Creative Nonfiction Suspense Drama

Claire and Ben fastened up their luggage and hurried out after been waiting for this day. Yeah! Finally, they decided to fly to Quebec, Air Canada, in a Boeing 777 as their tickets confirmed. Sighing deeply, they smiled at each other after pinned their back at the seats of the cab, which was started and moved on firmly to the destination as suggested by Ben for the sake of Claire. Claire placed her palm on his lap, as it was the journey of chasing their dream, which could be doomed if they had failed to make this choice. As their life filled with turbulence, they both did not fail to stay tight holding their hands. While his mind brought back these thoughts, he held her palm gently and affectionately. 

“I have been waiting for this so long” Claire said, watched him silently, waited for his turn.   

“No words to say” Ben said in low tone. 

“It's ok”, Claire nodded her head. 

He was quite speechless at this; she held his hand with hers. As Ben turned 74 and Claire was 71, they were still young in taking care. All of a sudden, they ride to meet their son, in ten years.  

"How many more hours to reach there" Claire asked curiously.  

We are nearing madam. We will be reached in half an hour" taxi driver replied.  

They moved with hope and courage, arrived at the boarding point. 

‘The check-in time’ 

Both waited in a queue and it was their turn. Once their passports, tickets and other formalities were cleared, they moved on for their luggage. They were not mindful on that since they focused on the upcoming meeting with their son and their heart weighed with unmeasurable longing for their granddaughter.  

 They hope that everything was going on well and they were almost to board the flight. 

What is this? Officer asked  

"Medicines of my wife" Ben replied suddenly.  

“Sorry! You are not allowed with this” officer replied.

“But Why?” Ben astonished.

"You cannot take it to Canada, it’s banned”. “You may have to check with embassy for the list of drugs approved” officer refused. 

“But she is taking this for the past five years” Ben replied suddenly.  

“Sorry! We must follow the rules, we can't help you with this” officer shrugged hopelessly. 

Ben and Claire looked at each other in perplexity.

"No, without this drug she can't even start her day and of course we carry the prescription with us. You may need to reconsider, please” Ben requested. 

“I am sorry, it is against the rules and I can't help” officer said sternly. 

"But I have to take this dose on regular basis, without this I can't even move my hands and legs. It's necessary for my survival. It took almost a decade to meet our son and his family. Kindly help us" Claire grieved.  

"Mam, we have rules to follow, SORRY" officer said firmly.

"Is there a way out?” Ben asked directly. 

“I am sorry" officer repeated the same.

"Then how are we going to deal with this? She can't even make a single day" Ben shouted in a husky voice.   

His voice went up and down in anxiety continuously, he was worried deep down and lost his confidence. They choked their breath and this journey meant them a lot in their whole life. This argument continued for a while, led to worry many passengers. They were taken to an alternate room to discuss in private. 

‘In the alternate room’ 

“Sir Please try to understand, she cannot skip these medications even a single day” Ben made a constant effort to explain. They moved to the edge of their chairs and glanced up at the officer's face. 

“But it would be more serious if you violate the laws and you should have checked with the embassy for that each country has its own guidelines. You may reach a nearby doctor there that can help you find the reliable medicines. I explained the things clearly and it would be helpful for you to decide. I could realize how important the medicine for you but please make a decision and move on” officer said and walked out. 

There was no way it could be arranged, Claire’s eyes blurred with tears and Ben’s heart was knocked sideways. Even though the argument was difficult, it was, nonetheless, the discussion for a worthy cause. They remained helpless.   

They could not even think of visiting a new doctor. They wished to spend time with their loved ones during the first meeting, rather than searching or visiting a medical practitioner in the new place, they were devastated and confused. 

“Do we need to get there.?” He asked with mixed of emotions. He seemed to be down in the mouth.   

“Let us move on without this medicine” She replied with low voice, because what she needed was to meet her son and put her fears and worries to rest. He agreed to her as no choice, swaddled off to the officer for concluding the same.   

‘On their first flight’ 

 They boarded their flight without any delay, both minds occupied the thoughts of their son. 

"Welcome sir, welcome madam!" one of the crew members greeted. 

 Claire nodded with blurred eyes; her hand held his hand tightly as he did not even mind others.  

He let her had seat to rest, sat on his, allowed no space, occupied air.   

"We should have made our effort earlier; we could have avoided the situation you face today" he consoled; rubbed her fingers whilst she tried to control her emotions. 

“It's ok. Nothing bad will ever happen to me. Hope everything will be alright soon.” Claire told him affectionately. Ben nodded with tears as she had a firm hold on his arm.  

She leaned on his shoulders and rested for a while, his arms rushed, covered her gently, he could not sleep, was being haunted by his regrets. At the age of seventies, the septuagenarians needed to manage the health complications on their own. Their son went for higher studies, found his love, decided to lead his life with her before sharing his choice with them. After receiving the surprise call from their granddaughter, both started off journey with clear mind, but it would be turned upside down and let their hearts heavy at the airport.  

“I will never leave you alone.” Claire whispered; she hid her fear; she felt like she was travelling like a fish out of water. She chose her words carefully; it would not let him broken.  

“I don’t even want to think about what life would be like without you” Ben regretted.  

“Once we reached the airport, we will talk to our son, for an immediate appointment of a doctor” he babbled her.  

“No let it be known later, I don’t want to disappoint him with my health issues” She replied and tried to divert him. 

As time passed, they reached their destination, walked side by side, looked for their son until they found out a man stood with their placards and kept moved towards him.  

“Are you Mr. Ben and Mrs. Claire” he asked softly.  

Ben nodded his head, “where is my Son Alan?” He asked him suddenly.  

“Sir I am Elm, cab driver; I am here to receive you” the driver replied. 

They both sighed in frustration, lost in their thoughts and followed him to the cab. 

“I was expecting him with his family” she expressed. 

He stopped, turned his face to her side as expected and he could not utter a word as he wished the same as hers.  

‘Cody and his love’ 

Cody, the kid lost his parent at his young age, roamed the streets of Hannover starved, survived, finally he could accommodate himself at a charity home, where nothing would have been changed much better than earlier in his life. Same wounds of grunt, scolding, physical violence kept on chasing him even sometimes bullied, starved with sleepless nights. All his wishes and dreams faded, hope on mankind failed where relationship tarnished. Nevertheless, he could litter his dark days as the fear consumed him completely, he decided to chase the love of his life. 

His harsh search for a better life, made him stubborn. After he passed the survival days, connected him in the dark web of drug pedaling. He could brighten up his days, he palmed himself off as a business man to the world, roamed around the cities in Canada and smuggled the drugs under ban. Thus, the young man earned money.  

‘Cody and his relationship’ 

He just boarded in the early morning flight due to his business, saw a girl as pretty as her mom, her sudden appearance made his eyes opened wide, brought back his memories back, he could not take up his eyes from that heavenly face. He stunned and smiled at her without his knowledge as her face resembled his mother’s. She walked towards him and offered a stunning smile too, he never expected. 

“Gorgeous!” he never ever felt like this. 

He could realize that, he was happier than ever as she sat near his side. 

As time moved on, she turned his side and whispered, “Hi, I am Raya” 

“You are the most beautiful thing in the world, resembling my mother.” He mouthed unknowingly 

“What! Oh, thank you” She replied with her fruity voice. 

“I mean it, I am Cody” he voiced gently. 

She could understand him, he was longing for his mom, she smiled in a very thoughtful way. 

They shared few more details as he was a business man and she was a final year student. 

Both moved on their way but her face would not allow him to stay quiet. He arranged few curious coincidences to meet her, loved her as much as he loved his mother. Life showed the pity on him finally.  

He decided to talk about his business to her as they were closer and more understood. He did not want to hide anything from her on the sake of his angelic mother. He shared his way of life from his childhood to till.  

“Are you a smuggler!!” she shouted  

“Listen to me please, I had not chosen this life, it chose me when I was in deep sh** and I was forced to choose this for my survival. 

She cried and left him without a single word. 

‘Few hours back’ 

"Need it today" a strange caller said

“Where?” he asked 

“At the Airport” he replied 

“You will receive the code in few minutes, be ready.” the stranger stated and cut the line 

Few minutes to spare, he hired a horse-drawn cab leaving his home, to connect the right people at the right time, eagerly seeking for the directives via message. But he witnessed “Raya calling.......” in the display. He blinked his eyes and checked it again. It displayed “Raya calling”. He attended the call without any delay, “I need to talk to you” her angelic voice whispered him. As he felt the sun shine, he surrendered.  

 Cody, the young, energetic, the man of few words was into drug pedaling for the past few years to lead his life but never more. He walked into the airport with the new destination as love of his life showed the way. With no further delay, Cody the fearless man moved on with more energy. 

‘At the entrance’ 

On their way to cab, a young man was surrounded by guards at the entrance.  

“Raise your hands, where are you heading? What do you supply? Where is your luggage, what is your name? Show your passport....” the police officers surrounded him and started firing with so many questions at once. The young man could not answer their questions, they yelled and pulled him, he seemed to be so innocent and finally replied, “I am Cody, you have chosen the wrong one”.  

A higher official reached at him with limitless questions while another cop grabbed his arms, few started to unwrap his back pack in search of something. 

“Let me go, this is not fair, you have chosen the wrong one” he repeated.  

Ben and Claire froze at the innocent voice on their way. Soon one of the cops, had his back pack came, informed them that there was nothing inside his luggage. As there were no evidence, they had to let him walk off.  

“I apologize for disturbing you like this” An officer expressed regrets formally.  

“I told you that you have chosen the wrong one” he mentioned it again and walked as no one could stop him. Ben and Claire glanced off at him, “Thank God!” Ben sighed. He had added him in his prayers. 

‘In the cab' 

They both reached the cab; drive kept their luggage settled and sat in his seat. The doors were closed and started to the destination. Claire pinned her on the back seat to rest herself, Ben could not stop thinking of the young man, might be he was an unknown but worrisome.  

“Driver, have you watched that the young man being caught and relieved” Ben asked   

“Yes sir! He just left my car few minutes back, I dropped him here” he replied.  

There was then a long discussion went on, “He may be a drug peddler sir, and I am not sure of it” driver answered.  

“Is it?” Ben asked him doubtfully.   

He realized something that would have been placed under his shoes. He picked and started opening it carefully as it had been sealed with multiple covers. His eyes were brightened and blurred with tears instantly, he turned her side and smiled. 

Suddenly she grabbed and held it to her heart. They were in deep silence as they got something back again, the medicine they were in need of; “Thank God” Ben repeated for the unknown.  

The End  

Jenitta Daniel 

July 23, 2021 06:42

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Nice story


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