"Writing a letter to my old self in the future"

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Amanda Brown.

234 Coven John

Guyana, Georgetown.

17th June 2016.

Dear, 'Amanda'

It's your younger self writing to you. I don't know if you may have trouble with memory problems like most old people; so I want to remind you that I wrote this letter to you when you were 16 years old teenager girl sitting on your bed in the bedroom.

I want to give you a reminder of your young self; you love to eat bake macaroni and cheesecake, favourite colour is pink, you attended the Western high school, you love singing in the church choir, you enjoy dancing, you went to church on every Sunday.

Some your deepest secrets are, you kiss a frog hoping to become a princess like a fairy tale, you stole your grandmother cookies on Christmas night then blamed the dog and you cheated your Mathematics test.

Some of your great memories, your first kiss in the park, when your mother taught you how to ride a bicycle; when you first learn to ride the bicycle, you were so excited and happy.

Your worst nightmare, when you woke up and heard the news your mother died in a car accident; that morning your whole world turned upside down and your fears being scared of spiders, snakes, frogs, bees and cockroaches.

I promised myself writing this letter to you, on the first day of spring because there is a spiritual belief, spring is associated with good luck charm. That's why I had written this letter on the first day of spring, hoping you would receive some luck in the future.

Amanda, as time flown by, I know your beauty has faded away. Those once melon breasts are now long mangoes, your body is full of wrinkles and stretch marks. I know you never wanted to get old, you wanted to be forever young but Amanda if you didn't get old, you would die young.

Do you own aeroplanes, jets, cars, motorcycle?.

Do you own a multi-billion company?

How many pets do you? Did you ever get a cute rabbit-like you always wanted?

Did you ever go to college? Hopefully, you got your dream college named Maryland.

Did you ever get to go high school prom? , Who carried you to the prom? What colour gown did you wear? and How was prom night?. Hopefully, it was magical and perfect.

How many countries have you visited?, Did you ever get to visit, your dream and favourite countries; China, Paris, Germany, Las Vegas to gamble in the casino, Miami, Egypt to see a real mummy.

Where are you now? in an asylum, in boxs under the dirt, living with your grandchildren; in an elderly care home, or by yourself. My mind exploded with thoughts because the future is mysterious.

Today is history and tomorrow is a mystery. I just hope that wherever you are, you would find peace, joy, love and comfort.

How many grandchildren did you have? or you didn't have any grandchildren. If you didn't have any grandchildren, it's okay but if you did have grandchildren, I am sure you will tell them about your younger self and the modern world.

Did you ever marry your high school crush name Steve? or you never got married.

How many children do you have? or you don't have any. If you do have children I know they will be beautiful in appearance and in spirit just like there mother.

Are you a billionaire, millionaire, poor, average class or on the streets begging for a dollar to survive?, I give you some weird opinions because the future is strange and anything could happen to you.

Do you have trouble with your heart, eyes, hands, backbone, diabetes and all those old diseases, or you didn't catch any disease, lucky you!

What does the world look like now?, is it greater than the modern world, this question I am puzzle on because the modern world is so awesome I try to picture how greater the future would be.

Are there flying vehicles, If they are I know you must own a flying car, are they talking robot animals replacing natural animals, did robots cause an apocalypse an all human life on earth? or did they enslave mankind? does money still exist? Is the future better than the modern world or the worst?

Amanda, What colour is your home? do you live in a mansion, a two-storey house or an old house? , did you ever get your dream house at the beach?

Where do you work?, in-store, salon, cleaner or waitress, Did you ever get your dream occupation to be a doctor and save lives in poor countries in southern Africa.

I asked you these questions because hopefully by age 50 you have experienced most of these life experiences.

How do you know you would live to see 50 years old, Amanda I believe in you you are a fighter.

How did you die, in your sleep?; accident, heart attack, murder, fire. I always wonder what would cause your death. Hopefully, you die in a reasonable and peaceful way like in your sleep, I don't want you to feel pain. Don't be scared to die it a natural process, only be scared of what is behind death or maybe in the future they invented stuff to make us immortal. Lucky you then!

I couldn't leave an address for you because I don't anywhere you are now but hopefully,lly you are happy, wherever you are now.

I just want to remind you, that your an incredible human being and I love you with all my heart. We went through the good and bad time together. Like when your mother died and you were hurt and sad. I know everything about you, your deepest and darkest secrets also fear but I will never tell your fears or secrets to anyone. I love you and you can always trust me to protect you and be there even when no one is there for you.

Amanda, I know you will cry after reading this letter at age 100 years old and luckily you live so long. If you did live so long, please give me a kiss, an old girl and I hope that you achieved great things.

Yours sincerely

Amanda Brown

March 29, 2020 20:00

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