Her heart began to race, her hands began to sweat. The world felt as if it was shrinking beneath her feet and above her head. She quickly turned and ran home out of embarrassment as fast as she could. She whipped the front door open, rushed inside, ran up to her room and slammed her bedroom door so it would shake the entire house. As she sat down to read a book she heard faint footsteps walking up the stairs as each step creaked and dust flew out into the open air. There was a quiet knock and the door opened slowly.

 “Blair” said her mom in a soft voice, “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” 

Blair shook her head sadly and looked down at her book filled with tears as the words began to smear. A small voice came out of her mouth.

“I'm fine,” she said, glancing down at the book. Her mom smiled slightly, shut her door without making a noise and went back downstairs. She crawled up onto her bed and under her pink blanket. Then, moments later, she heard a yell bounce off the walls and eco up into her room. “Come downstairs for dinner, Honey.” said her mom. 

She tumbled out of bed and slipped her blue and white slippers on. She flew down the stairs and into the kitchen where the table was nicely set up for three. Her slippers make a muffled tapping as she glided across the tile floor. She politely greeted her dad after his long stressful day of work. They all sat down as they do every other night. 

“Dad,” said Blair, “How was your day?”’

“Fine,” he replied in a sad voice, “How was yours?”

“Mine was okay, too,“ said Blair, hesitantly trying to not bring down the mood even more.

As the conversation went on Blair realized something was wrong with her mom. After a long time of ignoring it she finally decided to ask what was bothering her. She replied by saying she just had a busy day. Blair knew something else was bothering her but she didn't let it ponder her. 

Later that night she creeped down the dark hallway to say good night to her parents but was stopped in her tracks. She heard whispers coming from their room. Blair was only able to make out a few words of their conversation but she could tell by their tone that they were both upset. After listening for a while she knew they were talking about her. 

“We can't stay here, she gets bullied almost everyday. We can't do this to her anymore,” her mom said in a hurt voice. This made Blair feel very guilty. She felt helpless. They were moving because of her. This was her fault. She paced back into her room with her head down.

Blair thought to herself how this was unfair. How she didn't deserve this. She wished she could just open her mouth and tell her bullies to stop. To just leave her alone. But she was too afraid. They would never stop. And there was nothing she could do. 

Sometimes she wished she could just disappear. Just start over. That night, as the rain drummed on the window, she peered out into the midnight sky. As a shooting star dashed through the darkened sky she thought of an idea. 

“I wish to be invisible” she whispered under her breath to herself. As her mascara ran down her face, she hoped this would come true. Maybe, just maybe, she could leave her life behind. She could just fade away. She leisurely walked over to a picture tucked in the corner of her room as her feet hit the cold wood floor. She saw a happy, young girl which made her feel a warm feeling in her stomach. This was when she was truly happy but her smile slowly faded away when she remembered her parents conversation. She slid into her bed and as the tears rolled off her check onto her pillow she drifted to sleep. 

The next morning Blair felt the same. It was just like every other morning, She got up out of bed, brushed her teeth, threw on her clothes, and ran out the door. Like usual, she kissed her mom and dad goodbye, grabbed the keys off the marble counter, swung her backpack on her back, and locked the door behind her. She walked down the sidewalk and as she passed her antagonists she noticed that something was off. They didn't bother her today. Maybe God had answered her prayers. Maybe she was invisible. She chuckled to herself as she swiftly walked through the large crowd of people.

As she neared the school, the sky opened up and a slight rain began to pour upon her. She hopped up the stairs and entered the school. As her wet sneakers hit the cobblestone steps they made a faint squeaking sound. She walked through the red and white door frame and swiftly went inside. When Blair moved through the hallways she felt like she was in a jar of marbles getting shaken from every angle. People getting pushed into lockers and bullied because of their differences. This made her feel sick inside. When she finally reached the classroom she quickly sat down realizing that she was a few minutes late. 

As the teacher went through attendance Blair began to doodle on her desk. 

“Blair James?” called out the teacher.

“Here” she replied.

“I guess she is not here today,” the teacher quietly whisper under his breath as he marked her absent. Blair began to notice a sharp pain in the lower left part of her chest. 

“Im here,” she called out for a second time. Then it hit her. No one could see her. She was really invisible. Even though she assumed this would be the best news of her life she grew very nervous. She didn't know what to do. After debating with herself for a few minutes she decided to go up and tap the teacher on the shoulder. 

“Who threw that,” he said confused. 

“Threw what,” responded a student in the front of the classroom. 

Blair became very red very quickly. She was at a loss for words. Then, she heard a slight flurry of giggles which filtered into a large storm of laughter. All of the sudden a pencil was being thrown at her from one of her peers who she wasn't necessarily fond of. She felt as if she was trapped in a room with no exit. This was all a dream, a fantasy. Once again, she wished she could be invisible. 

November 01, 2019 15:04

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