Sad Drama

TIME, what is it? Too many explanations yet; it still a mystery waiting in a queue to be unveiled by someone. About the time, we all have this consensus that time is relative. According to Einstein, 

That space and time are the part of a four-dimensional structure where everything that has happened has its coordinates in spacetime.

That makes Past, present and, future connected and makes time, a road, or a string, by following which a person can experience one of the aspects of life. What if we can stop it? What if we can exist in the past and somebody else's present at the same time. That self-talking marry was doing while she was on the way to the hospital with her two-month-old baby girl in the back seat of the car. She wasn't feeling well for some days, but she was scared to go to the hospital. Mary somehow knew that something is serious about her health. Her cramps were different, bowling habits were strange, and, this time was blood in the stool.

She pulled the breaks in the parking and went in. She was upset and devastated. She looked at the baby in her arms, like she was the center of her universe, and let her feet covered the way to the doctor's room.

After the check-up doctor told her to call her husband, she did so. When her husband came, the doctor sat them down and dropped the bomb that Marry has the colon cancer (the silent killer) that just rocked their world. 

She gathered herself and asked why doctors were unable to detect it. 

"The reason is that sometimes the colon cancer hides in the symptoms of pregnancy. I am sorry I can't help you with this but let me recommend you to someone expert." Doctor said.

Her husband gave her comfort by holding her hand, but that wasn't all she needed. She needed the time to live that new chapter of her life that was sleeping in her arms.

"There has to be a way that is not how I imagined my daughter's life. She cannot have the living as I did, I want her to have me," Marry said to her husband.

"Ya! She will have you come on, let's go home." the husband said.

The next two weeks were so hard for them, especially for Marry. The house ambiance was like the funeral before the actual one.

After Mary's first treatment, she was sitting on the couch in her husband's arm, watching tv. You are going to be fine; her husband said.

No! Didn't you hear What doctor said? My pregnancy hid the symptoms. I am going to die O my God. she said. 

Mary's husband was holding her and comforting. However, he couldn't help himself and started crying with Mary. As they were full of emotions, they saw the news that goes,

"A 220-year-old time capsule containing coins, documents, and other artifacts left by US founding fathers Samuel Adams and Paul Revere was opened by Massachusetts officials on Tuesday."

After hearing that piece of news, her hopeless eyes got a glimpse of hope. It seemed like her body got hit by a wave of energy. She got up and yelled, "solution." Her husband smiled and asked what happened. 

"I will make a time capsule for my daughter, I will stop time and will give it to my daughter, and I will live the time I have." She said.

Her husband smiled, "that is the Marry I like." he added. 

The next day Marry bought a dairy to write. She started it from the day she got the news of her daughter, and she wrote it every day. Mary would put some stickers and some drawings to describe the day, and part of the day that includes her daughter would be colored. Mary didn't only write about how her life has been going. She also wrote some letters to her daughter, who is going to be fifteen when she would get that time capsule. 

There were some advisory letters, some funny stories of herself, some beautiful birthday wishes to her daughter, some recipes, a song that she had learned, only to sing to her daughter (Crowded table), and a guitar chord lesson.

It took her six months to complete that diary, despite her illness and pain, she was consistent. At the end of her journal, she wrote, 

I love you, my reason to smile. You might not have me with you, but you'll be able to sense my presence through this. The six months that I got with you was indeed the most beautiful. You are a strong and beautiful girl, take care of yourself and your daddy.

love Mom,

 The span of The six-month battle with cancer made Marry so weak that she was unable to walk by herself. The doctor suggested them to stay in the hospital to make her last days as comfortable as possible.

But Before she could go to the hospital, she made a box with the help of her husband and carved A sentence on it, which was 

"I put my time and my time with you in this box." and on lock, they carved (2015-2028). Then Marry kissed that journal and put that into that box. 

After the two-week stay at the hospital Marry, lost the battle of her life. After mary's funeral, her husband sat in the dark corner of the house and watched their family photos and asked some questions. 

To see what is going to happen when our daughter would open the box. What will be like in 2028? What're the reactions she will have? I don't if my daughter going to get the box as we have planned, or the case is going to get lost in time like most of the time capsule? 

Did she stop the time the way she wanted to be, or that was just a worthless effort she did? I don't know what the future holds. I guess to find that we have to wait till 2028.  


October 09, 2020 17:48

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Charles Stucker
02:31 Oct 11, 2020

That self-talking marry was doing - Mary Her cramps were different, bowling habits were strange,- bowling is a game, bowels are part of animal (including human) excretory system and irregular bowels are a symptom associated with cramps. If you were able to change something, I would make it the opening where you talk about time, relativity, and Einstein. Just omit those parts and start with Mary talking to the doctor. Everything after that is very good, the opening is just slow because you go into philosophy about what constitutes time....


Zainab Shahid
19:49 Oct 11, 2020

Thank you for reading my story and for guiding me. It means a lot, and thank you for pointing out my mistake. P.S my spellings are a bit weak. I am working on them


Charles Stucker
20:27 Oct 11, 2020

English is a tough language for spelling. Particularly if it's your second tongue of you had weak elementary school teachers.


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