from the army get called in the holidays." Payton huffed and turned her head away playfully.

Before the man could explain himself to Payton, who was smiling and clearly tired, Ella coughed.

The couple snapped their attention at the highly amused Ella.

"I would like to congratulate both of you, especially Payton, for your three newly added babies in this household," Ella smiled at the two and then frowned at the man who actually looked very nervous when she glared at him with her green eyes, "And you, I still don't know your name yet you had not just banged the door during labor but you just came in during procedure," Ella now placed her hands on her hips and scolded the man, "Be happy I actually like Payton. Next time try to be early."

The man opened his mouth and held a finger up ready to sign back but Payton's glare made him stop and nod to Ella. One woman is already scary, imagine two.

"What's your name anyway?" Ella asked as she checked the babies, and placing extra towels just in case.

Payton shared a look with the man who signed as she spoke.

"Gilbert, G-i-l-b-e-r-t, Gilbert. He says it's nice to meet you."

"Well, it's nice to meet you too, Gilbert. Now, what are the names of the kids?" Ellen asked as she took her clipboard and pen, ready to write.

Payton pursed her lips and Gilbert suddenly looked interested in his muddy boots.

"Don't tell me you both haven't thought about it?" Ella couldn't contain her disbelief, They have triplets and no names?

"Well," Payton started and Gilbert at the back became a support sign maker.

Ella sighed and looked at her watch.

Two-thirty-three in the morning.

This is gonna be a long day.

July 10, 2020 09:22

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