Happily Ever After - No Matter Where, No Matter What

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What are we going to do after the wedding? Where are we going to live Josh?’ 

‘Gabby, don't you trust me?’ he said with that special spark in his eyes. 

‘Of course I trust you, I love you.’ 

‘To Saturn and back?’ he asks with a contagious smile.

‘To Saturn and back a thousand times’

‘Good’ he says as he takes my hand and we continue our walk through the park.

That conversation seemed like forever ago even though it’s only been two months. So much has happened these past few weeks that I have lost track of time but who cares. Josh and I will spend the rest of our lives together. As long as we are together, we are unstoppable. 

The way Josh has been talking it seems like he already has a little place picked out for us to live but I kind of wish that I would get a say in where we would have our first house. But a honeymoon is no time to pick a fight, plus to argue with Josh would be like a knife to the heart and over something so small as to the location of where we would have our first house doesn't matter. Josh and I will live happily ever after no matter where and no matter what. Plus I don't even know for sure he has a place already. 

“Gabbs the plane takes off in fifteen minutes we should probably find our gate and get ready to board.”

“Okay,” I reply with a smile as I take his hand. With a grin on his face he holds my hand and starts whistling while we walk through the airport. I used to care about what people thought about me in a public space, but Josh is the only one I care about. The whole world could be watching and it would be fine with me. 

Ever since I was a little girl I wondered what it was like to find someone who loved you to Saturn and back because of course, Saturn is the furthest planet from Earth. I've known Josh since we were freshmen in high school but if I would have known that I would end up loving him this much and then marry him my jaw would have dropped thirty miles down. 

When Josh and I get to our gate I expect us to sit down and weight a little bit, at least until they call our class but Josh didn't sit. I guess the plane was going to board soon. The flight attendant called for handicapped people and people who served in the military to board the plain first. Then she called for business and first class. Josh, still holding my hand led us both over and scanned our tickets and then boarded the plane. 

“First class?!” I say almost as shocked as when he asked me to marry him.

He laughed his adorable, contagious laugh and said, “I thought you might like it. A girl as wonderful as you deserves first class.”

“Well,” I responded, not knowing how to repay him, “A sweet gentleman as wonderful as you deserves this.” I put my arms around his shoulders and pulled him in for a kiss. His lips brush up against mine and I close my eyes hoping that this rushing feeling would last forever and ever to the ends of the earth. 

“Excuse me.” Josh and I both pull away feeling caught. “If you wouldn't mind saving that for when you are seated and kept walking for now that would be great.” An elderly lady smiled and urged us to walk forward. “Are you two on your honeymoon?” she asked, still grinning. 

“Yes, and sorry for holding you up,” Josh replied with a sympathetic smile.

“Oh it’s no problem. I remember when I had my honeymoon. We were so young back then went we Peter?” She looked back at an older man behind her. 

“Oh yes, the days when we were young,” he said with a look on his face like he was remembering something he couldn't quite grasp.

As we boarded the plane the old lady and her husband were still going on and on about their honeymoon. “These are our seats Gabbs.” 

I smiled at Josh and then said to the older couple when they paused to take a breath in between their long sentences that we had gotten to our seats but it was really nice to meet them and that we hoped that we would bump into them someday. They waved goodbye and we sat down. 

“Josh, have you ever been to New York?” 

“Well, no Gabbs but that's why we're going together right?” he said looking upset that I might not like it. 

“Okay, I just didn't want to get lost.”

“We won't get lost but if we do it will be an adventure and the best part about it is that we will be in it together.” Josh has always had a way with words that's been able to make me smile and I love him to pieces for it. 

Before take off they offered us drinks and special things only first class gets. I have no idea how Josh got the money to pay for first class tickets but I know it would probably be best if I didn't know. Being the hard worker he is, he probably had been saving up sense even before he asked me to marry him, which had been some time ago. 

It seemed like the minute we took off I fell asleep on Josh’s shoulder. When he’s humming along with whatever is playing in his airpods all I feel is happy. I laid my head on his shoulder and he put his arm around me. Slowly I drifted off to sleep. 

It seemed like a second later that Josh was waking me up because we were about to land. He was super excited. Even before we started dating I knew that he had always wanted to go to New York. He is definitely a man who loves the city and although I am quite the opposite it is fun to go every once and a while to check out all of the fun things to do, but living in the city would be my worst nightmare. 

We went and got our luggage and then Josh called for a taxi. After what only seemed to take five minutes we arrived at a beautiful apartment. “Josh, this is beautiful but I thought we were staying in a hotel.”

“Well, I have another surprise for you. Gabriella welcome to your new home! I bought the apartment we are going to live in New York!”

“We…. are?” I say trying to hold my voice steady. 

This is what he wants,’ I remind myself. ‘If you want to have a good relationship with him you need to agree on these little things and you don’t need a say in everything. Appreciate what he has done and thank him for it.’

“Yes! Just like we have always dreamed of,” I have never seen him this excited and proud over something so I need to accept it with happiness. I pulled him into a hug because I didn't know what else to do. 

I could cope with this. I have Josh and that's all I need… right?

September 15, 2020 03:12

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Leilani Lane
01:08 Sep 25, 2020

Hi, Ella! Here from Critique Circle. Good work with the dialogue here! Here are some critiques to make my comment hopefully more productive! - There are a few places missing punctuation. I would encourage you to read the dialogue out loud to see where the pauses occur, and if it sounds like something someone would say in real life. For example: “Gabbs the plane takes off in fifteen minutes we should probably find our gate and get ready to board.” This should say: "Gabbs, the plane takes off in fifteen minutes. We should proba...


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Ella Kinnett
20:45 Oct 20, 2020

Thank you so much Leilani! It was really sweet of you to take time to check my story out! I appreciate it!


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