Everything is always changing. Whether you like it or not, it is going to change. The Mortals who watch the stars during their moment with them may say that they will always be there, but the stars must die. Everything dies in the end.

Life and Death have been watching the stars for as long as they have been there. Life admires the beauty they behold and the joy they bring to their mortal watchers, but Death cannot do the same. The stars suffer the same destiny the mortals do, for they live a wondrous life but must find their end in a burning grave.

"I was afraid I was going to find you up here, Sister." Life gracefully walked over to Death, sitting in the tree he had grown for her, watching the stars. With the summoned help of the earth around him, steps were created towards the branch where Death sat.

"Why be afraid? I am merely here to appraise the stars," Death mumbled as her brother sat next to her, wrapping an arm around her.

"Oh Death," Life chuckled. "I know you better than the sun knows the moon. We are connected, I can feel both your joy and despair. Tell me, dear Sister, what haunts your conscious this night?"

"Nothing more than my own thoughts. They are foolish, yet still loud enough to torment my mind." The buds in the leaves of the tree started to bloom on Life's side of the branch, while the flowers on Death's side closed up with darkening petals.

"And what are these thoughts that have brought you up to our tree?" Life took hold of his sister's hand, the glow of his skin overpowering the darkness that followed Death in her every step.

"I am the thing that mortal's fear. They pray to the skies above to never meet me, to never leave your hands." Death watched the stars twinkle as her thoughts left her mouth. "The only mortals who wish to see me are those who hate their time with you, and I wish not to see them until their time is true."

"The mortal's fear of what they don't understand. You are a great unknown, an adventure that everyone must take." Life squeezed her hand in reassurance, calming her mind with each and every word he uttered. 

"An adventure no one wishes to take."

"But they must, for their path, is written among the stars." Life brought Death's gaze to his own, showing her a smile full of admiration and hope. "They know not of how kind you hand is. They have yet to experience the care you put into each soul that finds resting in your palace."

"Why must they live in fear while they wait to leave you? I see no fairness in it. I wonder if the mortals would be better off without my presence."

"You wonder a thing you already know the answer too. Without an end, there is no beginning. If there is never sadness, then there would never be any joy. Without you, there is no me. The mortal needs us both, or else all would be lost."

"You are right," Death sighed, but not with a heavy heart. "Why must I ponder the things I already know?"

"That fact that you ponder is what makes you worthy of your role."


Her voice was lovely, an enchanting story that found its way to every ear that entered her garden. 

A rainbow of flowers stood in every direction. Death couldn't name them all, but each and everyone was important. They belong to Fate, and that's all they needed to be unique.

Fate stood in the middle of her garden, seated in her throne. A throne made from the crystallized wood of a dead tree that stood there before the garden ever did. It was a gift from Death, a gift of love.

Her garden was filled with flowers. It was filled with trees of many leaves and fruits. Filled with every animal that walked the earth. It was filled with gifts from Life.

Her garden was filled with Life, but she chooses for Death to be the centre of it all. Both Life and Death proclaimed their love for Fate, and Fate had chosen her. 

"My love!" Fate called out, a smile shining brighter than the sun. "Join me, won't you?" Her call was intoxicating, even if Death didn't want to go to her, she wouldn't have had a choice.

"My apologies for being gone so long," Death spoke as she took her place next to her queen.

"That is of little thought now," Fate purred as Death took her hand, pressing a kiss upon the smooth skin. "You are here now, and that is all I care about."

The birds of the garden sung as the moonlight shun down on the couple in Fate's Garden. Death's presence in the garden always brought a chill upon the garden, but Fate never said a word.

"I missed you," Fate hummed, leaning into the sensation of Death's cold touch. "How I wish you would stay with me more."

"I wish for the same." The light from the flowers beneath their feet was dimmed by the aura that followed Death wherever she went. "No matter how much I wish, I cannot leave my post. The souls of the mortals would be lost without my guiding hand."

"What about the Reapers? The reapers can bring souls to rest." Fate's eyes sparkled as she pleaded with Death, her crown shining with the same glow.

"The Reapers must be watched over, they must be taught. Their work must be appreciated, and I cannot do that if I am not present."

"What about your children? They are powerful, they can watch over the Reapers." Fate asked the same question she asked time after time.

"Sorrow and Peace are powerful, and I couldn't be more proud of them. They are still young and have much more to learn. I couldn't bear to leave them before they have mastered the art of caring for the lost souls."

"Must you always be right?" Fate sighed before placing her fingers on Death's cheeks, ignoring the frosty touch. She caressed Death's cheeks, humming her love.

"I wish I could be wrong, for my heart yearns to stay in your Garden." Fate laughed, bringing Death closer.

"Though I complain, it what I love most about you. You may be dead, but your heart is far from it. You wish to put your work aside for me, but know the importance of what you do." Fate opened her arms for Death to come into her embrace. "The mortals come first, as it should always be. Neither of us should ever stray away from the purpose we serve."

"They would have no path if you were to step away from your Garden." Death showed her love along the skin of Fate, her voice singing its beautiful song as she did. "No one could take your place, for your crown would fit no other."

"You have such a way with words," Fate ran her fingers through the dark web of Death's dark locks. "This is why I chose you as my lover. I knew we were meant to be."

"It is you who chooses what is meant to be," Death mumbled through Fate's bare neck.

"Then, I must have made the right choice. Now I command you to silence your thoughts, and let us enjoy this brief moment together." Death hummed a laugh, pulling back from her neck and leaning into her side.

"Of course, my Queen."

The same stars shined over them and the Mortals. Death looked up at the stars and still saw the end that would one day come for each and every star that shined in the sky. There was more than that, though, for the stars still had a life to live before their time came.

May 01, 2020 20:10

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Roshna Rusiniya
00:44 May 07, 2020

This is very well written. A very unique take on the prompt. The way you showed how life, death, fate, sorrow and peace are interconnected was great. Good job.


Lynn Penny
19:44 May 07, 2020

Thanks, I’m hoping I can elevate it into a novel in the future.


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Eian Wright
03:02 May 02, 2020

This was a really great, clever take on the prompt. Giving the concepts of life, death, fate, sorrow, and peace human forms and human interactions led to a really interesting and thought provoking story. Thank you for this.


Lynn Penny
19:43 May 07, 2020

I’m glad you liked it! It’s been an idea I’ve had for a while.


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Lady Nopeingham
17:20 Oct 20, 2021

This is absolutely beautiful…would you be so kind as to grant me permission to share this story on my YouTube narration channel? If you’d like to see hear my work, you can do so here: https://youtube.com/channel/UCCdqKOwd3qmnI4LQNvfvSQw. Please let me know. 🖤


Lynn Penny
20:34 Oct 20, 2021

Of course! I would love to have that.


Lady Nopeingham
21:23 Oct 20, 2021

Thank you so much! I’ll leave another message when it’s up on my channel. I’m not sure when it will be, but I’ll keep you posted! 🖤


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Lady Nopeingham
05:59 Oct 27, 2021

Hello! Your story is now up…I love it so much. I hope you’re pleased with the narration…if you would like me to add any links or additional info for you in the notes section just let me know, that’s an easy fix. Anyway, you can find the video here: https://youtu.be/RkZCbW6aUOM Thanks again!! 🖤 LN


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