Adventure Crime Drama

Beep, beep, beep, smack. I yawn as the bright morning light covers me in all of its glory. Fine, that kind of sounded cheesy. I rub my eyes and look at the time and- holy moly! Its 7:00 AM and I'm not even dressed! I quickly put some clothes on, brush my teeth and check the time one more time. Something was off. The time was still 7:00 when I clearly spent at least 20 minutes. I was still puzzled, when I heard it. That cruel, evil and sinister laughter. My little brother tumbled out of my closet laughing like a hyena. I smack my head in shame. Of course I should be expecting a prank. After all, it was April 1st. I let my brother howl and laugh for a while. Once he was finished with his little show, I smacked his head playfully and told him what was the actual time. He said around 6:00 AM. WHEW. What a relief. I wasn't about to go to school with the best prank ever.

I ran downstairs and went to the garage. There, all of my tools for this masterplan of mine. First, the usual stuff. Confetti, glue, balloons, etc. But that was boring, and only used for the warm up. Me and my friends had the master plan of all times. And its going to surprise people, why you may ask. Because me and my friends are the outcasts of the school. Not that I care, but its going to be surprising. Just imagine, 3 group of kids who have no place in society pull off the best prank in history. Just the thought of it gave me goosebumps. The masterplan was to bring an airsoft gun, no pellets inside, and of course have the orange tip at the end, and go around with black suits pointing the gun at people and attach a Bluetooth speaker to the trigger to make a gun shot sound. I know it sounds pretty messed up, but to me at that time sounded awesome. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was already 7:30. I grabbed the AR and headed out.

I met up with my friends in our secert base, aka the library. We first did the warm up pranks, which included confetti on the walls, balloons in the celling, gluing the teachers chair so when they sat down it would stick to their bottoms. Pretty basic cheesy stuff. Then around 2 PM, we got in our black suits, got our guns out and proceeded to march out. I checked my gun and saw that the orange tip was missing. I shrugged it off. Maybe it fell off or something. The gun did feel a little bit heavy, but it didn't bother me. We went inside the school and we aimed and we pressed the triggers.

First, a bang rang out. My friend who had a realistic looking pistol fired first. Then my second friend shot his. Then it became my turn. I aimed at blindly and pressed the trigger. Rattattattattt. I was forced back, and actual gunfire came out. I was horrified. Gun smoke everywhere, screaming. I was pinned into the wall near the water fountain. My whole body was vibrating. I never shot a real gun before so I didn't know how to control my body. I couldn't lift my fingers off the trigger. I just had to wait till the bullets ran out and pray nobody got hurt. After 10 seconds, the gun shots stopped. There was lots of smoke. I looked at the rifle again. Black, and a white strip on the trigger. I almost threw up. It was my dads rifle. He had said last night that he was cleaning his gun. He must've forgotten to put it back in the safe. And I must've mistaken it as my airsoft AR. While I was regretting and blaming myself, I heard another bang. And smoke. I heard shouting. "THIS IS THE POLICE!! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!" I saw bright lights. I grabbed the gun and proceeded to get up. BANG. I was confused. Was that another gun shot? I thought the gun was out of bullets. I was fully up and moving around with the gun in my hand. I straightened the gun to check for anymore bullets. Then another shot. That's when I realized, the gun shots weren't coming from me, it was coming from the other side. I heard another shout and this time I heard it completely fine. "THIS IS THE POLICE!!! DROP THE WEAPON!!!" I tried to drop the weapon, but there must've been left over glue on my hand, and now the gun wont drop on the floor. "YOU GOT 5 SECONDS TO DROP THAT WEAPON!" The police officer shouted again. I yelled back, "I CANT! MY HANDS GLUED TO THE GUN!" Then there was silence. I heard more sirens outside. I started crying.

Bang. Bang. Bang. I looked up from my tears. The police started shooting again. Then I heard rattatttatttatt. That's when I knew, SWAT came in. My whole body felt warm and cold. Mostly cold. I looked at my hand that was free. It was covered in blood. My own blood. Another gun shot came and it hit me in my leg. I know, because the pain felt unreal. I dropped to the ground. I turned to my side and saw a flood of red liquid. All I could think was, "this was supposed to be a funny day." And I blacked out. I opened my eyes. The place was so bright, I squinted. Was I in heaven? Surely God would understand, right? Then I heard voices. Human voices. Nope, I was still in earth. I looked down to see one of my legs gone. Gone doesn't sound right, my leg was missing. I felt panic and tried to remember what happened. "You can relax son." I turned my head to see a police officer. "I'm officer Davis. I believe youre here because you shot a gun at your school. Tell me about it." I stared at him while I retraced my memories. "It was April 1st. I saw that on my calendar. The day of pranks. Yea, I remember now. It was because it was April 1st......." What a joke.

March 29, 2021 20:51

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