Where Someone Sees the Shadow of Someone Standing Behind Them.

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Write a story where someone sees the shadow of someone standing behind them.

Stephen King said it best…

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.”

It was a typical stormy night as I settled down in a little cabin off a deep deserted island. If you are little, curiosity has your attention let me put your mind at rest.

Putting wood in the fireplace. Making a cup of coffee, in hand was a book and listening to the soft beats of the rain hitting the rooftop.

This is the right time to introduce myself. My name is Raven-Wind. I was just ready to cozy up to the fireplace when a flash of lighting shook the cabin.

As spirits from the beyond join with Magical souls around the world… 

Standing by the open curtain the phone rang!

Just then I woke from a deep sleep. It was all just a dream.

Has this ever happened to you? Well anyway; since I was woken from a very deep sleep… Might as well make coffee and put on more firewood in the fireplace!

🔮 The Haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado – Legends of America 

Based on; {Legends of America

Exploring history, destinations, people, & legends of this great country since 2003.} 

Room 418 gets the most reports of haunting activity apparently from children’s spirits. 

Cleaning crews report having heard many strange noises from the room, as well as seeing impressions on the bed when the room has been empty. 

When guests stay in the room, they often report that they hear children playing in the hallway at night. One couple reportedly checked out of the hotel very early in the morning, complaining that the children in the hallway kept them up all night. 

However, there were no children booked in the hotel at the time. There have also been many reports by guests of haunting activities in Rooms 217 and 401. Tour guides tell a story of the ghost of a small child who has been seen by many of the staff in various areas of the old hotel. 

Reportedly, Stephen King also saw the child, who was calling out to his nanny on the second floor. Other past employees report footsteps and apparitions seen throughout the building.  



 Quote: So, do vampires really exist? There's no way to be sure. There have been reports from around the world over thousands of years of creatures like these. If vampires don't exist, then how do you explain all of these sightings and encounters? A hoax is one thing, but the same hoax being played over and over again for thousands of years across independent cultures is entirely different. We have reason to believe they might exist because of these reports, but we have reason to be skeptical because we don't have the proof, we so badly desire.

Gods And Monsters 

Throughout this site, I've tried to explain exactly what the modern vampire is (and what it isn't) but remember that there are largely different descriptions of various "vampiric" or vampire-like creatures throughout mythologies around the world. While we struggle to come up with a fixed definition of what a vampire is, we may be leaving out various mysterious and unexplainable creatures around the world that have fed into vampire mythology. At the same time, it is exactly the fact that nearly every culture around the world has independently identified vampiric creatures that makes us ask the question - do vampires really exist?

On this stormy night, I want to talk about who I am and why I am here to share my tale. First off, I live in a small town where I take care of the wildlife. About my home it is a nice little cabin off the trails. 

My name is Raven-Wind, some would say that is the name of a Goddess! I would have to agree. Sorry to say; {I am Not a Goddess}.

My parents loved the name and it stuck with me well till now. Putting wood in the firepit, settling in in my rocking chair and looking up as the night sky darkened.

Just as I was about to fall asleep. A flash of lighting lit up the room and I was startled by gusts of wind. I had to wipe my eyes a second time. Standing there was a Phoenix. Beautiful to gaze upon and that is why the second wipe of my eyes. 

As I was gazing upon this beautiful creature. No words were coming out of my mouth. We just started and then I found my voice. His glare was making sense. 

Something you should know… Ever since I was a little girl I felt “different".

Like I didn’t “belong”. Felt like a freak. I know that I am not a Goddess, but I have powers. Some would say that {I was blessed with a gift}! Believe me or not it is your choice! 

phoenix | mythological bird - Encyclopedia Britannica 

Mythological Creatures.

Who is Mothman?

Mothman is a large creature thought to inhabit the TNT area located just outside of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. This winged creature first appeared on November 12, 1966, in front of five men who were digging a grave in Clendenin, West Virginia (approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes away from Point Pleasant).



Myths and Truth of the stereotype: 

Salem witch trials, (June 1692–May 1693), in American history, a series of investigations and persecutions that caused 19 convicted “witches” to be hanged and many other suspects to be imprisoned in Salem Village in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (now Danvers, Massachusetts).



The modern English word witchcraft has three principal connotations: the practice of magic or sorcery worldwide; the beliefs associated with the Western witch hunts of the 14th to the 18th century; and varieties of the modern movement called Wicca, frequently mispronounced “wikka.The terms witchcraft and witch derive from Old English wicce craeft: from wicca (masculine) or wicce (feminine), pronounced “witchah” and “witchuh,” respectively, denoting someone who practices sorcery; and from craeft meaning “craft” or “skill.” Roughly equivalent words in other European languages—such as sorcellerie (French), Hexerei (German), stregoneria (Italian), and brujería (Spanish)—have different connotations, and none precisely translates to another.

There are many myths, folktales, and so forth. I could go on for days and even months. That is not what I am here to share with you. I am here to share my life experiences with you all. 

Sitting up all snuggled up by the firepit. Things like this always happen to me. Some days I see things, sometimes I don't. That doesn't make me different, please define normal. If something conforms to a general pattern, standard, or average, we describe it as normal, but of course that standard can change over time.

I would say another word that would make me an unusual person. Have you ever had a dream within a dream? Well, sitting in my small cabin by the fireplace, all curled up and drinking coffee.

That is what happened to me. Drifting in a sleep state, I saw myself walking and by my side was Alp (Germany).

Originating from German folklore, the alp is a malevolent, vampiric spirit that has the ability to shape-shift into cats, dogs, snakes, butterflies and pigs. This male demon appears in the nightmares of men, women, and children, and in the old days, people believed alps caused sleeping problems, such as sleep apnea, sleep paralysis, and sleep walking. Unfortunately, it only resides in dreams, making it almost impossible to kill. 

This Alp was walking with me through creepy frost. Dark thoughts flowing through my mind. Deeper we walked in, the silence was broken with a thud and then I was suddenly awake. Dripping with sweet. 

Getting up to put more wood in the fire, went to the kitchen to make coffee and dry my face from me sweating so much. Looking outside, the moon shone down on me. Wiping my eyes, from the sweat, the dark figures lurking in the shadows are now surrounding my cabin.

Just knowing that I was woken from a deep sleep and still sleepy made my way to bed. Till morning came, it was break of dawn and woke with a sudden jerk. 

The wind picked up. Going to the kitchen to make breakfast and coffee but first the fire was going out in the firepit. As I was going into the kitchen there was a knock at the door?

It flung open wide. Standing in the doorway was a familiar figure standing there with hands wide open. Oh my; {blast from the past}. Who was standing there was Raistlin. We have been friends since pre-school. 

Catching up over coffee and putting wood in the fireplace. Morning turned to mid-afternoon. But before we got too far, Raistlin said; {I wish this was a social call, my friend, but I am here requesting your help}?

I have to stop you here; remember when I started talking about haunted buildings, hotels, vampires, witches, even the tale of the MothMan and the mythology? 

Why I’m stopping here and not explaining about my friend’s request is because I want to share about demonology.

Demonology; https://lithub.com/a-history-of-demonology-is-a-history-of-the-world/

Using Christianity and Religion. https://www.crossway.org/articles/5-myths-about-angels-and-demons/ Demons in Intertestamental Literature, Including the Dead Sea Scrolls

A great change had taken place in angelology and demonology, at least in certain circles within Judaism, by the last centuries B.C.E. In this period the religion, while safeguarding its monotheistic character in various ways, nevertheless took on many traits of a dualistic system in which God and the forces of good and truth were opposed in heaven and on earth by powerful forces of evil and deceit. This seems to have been under the influence of Persian religion, with its opposition of Ormuzd the good god and Ahriman (Angra Mainyu) the evil god, but at the same time Jewish dualism drew on older, native resources in constructing a more elaborate demonology. Ancient mythological themes, and figures from the Bible only potentially demonic, like Satan, were drawn in to fill out the enlarged conception of the role of evil spirits in the cosmos. It is characteristic of this period that the evil spirits are led by a prince, often called Belial but also Mastemah, Satan , or other names. The spirits of good and evil also struggled within the human soul, for in this period the role of demons is often conceived of as that of tempting men to evil rather than of inflicting physical harm. As a result, in many passages it is difficult to say whether "spirit" refers to a demon external to man or to a trait within the human soul. Belial (or Beliar, a corruption of the original form) is the most common name for the leader of the demons in the Dead Sea Scrolls and occurs in other intertestamental literature and in II Corinthians 6:15. Belial (Heb. Beliyya'al) is a Hebrew compound word which etymologically means "no benefit" or "no thriving" and in liberal usage is often equivalent to "scoundrel." But already in the Bible "streams of Beliyya'al" means "streams of destruction" (II Sam. 22:5; Ps. 18:5). In the intertestamental literature Belial is "the spirit of perversion, the angel of darkness, the angel of destruction" and other spirits are subject to him. Mastemah, which as a common noun means approximately "enmity, opposition" in Hosea 9:7, 8 and in some passages in the Five Scrolls, is a demon "Prince Mastemah" in Jubilees (11:5, 11; 17:16; et al.), and perhaps also in the Damascus Document (16:5). Watchers (Aram. ʿirin) are a type of angel mentioned in Daniel 4:10, 14, 20. To this class the intertestamental literature assigns the angels who, according to Genesis 6:2, 4, cohabited with women before the flood and fathered the race of giants (Test. Patr., Reu. 5:6–7; Test. Patr., Napht. 3:5; cf. Genesis Apocryphon, ii 2:1, 16). Asmodeus (Tobit 3:8, 17) is a demon who had slain the first seven husbands of Sarah, who becomes the wife of Tobias son of Tobit.

I share the mythology and the truth because without “Balance” you will have “Chaos”!

Now I can continue with our journey. 

Now I can continue with our journey.

Where was I, oh: remember. Catching up over coffee and putting wood in the fireplace. Morning turned to mid-afternoon. But before we got too far, Raistlin said; {I wish this was a social call, my friend, but I am here requesting your help}?

You are asking for us to do another journey? {Do you remember when we were on a journey}! It didn’t go so well. Raistlin said, {this is going to be different}. It will just be us.

Just then the door from the castle swung open. It startled me. The caregivers were coming in for their shift. Sorry I said. Raistlin and I got up from the sofa. Continuing our conversion.

As we took our leave to another room still reminiscing of the adventure. Raistlin grabbed my hand and spun me into his chest. Stumbling up to my feet. I have to stop you there Raistlin! You know that we are just “Friends”. We are the best of friends. Raistlin says, {I know, that is not what I am here for!} I ask for your “HELP” and if you do we need to go Now.

Packing for this journey Raistlin said, “are you ready?”

As I was packing the things for this exciting journey.... A cloud of gray smoke suddenly appeared with a strict Warning!

You're Being Tricked.

Go Back and say: NO…

Before I go any further, I should introduce myself! My human name is Kathy Frizzell. In the other Realms I’m known as Raven-Wind.

Still packing, Raistlin said: “Let's GO”.

Closing my door, swiftly turning around a Black Cloud stands between myself and Raistlin.

Heed my Warning… Raven-Wind.

It’s like it is looking right through Raistlin!

Hold on for one second, I left something in my room {I said}.

Catching my breath. Just then something doesn’t feel right.

October 27, 2022 15:35

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Dawn Kaltenbaugh
13:20 Nov 05, 2022

Cool descriptions of the various forms of the shadows she sees, although if you ask me, too many spliced in explanations. A good horror tale should flow better than this did.


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