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              Noihla couldn’t control her tears brimming out from her pale red eyes since an emotional explosive called love catastrophe just got detonated inside her soulful heart. Noihla couldn’t believe herself she broke up her lovely relationship with her Ex-Boyfriend Aaron for a weird reason. Noihla was all alone in an effusive luxurious festooned banquet hall where a perfect wedding reception of her Ex-Boy Friend was going on. A reception is held as a sort of welcome for those who attended the wedding to bless and wish the newly married couples but for Noihla it was her most excruciating moment of her life. Noihla saw Aaron standing up in the floral reception stage dressed up with a gracious royal white suit having fabric covered buttons. She saw the bride too wearing a plain white silk saree with golden jari in it but she adorned herself with a blend of traditional and trendy mix of golden necklaces that was well complimenting her elegant bridal looks.

      Noihla was standing desolately in the marriage hall along with other wedding ceremony invitees to wish and present gifts to newly married couples. Noihla remembered herself one of the most strange and weird incidents she encountered with Aaron on February 14, 2020. On that night, Noihla moved two steps forward and brought her alluring face very close to Aaron and with her quixotic eyes she queried him in a sweet bonbon voice “What you want to tell me Aaron?”. Aaron in demonic voice replied “ Noihla, I wanted to tell you a truth, I am only half human; factually I am a Ghost residing in Aaron’s body; My name is Pahu shooshaan; I have been possessing Aaron’s body around for a week ;Since we both had a same personality traits and same way of behavioral patterns , I was able to possess Aaron’s body easily and also didn’t expose myself out; It is not that only Aaron fell in love with you on 2018, My soul far-sighted you and fell in love in first sight itself on last year when you came for mountain trekking in western Ghats jungle but I was able to possess your boyfriend body just a week before ; Noihla we both souls are in love with you in one body but you know my love on you is grander than Aaron’s love and I deserve to be your lover ; see to prove my true love I even took over your boyfriend body too.“

       Noihla on hearing this awkward confession from Aaron, Noihla breathing hard she whispered slowly “ Good Bye Aaron, least I think hand Shake is better than a farewell kiss; Seriously it is not at all funny; If you want to break up with me; you can walk away but not by wounding my love with all your stupid Dracula stories”.  Coming back from memories, Noihla was hardly noticed by anyone in the wedding reception, to worse she even didn’t get as good a proper welcome a guest would normally receive while attending a wedding function. Noihla was not even offered any refreshment drinks or no one showed her way to the dining hall. Noihla was all alone in bereavement carrying sweet reminiscences of her beautiful true love she had with her Ex-Boy Friend. Noihla was cursing herself for leaving her boyfriend Aaron when he was fighting for his love against an uncanny love of an abysmal ghost. Slowly Noihla lost to memories of events that happened on February 7, 2020 where she remembered a weird and strange fight with Aaron. Aaron holding hands of Noihla, Aaron in low soft tone “Noihla! You magically seeded the love in my heart and as days passed on holding your hands, my life became more beautiful since you painted my soul with your candid love; but from afternoon I felt someone inside me is also sharing my love with you.” Noihla took off her hands from Aaron clutch and yelled “ Are you drunk Aaron ? How disgusting you are? Don’t even try to contact me till Valentine’s Day.  I will be in church with father Sebastian as he is not well and I need to take care of him; bye Aaron, get clear your chaotic mind”

         Noihla coming back to Banquet Hall from her bizarre and hurtful memories, she realized that her broken heart would never get healed from the mordant pain of love she suffered due to an unnerving mode of breakup she had with Aaron. Noihla forlornly accepted the bland truth that she has to spend her remaining days on earth all alone in the cage of love which has no keys of hope for reunion with her ex- boyfriend. Noihla never took the sight over Aaron and she kept moving towards the floral stage watching Aaron every second of time with full of love. As when Noihla was taking her each step towards the floral stage, her soulful love was drowning slowly and slowly inside an ocean of pain of breakup she had with Aaron. Noihla as she kept moving towards Aaron she found herself in short of breath when she was only 10 meters away from Aaron in a well decorated wedding stage. Aaron got stunned seeing Noihla standing up in front of him for his wedding greetings and he immediately and staggeringly asked her “Hey! Are you still alive? I haven’t seen you after 14th February 2020 night and few months before I was in deep state of shock after our friends informed that you got killed last year by someone; you know my mom said I was sick and got admitted in hospital on 14th February, 2020 midnight; then she said medical science failed to cure my sickness and at last in mid-August my dad explained me my sickness got cured by exorcism done by father Sebastian”. Aaron's wife Saanya interfered and in a low tone whispered to Aaron ears “Aaron! Stop it, Don’t Act stupid, this is wedding stage, every one watching us, you are talking alone with yourself “. Aaron in an angry pitch tone replied to her “You know my past love, is talking to Noihla is an errant act to you? “. Noihla watching Aaron’s wife Saanya fuming with Aaron, Noihla vanished before Aaron in a split of miniature seconds. Aaron witnessing Noihla’s sudden disappearance in floral stage he shrieked loudly “Noihla! Noihla! Where did you go? I am not angry that you left me and now again you are gone. Aaron couldn’t believe his eyes what had just happened but still he managed to remember Noihla’s first love card she gave to him “My soul may be tiny filled with pocket size of love, but my love for you is undoubtedly an infinite and beyond space and time“. Aaron’s remembrance of Noihla’s love card was abruptly interrupted by beep sound notification of text message ringing from his wrist mobile watch. Aaron removed his wrist watch and brought it before his churning tense face and utterly got shocked to see the text message stating “Hi Aaron! I am your Noihla, I got killed by specter Pahu Shooshan on the last day of month of August 2020; That malevolent sinful ghost proposed me on 14th February, 2020 stating the sprite loves me more than you; you were in dreadful state possessed by an evil soul and I left you, I shouldn’t have left you; I am sorry. That apparition killed me to ensure you should not marry me but made me to know the truth you were really sick; I was in darkness after my death but still was holding my love on you; in pitch darkness a precipitous bright rays of beam all of the sudden showed me the path to your floral wedding stage and that divine rays was emanating from your heart beats that was echoing your love on me all over the widespread cosmic space.;You still didn’t forget me; but you married a heart which loves you so much and she deserves you more than me; Aaron! Please permit this soul to possess and stay in your watch for an interminable frame of time; I believe this sort of weird thing happens in Dracula stories too, love you Aaron”.

             Noihla’s love with Aaron continued eternally as he unconditionally allowed Noihla’s spirit to possess his own wrist mobile watch. Aaron’s wife Saanya or the father Sebastian never knew another soul for the reason of love had again got attached with Aaron but this time by not possessing his body rather the soul locked itself in a watch for sake of pure love it had with Aaron. Aaron protected his ex-girlfriend by hiding his watch in a small container box which can be opened only by entering stealthy code “777-555”. A lovely ghost which possessed a wrist mobile watch remained secret until one fine day Saanya found a secret container in the storeroom while cleaning the house for shifting to a new town located near the Western Ghats Jungle region.   

*** THE END**

Written By Vijay Krishna

February 13, 2021 15:20

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Ruby Collins
15:02 Feb 25, 2021

This is a great story I like all the strong words you used I think you are a great writer keep up the good work


Vijay Krishna
18:20 Feb 25, 2021

So thankful for your kind comments, really motivating..


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