It was the most exciting day of my life. I was finally getting married to my prince. Just five years older than me. He's so perfect.

I'm 45 I honestly didn't think it was going to happen.

I have my wedding dress fresh flowers even hired someone to put my makeup on.

Its such a beautiful place. It's the museum I was able to rent one floor.

Its usually hard to rent. I was so happy when they called and told me one weekend was available.

After the wedding were staying for two nights. Then going on our honeymoon. So pretty just like me. All this is for me and my prince. He's just ten years older than me. Now to think of it he's fifteen years younger than my mom. Okay let's not think of that. He's my true love. I can't walk for the honeymoon.

Im going to put my dress on so the lady can apply my makeup.

My dress is perfect. It was the right size. I didn't gain any weight. Boy am I hungry. I'll get some tea and something to eat. Find someone around.

I still have one hour the makeup is done. Wow she did such a nice job. I got a make up student from one of the college's. I look great. Make up really does make a difference.

I'll go look for everyone or someone. I'm looking everywhere no luck. I can just see some of the guest arriving.

Oh my I can see my public school and high school friends. I'm getting nervous now for sure.

Oh look and employee. Perfect I'll ask him.

"Excuse me have you seen anyone go by?"

"No. I didn't. I just got here five minutes ago. Let me ask someone else."

"Thank you."

Time was moving forward as it always does. The employe came back five minutes later.

" Noone from the wedding party is allowed back here. It's staff only."

"Oh Ok."

Hmm I said to myself where is everyone? It's starts in half and hour.

Maybe they went for a drink. Or maybe they went to talk to some of the guest. I don't want to go there yet.

The minute you walked away. I saw two people go into that room. A man was in a black tuxedo. A lady in a lace pastel color dress."

I thought to myself. They must be from the wedding party. If they said twenty minutes before. Wired everyone but my parents, my prince and his parents. Okay

I didn't respond.

"They asked me to knock twenty minutes before."

Again I thought. I responded by saying.

No need I'll do it. Please make sure the other guests get seated. Don't worry I won't get you in trouble. "

"Thank you"

He said. Went to the guests.

As he went one way I went the other way.

I started to knock on the door.

No answer. I put my ear to the door.

No talking.

Just some music.

Ill knock again. Nope nothing still.

Ill try the door knob. I slowly opened it. I shut it as fast as I opened it.

"Wedding off I can't believe you mom ."

Aren't you married to daddy?

What's wrong with you?"

"You my prince. Couldn't you have waited three more hours.?

Your not Kissing my lips after hers."

I couldn't believe it I walked away in tears.

"Wedding if off"

I waited my whole life. Twenty minutes before everything changed.

None is getting married. Unless they do?

So much time you in arranging everything.

"Wait sweety. Its not what it looks like"

"You and my mom are kissing."

"Ok it is what it looks like. Wait you don't now why."

I don't think I want to know. I've been waiting my whole life for this one day."

"Ok please let's just talk in the other room please five minutes. I'll explain everything."

"I'm listening because you are my prince or so I thought."

"I hope I still am. You see tonight is our honeymoon. I don't have any experience so your mother was just helping me. It doesn't look good I no.

I love you your my princess not you're mom. I just wanted to do everything correctly. Atleast our kiss."

"Would you have preferred me asking a friend?"

"No need to be funny now."

"Ok I just didn't want to let you down. You no I never kissed anyone else. You'll be my first I want it to be really nice. Do you understand now?"

"Yeah it still wired. A little concerning."

"Let me think."

"Okay fine but first and last time. Don't go near my mother on the dance floor."

"I promise. Unless she goes near me."

"I told you no need to be funny.

Your walking on egg shells."

The rest of the evening went fine. I just couldn't stop thinking of the incident.

I was finally married. I was going to have a honeymoon. Like he said was our first time. I didn't practice. I have to get it out of my mind.

The nite was moving on. Just a couple hours ago everyone was just arriving. Now everyone is almost leaving. How am I going to forget this? I said to myself. I haven't talked or looked at my mother all night. People were looking but I pretended that nothing was wrong.

Once everyone left.

"Mom I need to talk to you. Prively."

He explained everything. I just asked him to stay away from you. Especially on the dance floor. If you can understand."

"I no it didn't look right. No feeling if it makes you feel better."

"Well maybe it does a little. He's my prince charming."

"Ill keep my distance. You enjoy your evening. I'll speak in a couple of weeks."

"Ok take a couple centerpieces home. "

"I will. I'll take one for you I'll give it to you when you come back."

"Thank you."

By Ellen Urowitz

July 25 the 2020.

Inspired by writing prompt.

July 25, 2020 20:33

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Nirosha P
12:28 Aug 12, 2020

A wonderful story! Just one error I found... At the beginning you said that her prince was five years older than her. Then later, you said he was just ten years older than her. Also just mind your spelling... That's all. A wonderful story other than that. Also, would you mind checking out my story 'I've got no idea' ? Thanks :)


Suzanne Urowitz
18:14 Aug 12, 2020

Thank you for the suggestion. I don't know how to correct it with this platform.


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Keerththan 😀
08:53 Aug 10, 2020

Enjoyable story. Nice job. Would you mind reading my stories too?


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Barbara Burgess
08:23 Aug 04, 2020

Hi, I enjoyed your story. An interesting way for your prince and your mum to be kissing! Can I suggest you check out your quotation marks and apostrophes and other marks like that. Also you put he was five years older and then later you put he was ten years older. Another suggestion is to write the story - keep going. Then leave it for at least 3 days and read it again and go over it for any errors. Make sure you don't miss the dead line though. Well done and keep on writing.


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Holly Pierce
21:40 Aug 05, 2020

If it were me, I would not have married the man. This is a pretty good story, but I agree with Barbara that you might want to check for errors and things of that nature. This is a pretty good story though, nice job!


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