In the city of Paris. There lived a beautiful ,10 years old,orphan girl named Hope,her parents died in a car accident. And she was placed, lived and grown up in a small orphanage named Supreme. The orphanage was supervised by a cruel, selfish and wicked woman named Amanda.

The orphanage had 10 rooms ; each child had there own room and 10 children named William ,Tom, Peggy,Piggy,Sofia, John ,Harry, Maria,Steve,Kevin and Hope included.

Amanda doesn't allow the children; to play any games with toys, sing songs or dance. She would punish them if they disobey her by throwing there toys in the garbage bin ,putting them in dark room to sleep and starve them. The children were treated cruel and all of them hated Amanda.

Hope friends the twin sisters name Peggy and Piggy, that had mouths resembling a pig's mouth; were playing secretly with there dolls and Amanda caught them.

She had taken away there dolls ,threw it in the garbage bin ;like what she did to all the other children toys. Amanda said ,"Toys make will make you children more stupid ,because your already stupid"and Hope angrily said,"We are kids that's what kids do play with toys and I want my Toy back". Amanda slapped Hope and placed her in the dark basement to sleep. Hope was scared and cried all night long in the dark basement; wishing that her parents were alive.

In the early morning ,she released Hope from the basement and punished her again by sending her to carry out the garbage bin. While Hope was emptying the garbage bin;she found a cat next to the garbage bin. The cat was white like milk and fur thick like a winter coat. Hope fell in love with the cat instantly. She secretly carried it into the orphanage and in her room.

Hope named the cat Snowflakes. Snowflakes become Hopes best friend. They played together ;Hope fed Snowflakes milk ,which she stolen from the fridge in the kitchen. Soon all the children in the orphanage knew about Snowflakes ; loved and played with her. Hope had Snowflakes for a week and hiding her from Amanda.

But unfortunately one night. Snowflakes saw a mouse and was trying to caught the mouse; ran out of Hope room, messed up the kitchen ,woke up Amanda and she threw it outside.

Hope was sad and crying. Snowflakes her best friend and only thing that made her happy ever since her parents died was gone. Later that night Hope jumped through her window ;escaped from the orphanage in search to go find Snowflakes.

In the cold dark night ,Hope was walking down the lonely road calling out for snowflakes .Then she heard Snowflakes voice coming from the back of a alley. There she saw a dog was attacking snowflakes then Hope stopped the dog and helped Snowflakes.

Hope said," I thought I wouldn't see you again and I wouldn't ever see you again"; she rubbed Snowflakes on her thick fur then give her a kiss on the head. They slept on public bench throughout the night;as hope hugged her tightly.

The morning, As Hope and snowflakes were walking around. She saw Snowflakes picture on flyers missing. Hope didn't want to give up Snowflakes but she knew it was the right thing to do. Hope with tears in her eyes taken the address from the flyer and went to return Snowflakes home.

When Hope met at Snowflakes real owner home ,which is a mansion. She met Diana and Tom Franklins;they are a wealthy family. Diana said" Thank you, We been looking all over for her "and Tom said ,"Where are your parents" ,then Hope said ,"There dead , I live at the Supreme orphanage".

Tom said, "We must award you with some money"and Hope said, "No thanks,as long Snowflakes home". Then she leave and went back to the orphanage ;Amanda was angry and she punished Diana for running away by cleaning up the yard.

While Hope was in the yard cleaning; sad and crying. The Franklins came in there Limousine car; they had no children and couldn't have neither, because Diana had sickle cell. They wanted to adopt Hope because Snowflakes was unhappy with her and the Franklins liked Hope.

They adopted Hope and she was happy to have new parents and be with Snowflakes. The Franklins reported Amanda to the child care service after Hope told them everything about her wicked treatment towards them. The child care service removed her and the children had a new, generous,loving and caring supervisor named Rose.

Snowflakes a lost and wealthy owners cat made a sad orphan girl happy and give her a new family along with freeing all the other orphans from the wicked treatment of Amanda. Snowflakes was like angel disguised in a cat form.

February 24, 2020 21:25

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