I fold my hands into fists, and I feel a rush of blood going through my body. “I'm not joking!” I shout as I try to calm myself down, but I already feel everyone's eyes finding there towards me. 

“Joie I believe you!” beck says “but not everyone else will. They’ll think you're crazy”. Before I can reply the bell rings and it's time to go to class.  

We head out of the cafeteria trying not to get smashed by kids swarming by. Before we go to our separate classes Beck looks around the hallway to see if it's clear. “show me after school” he says. As he walks away, I watch him mess his hair up even more than it already is. Even from this far away I can see how greasy it is. 

 I laugh as I walk to my own class. When I walk in, I scan the room to see everyone settling in. The last class of the day is always the worst class of the day. I walk to the back of the room trying to find an empty seat. When I hear Mrs. Camber shout my name. Mrs. Camber is a short woman with pale skin and thick eyebrows. She has never really liked me that much. 

 “yes?” I say looking at her. 

“where's your real-life story you have to turn in young man?” she replies with a smirk. 

I wanted to tell her at that moment that she really did look like a gorilla to me, but I instead said “it's in my backpack of course”. Sitting down I reach into my backpack to find a half-eaten bagel. 

“We really don’t have all day” she says. 

“Are you in the mood for a bagel?” I reply back with a convincing smile 

“I need a story by tomorrow” she says, and just as I had expected I had a pink sheet of paper signed with my name on my desk. Which only meant one thing: Detention. 

When class was over, I walked out of the room to see Beck waiting for me. “Mrs. Gorilla gave me detention” I say as we start walking. 

“really? Me too man!” he says laughing. He tells me the reason he got detention was because he told Mr. Valmik, his history teacher, that history was a waste of time. 

As we turned the corner, we see Zara. She’s a short girl with big eyes and dark red hair. “Hey Tomato!” we both yell to catch her attention. When we reach her, she says “Don't call me that!” trying to hide her smile.  

“So, we got detention” Beck says trying to sound cool. 

“oh goodness not again!” Zara says rolling her eyes. 

“Tomato meet me and beck at the gas station at like 6, alright?” I ask. 

“yeah, Joie said he has to show us something" Beck adds. 

“it better be good guys because I have to finish my project” she says walking away and joining her other friends. 



My eyes were set on the clock as it inched its way to 5 o’clock. I had never realized that time could go so slow. I look back to grab Beck’s attention, and when we make eye contact a grin slides across his face.  

It was time to sneak out of detention. 

“sir do you see that” I say pointing outside to the man who holds detention. From the corner of my eye I see Beck standing by the door way.  

“What?” the man barks. 

Beck gives me a thumbs up and I yell “Sir look that boy is trying to leave!”. Just as I finish my sentence Beck starts running down the hall.


“You come back here!” the man growls while running after Beck.  

I smile to myself our plan really worked. I grab my backpack and run in the other direction. I walk out of the school towards the bike rack and see Beck with a grin across his face. "That was so great” I say as I get on my bike. “You should have seen his face when he couldn’t catch me” Beck laughs.  

We ride our bikes through the street. The street lights were beginning to shine and the sky was getting darker. When we got to the gas station, I see Zara drinking a coke against the building. “Hey guys” she says as we get there. “Hey where's my coke?” Beck asks smiling. He tries to reach for hers but he's too slow, and she slides it away from him 

“so, Joie what did you want to show us?” She says turning her attention to me. 

“It's kind of a long story, but just follow me.” I reply nervously. 

Beck raises an eyebrow but doesn’t question me. I walk to the back of the gas station and they follow. I look around to see if anyone is looking before heading out of the back door. I see a big bush and I go behind it and see the map that I had found the other day. I pull it out so Beck and Zara can see.  

“this looks old” beck says examining it  

I look at the date and I say “It's from 1945, but I really do think it's real.” 

“The treasure doesn't look far from here” Zara says looking at the map like it’s an alien. 

We Follow the map Zara in the lead. I can't help but think this was a bad idea but we keep on walking till she says “This is where it stops”. I look around to see a tiny red house. The house looks normal and it seems like people live inside. 


“well this was a dead end” beck says, but as soon as he finishes his sentence a gunshot goes off.  

The first thing I can think of is hiding so I grab both Beck and Zara's hand to lead them behind the nearest bush. I didn't hear exactly where the sound came from but Beck whispers like he's reading my mind “I think it came from that red house”. We all peak from the sides of the bush. Another gunshot goes off and Zara lets out a scream. I keep staring at that house while Beck tries to help her calm down. Then I see a man dressed in all black come out of the house running. “guys” I whisper to get their attention. The man in all black goes into a van, and Zara takes out her phone. “it's not time to text ur friends” I say getting a little frustrated.


“shut up” she says or at least that’s what I think she said.  

The van drives away and Beck says “let's go see what happened”.  

“no, I'm going to stay out here and call the police. Someone has to stay guard” Zara says nervously. 

“Okay” Beck says to her and we head inside the house. 

Beck and I walk into the house. The walls are painted light yellow and many paintings are hanging. I start to look around the room while Beck starts looking through the whole house. “JOIE!” he shouts. “yeah?” I shout back trying to follow where the voice came from. I see him knelling down as I pass a room, and I walk in. 

There was blood everywhere. My hands begin the tremble and I try to say something but nothing comes out. I look at Beck to see how all the color has drained from his face. I force myself to look at the dead man. He looks young around the age of 25.I hear police men coming into the room. “Boys I'm going to need you to step out of the room carefully” 

Before I can take in what just happened all three of us are at the police station. “thank you for that photo of the van and the man Zara” I hear a police man say “without that you guys would be our prime suspects”. 

The police ask us some questions and then we’re free to go home. I say bye to Beck and Zara and head home before they can tag along. I wanted some time alone. A man had just died and I had almost gotten my friends and I into grave trouble. Plus, I knew I had to write that story for Mrs. Camber. 

I sat down at my desk to write. At first, I didn’t know how to start but I decide on going with this: “I fold my hands into fists, and I feel a rush of blood going through my body.” 

May 06, 2020 17:33

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Annora Chen
23:07 Aug 03, 2020

Oh myyy, this is so interesting! I think its amazing how u link tmur first line of the story with the first line of the assignment! Very nice story, uwu


Lata B
23:17 Aug 03, 2020

Thank you so much! :)


Annora Chen
11:37 Aug 05, 2020

ur welcome, uwu, i'll try my best to comment on all ur stories as fast as I can so yee


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Aneka Williams
16:15 Jun 11, 2020

I like this! Some sentences were choppy and disconnected but liked the plot nonetheless


Lata B
16:18 Jun 11, 2020

Thank you! I agree this was the first story I ever wrote and I feel like I've improved so much since then!💛


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Jesse Mygrant
16:43 Dec 02, 2021

okay, this was a very interesting story! i like how the beginning correlates with the end.


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