Adventure Drama Mystery

Three men, decide to organise a trip to Europe, neither one of them had ever embarked on travelling outside the u k; the furthest one of them had travelled was London. They all lived sheltered lives, but none knew that the other shared a hidden secret that their folks knew nothing of.

In their late 20's, and still living at home, all three worked for the same company, in one of the local packing warehouses, they never mingled with other folks within the warehouse, and were always seen every day taking tea-breaks and lunches or just strolling outside - others were wiry of them and later left them to their own.

The first of the three, short and stocky, the stubborn one, always game for an argument at any given cost, his name, Noki, he always enjoyed life. the second, slightly taller than the first, grubby beard, but neat in appearance, the charmer, and the philosopher, like to argue his case out to the bitter end, his name, Chuupa, the last person, others who knew him, call him smooth, always in the latest designer gear, and centre of attention and everything about him, so immaculate, his name, Chanda.

After much discussions over the past couple years the final crunch game when Noki had decided to take the plunge, the real reason he received a letter for a high school reunion but did not wish to go by him self. So, he booked tickets on the train to Amsterdam, on account he was terrified of flying.

The second person, Chuupa, lived in a less affluent area than his other friends, the baby of his family, and so his mother treated him like one, but when in the privacy of his room, there were scores of phone numbers to secret places and meetings in back alleys to try make a revolution happen, as he was busying on his iPhone, a message cropped up, it was Noki, asking if they could meet up in their local pub later that evening, as he had an announcement to make. Chuupa , hurriedly agreed, as he wanted to get back to one of his seedy militant meetings within the brotherhood.

The third person, Chanda, tall dark and smooth with the ladies, or so he thought he was, very nice looking, but not too bright, at his home, his mother mollycoddled him, which meant he could do no wrong, his father on the other hand, always insist on giving man- chores to do, and each time this happened, it would end up with Chanda storming out, to the back garden with his gadgets, the iPhone, the iPad and the mobile, his sister would look on and turn the other way, and mutter something in a language they were all aware of, almost broken to tears a message appeared on his iPhone, from Chuupa to meet up at the local, so he managed to tear himself away from one of his militant meetings.

The local, a bar, for young people, but nearly every one from different walks of life went there, Noki, Chuupa and Chanda had their own specific place they would always sit. Situated within a mile from their homes, they would never let their folks know that they were going to such places like these, music blazing in one corner of the bar, some young ladies joking, dancing and drinking heavily, in another corner, outside there were chairs and tables, these were occupied by a bunch of skin heads, and it was Chuupa who wanted to start a commotion with them, but Noki, tapped his hand on his shoulder, to say, he has something more important to announce.

All three headed in another direction, slightly away from the local, towards a group of trees, hidden from view, each had a drink they had purchase in the bar, and sat on the cool grass, the weather, slightly warm, enough not to need a jacket, and a breeze was blowing, making it cooler.

Noki, Chuupa and Chanda, mesmerised now, from inhaling their substances, even though the things they embarked were quite taboo within their culture, they did not care, and they chilled out a bit, before Noki broke the silence,

"Yeah, guys, I had a letter for a high school reunion."

"Oh yeah" exclaimed Chanda


"Well, are you going to go?" as Chuupa.

"I think so...what do you think?"

They all looked at each other with blank faces

"I think you should go...when is it?” Chanda began to get excited.

"Well...er.... you see I've book tickets by train...the occasion is going to be held in Amsterdam. "

"Amsterdam!" exclaimed Chuupa

"Well yes, I figure we could be make good time for us."

"But, we never attended you school...I admit I do know some of the people there...but would they notice?" Chanda said.

Chanda, looked at his gold watch and then back at Chuupa and Noki and just smiled, and underneath his breath,

"At least, away from home ...for a while would be a good break...count me in."

"So how long would it be for?" Chanda asked, trying not to look sophisticated while asking.

“7 days, and 2 nights in Amsterdam".

It was getting late, the three of them had their fill and smokes, and decided to freshen up in the men’s room, before leaving for their homes. They had decided to go but Noki had not told them why he wanted them with him or what his intentions when they arrive there. He had a score to play with some of guys from high school and knew he would be able to tackle them alone.

It was a traumatic time for Noki during his high school years and he would have never got over it, if it was not for his close friends, which is why he felt compelled to pay for the trip himself for them. They all felt like family and had a lot in common and he knew they would have done the same for him.

September 28, 2020 16:05

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