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In a drawing room, sitting alone and rocking to hip hop. Just then the door flew open and standing in there was my old friend “Jareth '' owl was his name. Hooting to get my attention… Dropping from his mouth was a message and rewarding “Jareth” a mouse. Back to the message; {your attention is required to the Sorcery University, urgent stop} and went back to my drawing knowing that I had some time even though the message said urgent. 

As I put my hand on the handle, the room went cold, the lights flickered and a shadow appeared in front of me.  Raistlin, spoke {good evening Raven-Claw} and as you are aware, I’m Raven-Claw and Raistlin is another old friend. Well, we have history and now we are best friends forever. Enough of the back story. Turning around, jumping out of my chair and giving kisses, hugs. How much I’ve missed you. Sure we stayed in touch through owl mail. But having him in person made it so real. Leaving my drawing room, to the kitchen to put the kettle on, put more wood in the fire pit and if you would like some food you must be hungry! 

Kitching up as the time rolls on, it must be midnight by now and making the couch up. Waking to the smell of a fresh pot of coffee, the fire pit is lit and getting the sleepiest out of my eyes, something you need to know about my eyes? They are Hourglass shaped. Thanks for the last time I was at Sorcery University. I took the highest test of knowing the truth about all that there is to know about Magic and it took place in the high tower. So that is my story of being what I am today. Which is {Evil/Neutral Druid} and cursed for eternity. 

If it wasn’t “Raistlin” saving me well I wouldn’t be here. Where was I? I remember, it was morning time, sitting at the table and Goldmoon appeared as if by magic. Tasselhoff and Flint followed Alhana. Good the old gang is all together once again for a call to the Sorcery University. Still catching up on old days and putting more wood on the fire and feeding my friends. The day quickly turned to night going to sleep and I “Raven-Claw” was having a nightmare. Raistlin jumped into my dreams, he was the only one that had that kind of magic and seeing what I saw he “Raistlin” quickly pulled me out. 

We sat up discussing what this nightmare was about till early morning? Not wanting to worry our friends, we got ready to use the Apparition and we all were to go through something that was interfering with transportation. Half of us went to the headmaster and the other of us ended at the sacred tree. Raven-Claw, Raistlin and Alhana were at the sacred tree. Flint, Tasselhoff and Goldmoon were with the headmaster. That does not make any sense. “Jareth” landed on Alhana's arm and was wildly chirping? Raven-Claw said I know. Raistlin worked on the Apparition to make sure that we were transformed to the headmasters office. Fixed she said.

Finally we were here. Headmaster was shaky. What is going on? Let's get you all settled in. The Phoenix swapped in and showed the way to our rooms. Finished unpacking, went to the great hall, ate and then thunder lightning flashed magically. We’ll have to talk in the morning. This room was different now, shadows filled my room and there was “Raven-Claw” sitting at my drawing room. That can’t be, I’m here at my old school and Raistlin creeped in, sorry I know the rules but heard you crying out. What is wrong with me? Raistlin said there is nothing wrong with you. Then explain these nightmares Raistlin! Well it’s like this, there are warning signs and there is something wrong but it’s not you “Raven-Claw”. Then what is it trying to tell me? Raistlin said; {I’ll stay with you till you go back to sleep} and then I will go back to my room. 

Morning came, woke up, called a magical way from the ghosts that run the school and go to the great hall. The headmaster pulled me aside and {Raven-Claw} answered him. In the tower where I took the test to make me who I am. The reason I summed you was something is different at this school. Magic can’t control this. So I asked the headmaster if it was supernatural or human? No answer was heard. Just then spooky sounds came from the walls. My friends were standing by my side. How, where did you all come from I asked? Then Raistlin said, {well, stop standing around we got a mystery to solve} and a gust of wind in a whirlwind appeared sucked my friends including me to the other realm. 

Looking around, something doesn’t feel right? Spooks, ghosts, evil was in the air and my friends were not acting right. Just then Raven-Claw fell, my friends were looking at me strangely. Raistlin said {we all should get out of here} and Raven-Claw eyes turned black a voice in a harsh tone said “GO Away”. Then I was back standing, my eyes Hourglasses. What happened? You were possessed. Goldmoon was saying we should get going. Following the dark sounds from the forest. Deeper we were lured in. The ground turns to quicksand. Suddenly Raven-Claw was floating in mid air, putting me down Raven-Claw Ordered and getting my friends out of the quicksand a shadow appeared.

Mystery solved. Busted Goldmoon said. Tasselhoff, Flint, Alhana, Raistlin asked who are you? The Shadow spoke. I am anything and everything the Shadow said. Raven-Claw explained who the shadow was. Well my friend you got me in a lot of trouble. How? Asked the Shadow! I was summoned by the Headmaster of Sorcery University to explain and you Shadow got Raven-Claw in trouble. I’m taking you back to see the headmaster and you're going to fix this shadow. Before we do that Goldmoon asked {Why did you do it}? At first it was for kicks, explained Shadow, but the more it got interesting and now someone got hurt. Wait, asked Raven-Claw, who got hurt and why are you telling this to me now. Jenny was the one who got hurt. Wait, how and take me to her now. Swish in seconds we were at the sacred tree. 

The Phoenix {our magical Bird}, fly's in and her tears have woken her up. Mystery is solved and now we were back in the great hall. The shadows have something to say; {this was supposed to be just pranks no one was to get hurt} and as soon as “Jenny” a student was cast to stone. All the shadows stopped. Then one shadow came out of hiding. Now all is said and done. Wait, no {someone has to take responsibility}? The headmaster interrupted. Consequences are in order. Just then I was swished to my drawing room. My friends were also gone. Waking to drool on my shirt. But that made me get to work on my novel. Guess that blew open my writer's block. 

Had to have a break. So I got up, went to the kitchen, put the kettle on and also had to put more wood into the fire pit. I was a little hungry so I got something to eat. Was getting the kettle just then thunder roared, lightning shook the cabin and a gust of wind appeared in the shape of my mum. {Goddess of Artemis} appeared in thin air. Mum, why are you here? Well heard you had and solved a mystery. Well thanks. Raven-Claw, that is why I’m here {Goddess of Artemis}. Your powers shook the world and your father “Zeus” is not happy. I know mum. No, you know that you have to be punished. The shadows are running wild. Just then the headmaster appeared. The gates were open and the shadows were running free. Raistlin and “Jareth” appeared. You and Raistlin have to fix this. Both the headmaster and my mother “Goddess Artemis” agreed. “Jareth”, Raistlin and myself {Raven-Claw} were transported to the forgotten realm. 

Caging the shadows up, my eyes changed from hourglass to one eye is black, and hourglasses. My changes are cursed and now the headmaster summoned the gods to give honors to {Raven-Claw, Raistlin} finally said no to the gods. You can Honor Raistlin. But as for me, no thanks. The whole school was in shock. Raven-Claw, get back here, I said no and used magic to go back to the cabin where I sat in my Drawing Room. Lights flickered, that is a sign that {Gods} are near. Mum and dad I’m sorry, but I didn’t want you to see me like this because I have changed. Let us see. Fine. Starting with my eyes, one is Black/Hourglass, wings came out of my back and the wings are new. My parents still loved me and accepted me. There is no reason we shouldn’t. Completion is finally done. You know this was about to happen. Well yes. This was a test! Sorry, my daughter. If you would have known you wouldn’t have gotten your wings. Take a look for yourself. Looking back at me was one black eye, the other eye was hourglass and golden wings. Your confirmation is complete. Thanks mum and dad. 

I went to my drawing room to take it all in. Just then Raistlin appeared. Tears fell from my face as I looked up at him. Dry your eyes, you will always look beautiful to me. You have to step away from this drawing room. Go freshen up and find me in the kitchen. I will put the kettle on and also add more wood to the fire pit. As I returned to the kitchen. Picking up my coffee cup, Raistlin said, I am sorry that I was involved and that I could not have gone against the gods. You mean to say you couldn’t have gone against my parents. You know that answer Raven-Claw. I know! Well, now that I look this way are you saying you still want me? Raistlin answered yes, I will always follow you to the end of time and know that you hold the key to my heart for all eternity.

February 02, 2022 03:11

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