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I was down stairs playing with Riff and Tigress when Robin came down and handed me their leash.“They need a walk”. Robin says as she goes back upstairs. I had already taken them out this morning when I had woken up, but I liked being alone with the dogs so I got up and took them outside. While we walked I thought about the question they had asked everyone on the last day of school yesterday. “ What is something you like to do as a hobby that you will carry throughout the summer”. I hadn't been able to answer that question with a logical answer is what my teachers said. I was going to say I would like to train my dogs throughout the summer, but Mrs.Tollens has said that was a goal and a family project (even though it was MY project). Then when I got to Mr.Henry’s class I decided drawing would be a good one, but Mr.Henry being the science teacher had wanted something a little more “BANG” he had called it. I was going to continue thinking this through but Riff had done something that I needed to pick up. When we made our way back home, breakfast was on the table. Bacon and...no eggs for me but they were on the table, as well as muffins Robin had made for us. I wanted to go outside but it was too early in the morning. If I hopped on Fortnite no one would be online. It's 6am where Jay lives, 8 where Finn is, and too early for Teddy and Rauf. So I go downstairs to see what I have to do. Robin is watching a movie so I decided to join. After about 8 minutes I find it boring and go see if Charlie would be up to play a game. When I go up to his room he's on the phone with his girlfriend Broke. About 30 seconds later they hang up. “ Brokes coming over later” He tells me. “ Robin, what happened with you and Adam”? He asks me “It's Taylor dummy” I reply. He gives me a shocked expressen then smiles “ Maybe you should get a boyfriend like Robin too” he says with a smile. “ I'M IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!! THAT'S DISGUSTING!!” I say yelling. Charlie was 16 and Robin was 15, I was 13, so I found it discussing having a boyfriend at my age. And I don't really consider Broke as Charlie's girlfriend, they go on dates like...once a month. Adam took Charlie out every week almost. I ask him to play, he says no, but insteds says can come to Starbucks with him, plus I can get a drink and a snack! I had to jump on that offer. Then I remembered Charlie liked sports cars, so when he turned 16 our parents had said that if he could survive 3 days with no tech he could get, as they called it “A very nice sports car”. I think the sport is what sold it for him. He did it and they stuck to it. They got him a dark blue 2018 Ferrari Portofino with 4 seats and a convertible hood. I don't like the car personally. It's too short and Tangles my hair when we go fast, you're always cramped inside, and when you look up at our parents car I kinda freak out. Charlie knows i don't like going fast so keeps driving at the limit. When we got there it's not open, I realized he knew it was closed. “Ha”! It's not even funny. When we get back home Robin meets us at the door, winks at Charlie, Charlie smirks back. I go downstairs, and decide to write. I write about how I feel about the current events, I talk to my friends about how my lifes going. They listen. When my friends have to go it's 4pm. I decide I want to draw, drawing helps me relax...until someone rings the doorbell. “Who-oh hi” . It's my friends, they ask if i want to play, i think this through...hard. I want to draw, but i want to run around. I want to stay cool with AC and stay in my sweatpants. “Um...well, it's kinda late-no i don't want to play...i want to but i need to do something else, my brother's girlfriend is coming over soon and I should be here. I have to draw something and get rid of a bunch of school papers and stuff like that...sorry”. They shrug and wave bye, “ Are we still coming over tomorrow”? I explain it to them, it's really simple, if.you.want.to. I go back downstairs to see Robin and Charlie going through my writing and drawings. This frustrates me, I absolutely hate it when people take my stuff, look at it even. I yell, then I scream, I push Charlie off my chair in front of my iMac, I rip my sketch book out of Robin's hand. Then I started to cry, I turned into a ball then cried. I cried because I wanted to find something I love to do, writing and drawing is what I hear, I had always been so afraid of sharing everything, I thought people would hate it, or ruin it and make me feel worthless...well, MORE worthless. But then I thought it through, Charlie showed me writing and Robin showed my drawing. They showed me it, now they were helping me go on with it. They help me up, I go to my I-mac and write. I write a really long story, but I've only ever shared a half, so im sharing half now as well. I'm writing this story now. This happened today, I have found my hobby, writing and drawing. Charlie writes how he feels, i try to but its hard to let the truth come out. Robin draws what she thinks things would look like, I draw things I enjoy. I allways felt bad for taking on someonelse's favorite thing to do, but honestly...i think im beater at it then them:)

January 24, 2021 04:11

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CA_pup Gamer
04:15 Jan 24, 2021

I wrote this story in a rush, its not really an understandable story and i think i went trough it to fast.


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