Crazy Boys Upstairs

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Finally got the last box unpacked in my new apartment. I had mixed feelings, on one hand I was very excited to be out on my own. On the other hand, I was terrified to be out on my own. I would start college on Monday, so I was very lucky to get everything situated before that day. My parents thought it would be better for my grades if I had my own space, and not have the noise level in a dorm. They both graduated from college, so I guess they knew. It also helped that they paid for this place for a year, and gave me a credit card to buy food. Speaking of that, I had better get to a store.

I got back with the groceries, put them away, and thought I would walk around the complex to check everything out. It was a warm, summer day and the pool was bustling with people of all ages. I slipped into the clubhouse, and walked back to the gym and it had lots of great equipment. I made a note to myself to add gym to my weekly planner. I walked back home to fix a steak and salad for dinner, and maybe watch a movie.

I was in the middle of the movie when I heard a loud BOOM! It made me jump almost out of my skin. What in the world could that be? Then I heard drums, and guitars, and it seemed like a whole orchestra was over my head. So, I guess that answered my question about how soundproof the apartment was. It was still early evening, so I just turned up my movie and tried to enjoy it. About ten minutes later I heard a knock at my door. I peeked through the peephole and there was a young man standing there. He was about my age, but mom had warned me not to open the door for anyone, so I yelled through the door. "Who is it?" He answered, "I'm Sam, your upstairs neighbor. Your TV is way too loud, we're trying to practice for our band. Can you turn it down?" Wow, I thought, seriously, this guy had nerve.

I opened the door, and answered "I was trying to watch a movie, and YOU guys were really loud!!" "Well, we need to practice!" he said, to which I agreed. It wasn't the best first encounter with my neighbor. We just yelled back and forth for five minutes, until I slammed the door in his face. Not my finest moment, but I was livid.

They continued playing for another hour, and then silence. It was the best no sound I had ever heard. The duration of the weekend went by quick, and Monday morning was upon me too soon. I hurried to get dressed, and made it out the door with time to spare. School went great, but I already had homework, so I know how my evening would be spent. After a light dinner, and a TV show I sat down at my desk to work.

I had worked about ten minutes when I heard the booms, screeches, and misplaced melodies of the world's worse band. I slipped on my shoes, and ventured upstairs. My first couple of knocks went unanswered, so I knocked louder. Someone yelled "Hold your horses!" and came to the door. It was the same dude I had an ongoing feud with. "Your music is too loud! I can't concentrate with that racket!!" I yelled. "That "racket" as you call it is my life's calling". He was getting heated, I could tell. "Maybe you could rent a building to play your stuff", I suggested. "Well, maybe...Miss moneybags you could fork over the cash for that. Maybe "you" could go to the library". he bantered back. It was clear we were not getting anywhere. Then I delivered the final blow, or so I thought. "We do have a noise ordinance here, and I would hate to call the office but I will"! He slammed the door, and I heard silence. I went upstairs to finish studying, and I thought that was the end of it.

The next morning I got ready for class, walked out the front door right into a pile of stinky garbage. It was so bad I had to go back in and change my clothes. I was furious! I called the office, but there were no cameras outside in my hall, so although they would clean it up, that's all they could do. I was late for class, which didn't set well with me either. I hatched a plan to get even with the crazy boys from the second floor.

That night, I ordered six specialty pizza's to be delivered upstairs. I was giggling inside when I saw the delivery driver head upstairs. I waited for him to come down, pizzas in tow but he came down counting cash instead. Wow! I could not believe it! They took the pizzas! Grrr, I thought. This was war!

When I went to my car the next morning there was a note on my car which read, thanks. They were getting annoying. I could have just let it go, but no, I am the type that doesn't like to be outdone.

The next day was Saturday, so my plan was to go get my car washed and get my nails done. I took my car through the car wash, and parked at the back at the nail salon. I felt beautiful and refreshed after my hand pampering, but when I came out to my car there was vanilla milkshake running down everywhere! I screamed! And then I cried. I just sat down in the middle of the parking lot and bawled like a baby. I was so defeated, and stressed, and sad. I felt a hand on my shoulder, looked up, and it was the upstairs crazy dude. "hey" he said. "It's not that bad, me and the guys will clean it all up". They went in to the shop and borrowed a bucket, some sponges, and the use of their garden hose and washed it until it was squeaky clean. I just sat there with my jaw dropping towards the ground. "Thank-you", I blubbered out. "It's all good. We took it too far, and I'm sorry. My name is Brad. We're going to practice in Dean's garage from now on, ok?" I said "thank-you", again awkwardly and drove home.

I'm not ending this story with the happy ending of we fell in love and lived happily ever after, but we did say hi when we passed each other, and we never messed with one another again.

June 03, 2022 19:15

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Eliza H
00:59 Jun 15, 2022

this is the second story of your ive read and its amazing!


Debra Koffski
01:26 Jun 16, 2022

That makes me so happy 😊


Eliza H
05:02 Jun 16, 2022



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