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My tear stained cheeks fell towards the ground. Ava’s eyes began to close. “No!” I screamed but I knew I could not do anything about it. Her hoarse voice sounded like a drum “I…Love…You…Olivia” Those words really tore my heart forming puddles on the hard ground. I wish we had never gone to this party. Otherwise my sister would have lived. “Please don’t die!” I stammer in a sob. Then Ava breathed in a lungful of air and stopped, her whole body left motionless. She was dead and I knew it. But I was not going to give up.

“Ava? please talk to me!” The response was an uncomfortable silence that I had never heard before. I sank my head into her stomach and cried until my body felt empty. This was the worst day in my life.

Until I heard about the party.

She always held my hand as we danced on stage. Her eyes hazel like the golden sun. Ava would look at me and say “You are the best sister in the world” I would smile and say “No you are!” Then we would all start talking of how good each other was. I loved her. 

Then the worst day of my life started. She took me to the party and we danced. Well until she fell of the stage. It was all to dramatic to recall her silent screams for help and the silence afterwards. It was the worst day of my life.

Until I heard about the party.

It read;




FOR ANY INFO CALL 098 584 121

As I read the letter tears mark the note with memories. I do not want to come to my cousins birthday party. But as a guest I will have to go.

The room was just as it was when Ava fell. The same balloons were hanging motionless in the air and the same stage where it happened. The same floor that we had danced on and the lights hanging in the air were still on. On the roof the same chandelier hung where it always has been. The people where their, different people but carrying the same memories, Bad memories. Memories I wish to forget. Hatred boiled inside me. WHY? WHY? WHY? Why is my sister dead? I am so overwhelmed by anger that I ruin the party. Smash! Was the last words the chandelier cried before that came to the ground. The stage blew making wood shavings everywhere. The floor had deep gashes marked into it from the glass chandelier. The balloons popped. And the birthday girl screamed a harsh blood curdling scream that drowned out everything in my mind. I am now standing in a dark room. The lights are out. The smashes glass makes cuts in my legs. I burst into tears, by myself. I wish none of this happened. But you can't change the past can you?

May 08, 2021 05:11

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05:27 May 08, 2021

Great story! Really emotional. Well done.


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Arwen Dove
06:23 May 08, 2021

Cool story!


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