A Zombie Apocalypse

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Science Fiction Thriller

 The new world has emerged with unknown creatures that were not supposed to happen. Apocalypse has surfaced sooner then predicted, year of 2021 a new human race mixed with the Gorillas somehow was developed. After the pandemic had slowed down a new vaccine was introduced that had been mixed with the Gorillas genes. This vaccine was mandated from the government to humans to protect all of us from getting any diseases that arose already from the Pandemic year in 2020. With the new vaccine it would protect the humans from becoming zombies from the Pandemic diseases. Humans were known to change into zombies, after recovering from the diseases that you caught.

 Making a new vaccine was introduced early in 2021, and many people choose to vaccinate to live longer. Well, somehow or way zombies developed after this vaccine was injected. One would go to get a vaccine and never be the same again. A zombie took the human body over that looked like that person. Over time the human body would deteriorate into a creature that would be deformed and eventually became a zombie.

 According to rules of our new world a person was obligated to take the vaccine within a certain time limit. Each human body was tracked to see if the vaccine were administered if not, they would be grabbed from behind blind folded and tied up and kidnapped. The occurrence of this was everyday walking in the street you would see huge men that look like gorillas jump out of a van and kidnap the person. Off they would go and ride to the Zoo where they would inoculate the human specimen.

 The Zoo is still open to all to look at the new breeding of creatures that are used to control Zombies for reaching goals. Some of the fouled-up breeding of creatures were used to feed the zombies and yes you could watch this. Zombies would chew and munch on the body parts until they were gone. It was so bloody some of the cages with these animals would be like sitting and watching a horror story. Many people would be horrified seeing the animal shows like this as this is for real now in the year of 2021. This is the new Apocalypse and to survive it you had to fight for your life!

 The parks that we would like to spend many hours in have now turned into a danger zone. Meaning creatures that looked like giant grasshoppers lived in the woods that if you would walk in the trails these large grasshoppers attacked you from behind. Grasshoppers use to be little insects that were cute, now they grew into huge monsters out to eat you for snacks. This was another trial of a vaccine that the world had introduced to mankind. Grasshoppers can hop extremely far when they are bigger than you or I and yes, they have very sharp teeth to eat us with. You would see a person walking and get snatched up to be eaten by the grasshoppers for lunch.

 After living through the Pandemic of 2020, one felt relieved to now live again. Not so, this new revelation that has started off slowly has been changing all the different locations that contain any type of animal, creatures and humans. Like for instance we loved going to the beach to swim in the ocean. This was a lot of fun to ride the waves and be nice and cool in the hot humid weather. While you swim now, you see a person screaming then pulled under the water and dragged away by the large jelly fishes that want to eat you.

 Sometimes a jelly fish would come up to you and bite you are leaving a huge hole in your skin. This would hurt tremendously, and you would have a big hole in the side of your leg or arm. One would try to swim fast to get out of the water, but sometimes you would not make it back to the beach fast enough. Lifeguards have not been on the beach since the new year has started. Crabs are not the size of a small dog that can chase after you down the beach. Their claws can snap your ankles off then they can snack on the rest of your body. The beach has changed into a death zone, along with the zoo and parks.

 Taking a drive into town you can see no one walking in the streets anymore and stores are closed before dark. That is the few stores that remain open cause to many creatures, attack the stores and kill the people in there. Sometimes a few zombies would run after people to eat them if you did not have shot gun. Shooting the Zombies will kill them after about four or five bullets enter the body or heads. So, if you go for a ride in your car or try to go to the beach or park bring a gun and a bat with you.

 This new Apocalypse is a new generation of creatures, zombies and gorilla humans that have been scientifically created for eliminating humans. This new revelation is running a speed that might need to be stopped by humans killing the other species. While we are the weaker species, we still have weapons used to eliminate the monsters in this world. Hopefully, we as the community and people of the new Apocalypse can take charge and get rid of the zombies that are killing us. We need to focus on attacking the enemies to protect our selves and our environments.

 My story is to show the readers that many mistakes can be made scientifically, and zombies, creatures and monsters are what most of us have inner fears about. The military can bring in tanks and soldiers to fight the zombies and kill them. There is such an abundance of different species that must be shot or killed by only regular people. The military is not always here to protect us, so we take our live in our own hands to kill off the new species.

September 19, 2020 01:07

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Len Mooring
22:11 Sep 30, 2020

I'm never leaving my home again.


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