Drama Funny Suspense

 “Are you excited?” Asked my mom, ready for our “Adventure”

She could not hold her excitement any longer. 

“Nope. I was born here, raised here, and you're telling me I have to actually step foot on earth?!”

When my parents came into the bunker (caused by a asteroid), they had to live here until the earth was technically rebuilt. Well 16 long years later, they were done with a part of earth. They offered 100,000 people to go there, including my family. No doubt, my parents said yes. Come on?! I have never seen the sun, never touched grass? The heck is that? Grass. What a weird name. Grass. Grass. GRASS.

I’m 17 years old. I can take care of myself. Can I? My parents told me that change was a wonderful thing. Really? Yeah lets live underground for most of my life then SURPRISE, i’m going to a place I have never been. Talk about change. They gave us 2 weeks to pack everything. They gave us different clothes than our usual outfit. A dark nasty blue 1 piece suit. 

“Serria! Get off your tush and start packing!” Mom barked, as she jolted her finger right at me. 

I groaned. Great. We are going into the world in..

“Group c goes in 10 minutes!”

Well, there you go. 10 minutes. 10 minutes?!

I rushed to my room and shoved my new clothes in a bag. I hooked it over my shoulder and catched up to my parents. They were standing next to the huge door that slowly started to open with a huge, annoying creaaakkk. 

After it opened, the sun squeezed through the crack and shined right into my eye.

“Okay, please walk to the planes!” The speaker boomed. 

In the distance there was a huge plane, with its engines roaring. 

“Look at that!” Mom said in awe. 

We started to walk to the plane, dad hugging me with tears. 

“Daddd-” I groaned, hating him crying.

“I’m so happy my baby girl is getting out into the world!” He jolted his arm into the air. 

"But I don't want to go," I whimpered, turning to him with a hault.

He sighed and hugged me.

"Sierra, this is best for us. For you. You need to get out and see the world. Don't let a asteroid stop you from living out your life. In the bunker, you can't have all of that. You will love it. I'm positive."

"You sure?" I asked.

"Positive." He soothed.

I smiled and melted in his arms. I sure loved my dada.

"You guys ready?!" Mom yelled from the plane.

Me and dad shared a laugh as she urged the pilots to wait for us.

"Come on before your mother punches somebody." Dad smirked.

He let go of me and we ran, me still laughing.

We got onto the plane, and the floor rumbled as we got deeper in. 

“Take a seat, honey.” Mom urged, pointing to a seat.

The plane was more like an army plane that I saw in pictures.

The seats were small, but comfortable. I sat down and held tightly to my bag as my parents took their seats. More people flooded in then soon after took off the ground. 

It took 5 hours in the plane, when we finally got down.

We hopped into a small car and the driver smiled at us then drove off. 

“Now dear, our house is very small, but is for our needs. Don’t worry, it will all be better.” Mom wrapped her arm around my shoulder and rubbed my arm. 

After another 2 hours in the car, we were finally home.

He drove up to a tiny shack freshly painted, but quite small. We walked inside and to the corner was a tiny room for me, mom and dad. In the other corner was the kitchen that wasn't too bad. Next to the kitchen, was the living room. A old, but nice sofa sat there, with a coffee table and a plant next to it.

"This is wonderful." I breathed.

Mom hugged me and sniffed. I could see the tears in her eyes. Happy tears.

"What about everybody else..?" I asked, turning to mom.

"They were taken to their own houses. I'm sure we will see them again. Why?"

"Dad said that we should live our lives here. Not in the bunker."

Mom burst into tears and hugged me again. I laughed and hugged her back. I loved my mom, I loved my dad, I loved this opportunity. I took a deep breath.

Well here we go. Another chance to live.

To make of for my time being gone, I will now tell you why i'm gone. OKAY.

So, I finally have been able to go back to school in person so i'm super excited for that. Cause of that, I have been so busy which SUCKS, but its life. Also, I am moving in 3 weeks so I have to pack and stuff. During that time, I will have to stop writing and get comfortable in my new home. But, i'm still here!! I have a youtube channel so if you want to connect with me that way, just ask and I will give you the link!!

You guys are da bomb! On my bio, I gave some shout outs, so go check it out. If your name isn't on there, don't worry! I do new shout outs every other week. Don't threat, i'm right here! :)

This story is inspired by the movie, "Greenland." If you have not watched it, you have to watch it! If you are younger, I suggest you ask your parents. It has a lot of suspense. I was on the edge of my seat the entire movie!! So go watch it!!

Okay I think that is it. Make sure to follow me as I post once (maybe twice) every week!! I hope you guys enjoyed this story. I love you guys so much and I will see you all next time! Byeee! *HUGGIES*

March 08, 2021 17:01

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