Fantasy Kids Happy

The first rain of the season doesn’t seem like much but the plants and flowers appreciate it. Some though find it annoying especially if they have plans that have to put on hold due to rain. Lily, on the other hand loved it when it rained because that was when the rain fairies came out. Not many could see them but Lily could. She would watch them prepare before the rain hit getting animals and insects to safety. Once the rain came Lily would watch the fairies dance and run around the droplets. Occasionally they would direct the rain to flowers or plants that needed more watering. The fairies were tiny little things that flew fast. They were a little bigger than a dragonfly, in fact most people got the fairies confused with dragonflies when they did see them. Rain fairies can fly in the rain unlike other fairies, Lily didn’t know how she figured rain fairies had water repellant wings.

Lily was watching the fairies dance in the rain when suddenly they stopped. Lily looked around to see why and that is when she noticed the cat lurking nearby.

“Oh no!” She shouted running towards the door throwing it open. Just then the cat pounced on the fairies, all flew away but one. Lily ran down the stairs in the rain and shooed the cat away. She looked down and saw that the fairy was injured. Lily reached down to help the fairy but it tried to scurry away.

“It’s okay, I won’t hurt you.” She said picking it up and taking it inside as the rain started coming down harder.

Once inside Lily put the fairy down on the counter and she went to get a flashlight and wash cloth. Lily took the wash cloth and tried to dry the fairy off some, then she noticed the fairies wing was messed up and bent, not torn though. The fairy looked terrified.

“It’s okay,” Lily said again, “I won’t hurt you. I just want to help.” She handed the fairy the wash cloth and to her surprise the fairy spoke.

“Who are you? What do you want?” The fairy said.

“Oh, my name is Lily. All I want is to help you, I notice you come every time it rains and I like watching you dance.” She said smiling.

“Oh. Most humans see us and they want to keep us.”

“Not me, I just want to make sure you are okay before I send you back out there.” Lily said pointing towards the door. The fairy nodded and tried to stand but couldn’t get up right. Lily got the flashlight to try and see how bad the fairy was hurt.

“Do you have a name?” Lily asked, “I don’t want to keep calling you fairy.”

“Aella, they call me Aella.”

“That’s a pretty name. So you have a scratch on your leg and your wing is just bent not torn. So you should be fine.” There was a loud bang and Lily ran to the window, the rain was coming down even harder. Lily looked and saw the cause of the bang was the other fairies trying to look through the window.

“Oh your friends are looking for you. Can you fly?” Lily asked.

Aella managed to stand then she flapped her wings but couldn’t move. Lily held out her hand and Aella climbed in it. She carried her to the window so the other fairies could see her. Soon the fairies were making movements and signals with their hands like sign language. Aella let her friends know she was okay and the other fairies flew off as the rain calmed down.

Lily walked back to the counter and sat Aella down then she went to get something out the refrigerator.

“Um… are you hungry? What, uh, what do you eat?”

“Have any berries?”

“Um, I’ve got grapes. Oh! I have some strawberries too.” Lily replied grabbing them from the fridge and giving them to Aella, who smiled and took a bite of the grape.

Over the next few days Lily helped Aella get better and stronger, she even left treats for the other fairies when they came in the rain. Once Aella’s leg got better she could easily get around however her wing wasn’t quite ready so she stayed a little longer. Lily would catch Aella staring out the window especially when it would rain. Aella’s friends would still dance and then would come to the window and see how Aella was doing. Lily would carry Aella outside and sit down with her on the porch when her friends came. Lily didn’t mind the rain or getting wet she loved watching the fairies.

A few days later Aella was fully healed, she was zooming around Lily’s house and was eager to get outside. Lily did notice though that Aella would cover her wings with water first before taking flight. Maybe that was how it worked she thought.

“You’re all better! You can go home now.” Lily said cheerfully heading towards the door.

“No I can’t. I need the rain to fly.” Aella replied.

“You could take some water with you and sprinkle your wings with it if they dry out.” Lily suggested.

“It wouldn’t work. Inside the house I can fly like that because the air is cool and the pressure isn’t high. When it rains the pressure drops and the air is cool and that is how I fly, along with the water of the rain.”

“Oh. I’m sure it will rain soon, it is the wet season.” Lily said hopefully.

The days passed and still no rain. Aella was starting to look sad and lonely, without the rain her fairy friends couldn’t visit either.

“How about I take you? I could carry you and you can show me where to go?” Lily suggested.

“That’s sweet of you but no humans are allowed in or near the fairy village.” Aella said sadly.

The next morning Lily awoke with a start, Aella was jumping on her smiling big. That’s when Lily heard it, the rain. Lily smiled, jumped out of bed and ran to the door throwing it open. Sure enough the other fairies where there flying near smiling and laughing. Aella flew straight out the door and spun in a circle enjoying the rain. She came back to Lily and gave her a hug.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” Aella said as her friends came near. They all circled around Aella and gave her hugs. The other fairies then turned to Lily and hugged her too. Lily was just as happy as she watched the fairies fly off into the rain and start dancing. Then Lily ran out into the rain and danced.         

September 24, 2021 21:00

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