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'What are those daddy?'

'Those? Those are called stars, kiddo.'

'What are stars,daddy?'

'Stars are...... ummm......They are our........relatives.'

'But our relatives are with us. At home.'

'I am not talking about the living ones. I am talking about the lost ones. The long lost ones.'

'What is happening to that star daddy?That beautiful,bright star?'

'Which one? That one?'

'Yeah. It is kind of.....blinking.'

'It is not blinking. It's called twinkling.'

'Why does it happen?'

'When the long lost relatives see you,they wave their hands.'

'But it looks like they are winking at me'

'Since they are at a far distance from us, it seems like twinkling.........Or blinking.'

'What happens to our long lost relatives,daddy?'

'Eh. That's a long story kiddo.it will take a long time.'

'Daddy please! Tell me the story. I love long stories.'

'Okay I will tell you after five minutes.'


'To make a long story short.'


'Ummm......what can I...'

'Time over daddy.'

'What! You gave me only like....four seconds,kiddo.'

'I thought you were a fast thinking man,daddy.'

'Oh yeah. I am. Thanks to my fast and furious mind.'

'Okay. Tell me the long story of our long lost relatives,daddy.'

'Yes,yes. I will tell you.'

'Oooh! I am so excited right now.'

'Okay. Okay. Once upon a time, just as the first living being came into the earth, another force was also born on earth. A powerful force. But it needed help.'

'What was that force, daddy? '

'Just be silent and listen kiddo. Okay? You can ask questions after I complete the story. Understood?'

'As you say daddy.'

'The powerful but weak force was named as DEATH.'

'That's a nice name.'

'Silence, Kiddo.'

'Sorry Daddy.'

'Death was helpless. It always searched for help. It asked help from people who had attained most of the wisdom of the universe. No one knows why does death ask help and for what does it need help for. No one knows how death looks like. No one knows what will happen if you succeede in helping death. But, if you ever fail, you will eventually become a star. (sighs) . Okay. That is all. The story is completed. Do you have any questions honey?'

'Ummm..... yes daddy'

'What is your question my dear bubble gum?'

'What happens if we succeed in helping the poor death, daddy?'

'No one ever knows my dear honey.'

'Why is that daddy?'

'Because....... No one has ever succeeded in helping death. It is a difficult task you know.'

'Poor death. No one could help it. I wish I could help him..... Or her.'

‘I don’t know when will death come and ask me for help. But I am confident that I will succeede in the test. Confidence brings you success.’

'What happened to our mom,daddy?'

'She was the bright star that you pointed out before.'

‘Oh.Why does poor death need help,daddy?.....For what does it need help for?....Daddy?....Why are you not answering daddy?...... daddy?..... answer me daddy......daddy?.....DADDY!!!!!!’


‘DADDY!!!!!!’ Rose screamed. She looked around her. She was still in her bedroom. She wiped the sweat from her face. The fan was not running. She sweared that she switched on the fan. She felt hungry and went downstairs to the kitchen for a small snack. She opened the refrigerator and took an ice cream box. She took a scoop and ate it. She went upstairs to her son's bedroom. He was sleeping safely. She went to her bedroom and fell on her bed. She felt exhausted. She looked at her cop uniform that is hanging on her closet’s handle.

She felt a bang below her bed. A small bang. She saw her bedroom’s window open. She immediately knew what was going on in her bedroom. She went to the corner of bed. She took the gun under the pillow and turned to face a man ready to strike her. But he was frozen. She got out from her bed and walked around the man.

The man was a criminal who got into the prison due to Rose. She heard that he escaped from the prison recently. But he was in the mid-air. He was floating. His feet did not touch the ground. He was freezed one second before Rose's death. She went to her bedroom’s window and saw outside. The whole town was frozen. Suddenly someone knocked her bedroom door. She went near the door with a sweaty face.

But before she reached the door,it opened automatically. She saw a figure covered in cloak. It was looking at the floor. She went near the figure. The figure looked up slowly. Rose was stunned by what she saw. The figure had no face. Instead of a face,there was smoke. It didn’t have any legs or arms. It didn’t have anything. It was like the cloak was floating and smoke was stuck inside the cloak.

‘Hi rose.’said the figure. It’s voice echoed.‘Who are you?’ Rose asked. The figure came into the bedroom. It approached near Rose. She stood in the same place.


The figure placed it’s hand(which is practically smoke) on her head. Instead of the bedroom, she saw herself in her memories for a couple of seconds. Then she again came to the bedroom.

She has too much of wisdom. Perfect.

Rose took the gun she had in her pocket and pointed at the figure. The figure’s head turned towards her.

‘I know that you will not shoot me because it will wake up your son. But no problem. Your son is frozen now. You can try shooting me if that is you want.’

Immediatly she started shooting it. But nothing happened. The bullets disappeared before it went near the figure. ‘Are you....’ She heard the sound of laughter. ‘Yes. It’s me. The friend of all the olds. The partner of all types of epidemics. The powerful force who seeks for help. DEATH.’ ‘I refuse to help you,death.’ ‘Don't you want fulfill your father's wish?’

There was a pause.

‘Yes. I want to. I will help you only to fulfill my father's wish.’ ‘Good. In return,I will answer all your doubts about me. Deal?’ ‘Deal.’ And so, Rose's son got the last kiss from his mom.

DEATH lured it’s victim into heaven


Rose was sitting in the same place where she sat hundred and fourteen years ago. She whispered to herself. She was gazing at the same star for a couple of hours

'I have fulfilled your wish daddy. I'm immortal.'

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